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Dead Beat Dad Forum
Dead Beat Dad Forum

This page is dedicated to all the children out there who have suffered with deadbeat dads.
In my definition a deadbeat dad is a man that has fathered children either in a marriage, or any type relationship, and has denied his parenthood to that child.
This man does not feel he needs to be in the child's life in any manner. Or does not pay his court assigned child support. Thus leaving the full responsibility to the mother.
Please feel free enter the forum and air your comments, complaints, anger, anything you want to say on the subject of those men who cannot grow up and take responsibility and be a father to their children.

*I do realize this is making a lot of men and women mad.
But I am just showing the side I know best. I live everyday with my son. I pay for everything for him. I parent him all alone. I am the mother and father to him. But yet I did not make him alone.
Why is it that I must raise and support him alone?
Because his father chooses not to pay or to visit his own flesh and blood!
I also realize there are deadbeat moms out there. But this page is dedicated to my son for all the suffering he has gone through.
I respect all comments and complaints about this page. But please respect my son's situation also.
If you know a deadbeat dad please tell him what he is doing to his child before it is too late.


If you have any comments or complaints send them to me .


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I want to dedicate this award to all that have posted on the site.
Also to all the children that suffer everyday without a dad.
This is for you!

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