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Allaena's Place
Allaena's Place

Allaena's Place

Welcome to my little home on the Web.
This page includes a lot about me.
Here you can find out about my life, my son,
and my friends. You can read my poetry,
or my personal testimony.

I also have an online web store where you can
find gift ideas for all occasions.

There are a few special pages here also...
Dead Beat Dad's Page and message board
were you can add your comments about
Dead Beat Dads. The board is filled with a lot of great
comments from some really nice people.

My Interracial Kids page, is dedicated
to my son, my nieces, and my nephews.
If you have interracial children please stop by.
I would love to hear your stories.

Welcome to Allaena's Place!
Take a look around, sit back and relax.
Thanks for stopping by!
Please come back soon and bring a friend!
*Please sign my guestbook!
And my Slambook!*

*Note this is my first attempt at a webpage.
Just like myself this page is ever changing for the better.*
Thank you enjoy!
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Click below to learn more about....

Me, My Son, My Life, Poetry, Personal Testimony
My Friends Webpages
How You Can Contact Me
Visit My Interracial Kids Page
My Dead Beat Dads Forum
Make Money Surfing the Web
Single Parents Zone
MY Seizure Disorder Page
Visit My Online Storefront (CD's, Book's, Games, Etc.)
Sign My Guestbook and Slam Book

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The 'My Page May Suck But I'm Proud Of It' Ring
The 'My Page May Suck But I'm Proud Of It' Ring
on this site is owned by Diane !

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