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Striking Areas To The Body

Striking areas to the head :

The top side of the head.
The front of the face.
The front side of the face.
Around the ear and temple.
The side of the face and neck.
Down the face and chest.
Above the forhead
Around the ear, and down the
side of the neck and arm.

The top of the skull.
The back of the head.
The chin and neck.

Striking areas to the chest :

To the lower side of the chest
Down the side of the body
Down the left pec and stomach.
Down the right pec and stomach.
Down the out side of the pec and stomach.
Down the out side of the pec and stomach.
The side of the chest.
Down the center of the chest.

Striking areas to the arm :

The out-side of the arm.
The in-side of the arm.
In-side of the forarm.
Out-side of the forarm.
The shoulder.
In-side of the arm.
Shoulder and the arm.
In-side of the arm.

Striking areas to the hand :

The wrist and palm.
The wrist and thumb.

Striking areas to the back :

Down the back of the spine.
Down the sides of the back.

Striking areas to the leg :

Down the in-side of the stomach and leg.
The back of the lower leg.
In-side the lower leg.
The butt and top of the back leg.
Back of the leg and foot.
Lower side of the leg.
The in-side of the leg.
The front of the top part of the leg.
The out-side of the lower leg.
Lower side of the chest and top of the leg.

Striking areas to the feet :

Top of the foot.
In-side of the foot.
The front of the foot.