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1966 Plymouth Valiant Cover

1966 Plymouth Valiant


Page 2 & 3 - Signet Hardtop

. . . the stylish, new economy package for '66. This is the Valiant that really lets you live ... within your budget, and still take on a sporty feel and a prestige look. Every sport-going and luxury-living feature and option offered by Valiant is available in Signet's two economy-bred beauties, the 2-door hardtop and the convertible. To live it up Signet, try such options as the Commando 273-cu.-in. V-8 engine, front wheel disc brakes, Special Blue Streak tires with heavy-duty suspension package , or the all-vinyl, textured roof. Or, if you are more conservative, pick from one of 10 models of Valiant 200 or 100. For power you have a choice of four stingy, but sprightly engines. For color, there is a beautiful, wide selection of l7 solids and 7 two-tone combinations. And for the extra touch, there are options galore. But we can't tell the full Valiant story on this first page. So we invite you to read the facts on the pages that follow. Once you have, we're sure you'll decide to . . . Let yourself go . . . Plymouth.

Page 4 & 5- Signet Convertible

Standard equipment: l70-cu.-in. 6-cyl. engine*/273-cu.-in. 2-bbl. V-8 engine*/Manual 3-speed transmission/Heater with defroster/ Padded instrument panel / Front and rear seat belts / All-vinyl bench-type seats/Back-up lights/outside rear-view mirror/variable-speed windshield wipers with windshield washer / Color- keyed, deep-pile carpeting/Tailored interior trim/Turn signal indicators / Front and rear armrests / Cigar lighter - instrument panel/inside rear-view mirror/sun visors - right and left.
Popular Options: 225-cu.-in. 6-cyl. engine/Commando 273-cu.-in. 4-bbl. V-8 engine/Front wheel disc brakes/3-spoke sport steering wheel/Console-mounted "4-on-the-floor" manual transmission - 8-cyl. model with bucket seats only/console-mounted TorqueFlite automatic transmission with bucket seats only/Air conditioning/ Power steering/power brakes/Special Blue Streak tires/Bucket seats/Transaudio AM radio/ (See page 13 for complete option listing). Let yourself go . . . Plymouth.

Page 6 & 7 - 200 Sedan

Good-looking, fun to handle. comfortable. inexpensive . . . four practical reasons for getting a "200", the middle-priced model of the Valiant line. Just climb into the Valiant 200 4-door sedan or the 2-seat station wagon. You'll find it difficult to believe they were designed for "budget-minded" people. This year they come in 12 acrylic enamel solids and 7 two-tone combinations. Inside, there's plenty of room for the family, and cargo space for luggage. Want more reasons? Take a look at the long list of Valiant options- Ready? Let yourself go . . . Plymouth.

Page 8 & 9 - 200 Wagon

. . . Valiant 200 is the best of the low-cost station wagons. Its big roomy interior makes hauling friends or freight a simple job. With rear seat down and tailgate closed there's more then 68 cubic feet of load-carrying capacity. Raise the seats and you've got room for six passengers plus ample luggage space. Want more capacity for baggage or equipment? Add the optional roof luggage rack. Then, get behind the steering wheel and . . . Let yourself go . . . Plymouth.
Standard Equipment: 170-cu.-fn. 6-cyl. engine*/273-cu.-in. 2-bbl. V-8 engine* / Heater-defroster / Deep-pile floor carpeting / Front and rear seat belts/Manual 3-speed transmission/Front and rear armrests / Outside rear-view mirror / Padded instrument panel / Back-up lights/variable-speed windshield wipers with windshield washer / Dome light / Cigar lighter - instrument panel / direc- tional turn signals / Inside rear-view minor / Bench-type front seats/Right and left sun visors/Roll-down rear window - station wagons/Rubber mat - cargo area - station wagons.
Popular 200 Options: 225-cu.-in. 6-cyl. engine/Commando 273. cu-in. 4-bbl. V.8 engine / Deluxe wheel covers / 3-spoke sport steering wheel/Air conditioning/Sure-Grip differential/Manual "4-on-the-floor'' transmission-8-cyl. only/TorqueFlite automatic transmission/Bumper guards - front and rear/Transaudio AM radio/Electric tailgate window lift - station wagons/ (see page 13 for complete option listing).
* Price of standard vehicle will vary, dependent on choice of engine. The ''Standard 8", naturally, is priced somewhat higher than the "Standard 6''

Page 10 & 11 - 100

Valiant 100 . . . the lively low-priced model of Plymouth's economy leaders. Who says you can't find get up and go, beauty and dura- bility at a budget price? Let yourself go . . . Plymouth.
Valiant 100 Standard Equipment: 170-cu.-in. 6-cyl. engine*/273-cu.- in. 2-bbl. V-8*/3-speed manual transmission/variable-speed wind- shield wipers with windshield washer/outside rear-view mirror/ Back-up lights / Padded instrument panel / Dome light / Heater- defroster / All-vinyl interior / Vinyl headlining and rubber floor mats/Directional turn signals.
Popular 100 Options: 225-cu.-in. 6-cyl. engine/Commando 273-cu.- in. 4-bbl. V-8/Transaudio AM radio with antenna/TorqueFlite automatic transmission/Tinted glass windshield/Day-Nite inside rear-view mirror/ (See page 13 for complete option listing).
* Price of standard vehicle will vary, dependent on choice of engine. The "Standard 8", naturally, is priced somewhat higher than the "Standard 6".

Page 12 & 13 - Options, Accessories and Engines

l-Front-wheel caliper-type disc brakes. Great for driving through bad weather or in rallies. Provide stable, predictable braking action even under severe conditions.
2-Special Blue Streak tires, the high-performance option designed for longer tire wear and better traction in competition driving (With suspension package only).
3-All-vinyl-covered, shell-type bucket seats, optional on Signet, add extra flair. sporty feel and comfortable ride.
4-Valiant's new, fresh air conditioning system brings the cool, comfortable temperatures of spring to you. Its increased air flow rates cool the car faster, bring humidity down to an ideal level within minutes.
5-The Transaudio AM radio puts beautiful sound at your finger- tips. Fully transistorized with push-button station selection, it will provide endless hours of clear music or voice wherever you go.
6-The fully synchronized "4-on-the-Floor" manual transmission is designed for the sports enthusiast who enjoys quick gear action, constant driving control. It now has new Chrysler linkage and reverse gear lockout features (8-cyl. engine only).
7-The roof luggage rack is mighty handy for adding cargo space on Valiant wagons. It's the practical way to add looks to utility.
8-This Commando 273-cu.-in. V-8 engine with 4-barrel carburetor adds real get up and go to your Valiant. (Not available on wagons).
9-Valiant engine availabilities chart. Four ways of powering the economy-minded Valiants . . . 170- and 225-cu.-in. 6-cyl. engines and 273-cu.-in. Van engines.
Additional option and accessories
3-spoke sport steering wheel (200 and Signet only)/Power steering/ Power brakes / Power tailgate window lift (wagons only) / Sure- Grip differential/Automatic TorqueFlite transmission/All-vinyl textured roof (Signet only)/Special wheel covers/Bumper guards, front and rear/Whitewalls tires/Day-Nile rear-view mirror/Seat belt retractors, front and rear.
Trailer-Towing Packages
Plymouth has specially designed factory-installed trailer-towing equipment available for most models. For detailed information ask your Plymouth Dealer for the highly informative booklet on this subject. Let yourself go . . . Plymouth.
Ask your Plymouth Dealer for other options and accessories.

Page 14 - Colors

Signet - 17 solid exterior body colors are available for the '66 Valiant Signet. Each is shown in the color chart at left. Interiors are all-vinyl, and are offered in Blue, Tan, Red and Black. (Signet interiors are shown on pages 2 & 4.)
Valiant 200 - 12 solid exterior colors are available for Valiant 200 sedan and wagons. They are: Light Blue, Light Blue Metallic, Dark Blue Metallic, Light Turquoise Metallic, Dark turquoise Metallic, Beige Bronze Metallic, Bright Red, Dark Red Metallic, Silver Metallic, White and Black. There are also 7 two-tone exterior color combinations available in this series. Cloth-and-vinyl interior are offered in both sedans and wagons. They come in Blue, Turquoise, Tan and Red for sedans, Blue. Turquoise and Tan in wagons. All-vinyl interiors are optional in these same colors. (Valiant 200 interiors are shown on pages 6, 7, 8, and 9.)

Valiant 100 - There are 10 exterior solid colors available for the Valiant 100 series. They are: Light Blue, Light Blue Metallic, Dark Blue Metallic, Light Turquoise Metallic, Dark Turquoise Metallic, Beige, Bronze Metallic, Bright Red. White and Black. There are also 5 two-tone exterior color combinations available in this series. Interiors are available in Blue, Tan, and Red (Valiant 100 interiors are shown on pages 10 and 11.)

Page 15 - Specifications

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