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Pa-Bob's 59 T-Bird Conv


Contact me if you want to purchase a squarebird hat

Put a different interior in my bird

This page is all about my 59 Thunderbird Conv. Look around at the great images and enjoy the the story of the restoration of this great bird. I bought this car on April 25, 1998, as she sits today she is 90% restored.

NEW IMAGES CHECK THEM OUT !! Did a couple things, to improve my bird, check out my restoration page.

If you like SquareBirds check out this site, it is full of great information.

These are the two data plates found behind the passegers headlite. The first one is a data plate with vin #, model code, color code, interior code and six other codes. The second is a color plate, painted the body color, with model # and color code

I wrote a short essay on my Thunderbird, read it and let me know what you think.

Do you have a Thunderbird? Go to the Thundebird Registry My registry # is 1103, check this site out, it's very interesting site!

I made it to the fourth of July parade, take a look at me and my daughter

Ford Carlisle 2000 with the BUD GIRLS.
Also won 2nd place in class on Fun Feild.

My bird was in a wedding May 27, 2000 and here is a shot of the bride, Amanda , and her father, Jim.

This is the 2001 Thunderbird at the ITC Con. in Suffern NY, take a look at the red bird

My Thunderbird is colonial white white with red leather trim. White top, Power Steering, Power Brakes, Power Seat, Power Windows.

These are the first images of my bird (before my restoration)

Here is a picture of her.

Here is the interior

This is me in your rear veiw mirror.

This what she looks like as I pass you

My Thunderbird patent plate On the back of the plate writen in red grease maker is the number 146, which is the ROT#

Take a look at her ROT (build sheet) it's beat up but what do you expect after 40 years.

Want to tune in a station on my radio

Want to read about Ford's squarebirds

I went to NJ shore June 26 1998 and on the way home stopped by Millville and saw six great square birds. What a sight! SquareBird's
1-58conv 2-59HTs,1 60 Conv, and 3 60HTs one with sunroof and 430. All were very nice birds my hats off to you square birders.

Hey want to see my T-Bird Gif I'm still workin on it.

This is a shot of Ray Katz and his "baby" going of to get exhaust installed. Ray is the man doing all my body work. That's a 56 Chevy if you can't tell and Ray is the man on the right. If you live in North-Eastern Pennsyvania and need body work or custom paint work he is your man!!!

This is my old jag XJ6

This is my truck

Check out ITC's website and join!!!

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Some images are grainy to save space.



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