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This my time line page, you can check out how I'm doing with my project. The line works from latest back

5/24/04 Fuel pump problems, for the first time my bird let me sitting for a ride. Took the pump apart and leveler which moves diaphragm is broken and this is all better now

3/16/04 Ok, I've done a couple things, new sunvisors, new truck lock bird, new radiator hose and clamps.This is what you've been waiting for new images! This is my door panels and new Latches, how about the new sunvisors. I got the hood latches from Carl Heller, I think they make the engine bay look great!

6/15/03 Found a set of mirrors at a small used part store. Tell me what you think

2/25/02 The top is completed, take a look. This is what the top frame looks like and another one.Go ahead and tell me this looks good .

9/1/01 Started replacing the convertable top, removed the old top. Then removed and sandblasted the frame. Took up to Ray and had him spray the frame and small flipper. Ordered and got in all new rubber. Just have to wait to for the guy who is going to intall the top to give me a call

10/28/00 Replaced wheel cylinders and brake shoes, Was not that hard of a job.

7/3/00 Had a exhaust manifold crack on my way to Carlisle and sent the last two weeks working on the motor. Had to pull off the head to resurface and remove four cracked bolts. The motor is back together and running great, just in time for the Fourth of July Parade!!!!

3/31/00 The rear springs went on a lot easyer than they came off!! This is a shot of the new leaf springs. It was a great day to take her out for a test drive and she worked wonderful! Not much more to do to this majestic bird.

3/20/00 I'm back at workin on the bird. I'm changing the rear leaf spings. Cut the leaf springs out the other day and it was a pain!! Got my springs from a place in Danville Pa. 570-642-9413 Hopefully will have put back together this week.

9/27/99 I got the registration, pa state inspection and front end alignment. I took her out for a little test drive and she works Great!! The following a few images of the completed job. Here she is with her top up and down. This is the engine bay and the luggage compartment

9/22/99 Put the rear seats in the bird, and the rest of the interior is installed. The only thing I'm waiting for is registration. After that I'm on the road! I'll post an image as soon as i get a chance.

8/31/99 The exhaust is on and the hood is also. That bird looks great, take a look at her

8/21/99 The motor is running!!!!!

8/15/99 The motor is not started yet but it is getting close. I've been workin on a lot of little things. New fuel and brake lines. Installed rad., gen., power steering pump. New U joints and brake flex lines. New vac lines and heater hoses.All these little things are takin a lot of time. Here is a shot of the engine This is a view of the side

7/18/99 The motor and trans are back in the bird. One year and ten days, not bad.

7/9/99 Here is a shot of my bird with the top up.

7/4/99 Well it is July 4 and my project is not on the road. The front end is rebuilt and deck lid is on. Power steering control valve is rebuilt. I need to install windows and rest of the interior this week.

6/3/99 The front end of the bird is out, replacing the upper and lower ball joints, bushings and paintin everything up pretty. I'll be off to Carlisle tommorrow get get tires, gas tank and misc. parts.

5/26/99 Went down to see Carl Hellers and picked up some parts. Do you need some parts? You can e-mail Carl and he'll tell you if he has them. Also ordered parts from Bob's Bird House to pick up at Ford Carlisle next week.I'm taken the front end apart for a rebuild also the steering linkage. Will clean every thing up and make look pretty.

5/15/99 My bird is back, yes my bird is back!!! This is the great image of her. She looks great!!! The next step is to get all the parts together.

5/1/99 Worked on my bird out in the sunshine today. Did a lot on sanding and gave her a bath. Here is a couple of images of her

4/10/99 Went up to see my baby today. Work on her is coming along nice! I wet sanded the hood and dry sanded misc. parts. Here is a shot of me and my chick

3/28/99 Worked on rear deck lid and primed many little parts after sandblasting. Take a look at all the parts

3/21/99 Workin on the wet sanding the primer last weekend and got some images to share. Her is one of the right hand side ready for color.

This is a shot of the eng. bay with new battery tray

Let's look at the primed up rear end

2/20/99 Got the Pertronix Ignitor from Mal Green, call 908-439-3432.It is a soild-state electronic ignition system which fits inside distributor. No more points or condenser. Can't wait to hear the kitten purr.

2/6/99 Worked at the body shop. Here is the before shot and this a picture halfway and this is complete
This is a shot of the front and engine bay.
I'm going over budget! But the job will be done right!

1/20/99 Removed the glass from doors and rear quarters, and took doors to body shop. The inside rockers are in bad shape(rusty)and will take a lot of work. Ray says it will be late May before I can take her home. I took pictures and asked Ray if he would do the same as work goes along.

1/7/99 Took the bird on a ride today. She was on a roll back and I was in my truck. Finally she is at the body shop This is an image of her before she gets on the truck

12/2/98 Here is an image of my engine bay after I went in to it with the sandblaster

12/1/98 Received my sheetmetal today, had to take to garage and lay it out and dream about how it will look on my bird!

11/23/98 The weather outside is great, me and my bird were out, only the motor is out and I was in the engine bay sandblasting.(got new compressor and sandblasting is working great, but still a big mess) I ordered my sheetmetal from
classic sheetmetal

11/20/98 Here is a image of me and my bird

11/16/98 Have been workin on stripping bird for the last month and it is a BIG job. Also have the motor painted and tanny mounted to motor.

10/21/98 Found out sandblasting is no easyer than chemical stripping and a lot more messy!I think I need a bigger compressor for the sandblasting to work, not going to put out the bucks for a new one yet. I went back to the chemical method and is going more smoothly as I learn what I'm doing!

10/16/98 The motor is back!!!!! New pistons and valves, new cam plus other goodies. I have to paint and install carb. Then mount to tranny.Here is the motor and tranny all painted

10/5/98 Started to chemical strip the paint off my baby. Not an easy task! I'm lookin around for a sand blaster.

9/29/98 The carb is back and waiting for the motor

8/25/98 Got Transmission back today. New torque converter and complete rebuild.

8/18/98 Got word about may motor needs .030 bored and crank turned. Sent carb off to Pony Carbthe other day. Man will this motor go!

8/14/98 Got radiator and expansion pressure checked and glass beaded tank the other day. Next step paint radiator semi-gloss black and tank gloss black.

7/8/98 The engine and trainy are out, just took to rebuilders the other day. The body shop has opening in late summer/early fall.The waiting begins!

6/5/98 I've started to take apart my T-Bird and here are a couple of pictures interior exterior