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a collection of poems and other works stuggling through miry waters
struggling through miry waters
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  there is always one more to go an explore
to see if this ones right
your searching for the whole
to complete your puzzle
but his pieces donít fit so tight

youíve tried to go on empty
quite unsuccessfully
you need someone to complete you
all you have are questions
you see your regressions
beaten you know not what to do

and here I am standing
as youíre demanding
the perfect fit
just as you should
but I wish that I could
tell you that I am it

and finally
you notice me
and give me one more try
and iím the lucky boy
with an unmatched joy
that could make doves cry

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on the side
  i was experimenting with a differnt ryhme scheme with this poem.

this poem was written when a friend i thought i had lost forever came back into my life.


    copyright © 2000, eric longenecker, stuggling through miry waters