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a collection of poems and other works stuggling through miry waters
coming closer
human nature
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  I sat staring out my window,
for it was cold and I had nothing to occupy my time.
Fixed on an old naked oak,
my eyes began to water.
Soon my eyes perceived a small animal
making its home on the branches.
It cleared the cold white snow from a branch.
This animal was a squirrel,
I saw no other squirrels but this one.
I wondered where his comrades were.
Where were his friends, his family?
Was he an outcast?
Had he lost the others?
Just at this thought,
came along an additional squirrel.
The neoteric animal moved up the tree,
to the squirrel who had had my attention.
I then looked throughout my quarters.
I was also alone.
Where were my friends, my family?
I am no outcast.
Where were the others?
I waited,
no one came to join me.

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on the side
  this poem expresses the true cruelty of humans. this poem was also written for a class project dealing with a certain time period when america was at war.


    copyright  2000, eric longenecker, stuggling through miry waters