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a collection of poems and other works stuggling through miry waters
coming closer
hey mister
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  Hey Mister, Wipe that smile off your face
Hey Mister, Remove that twinkle from your eyes
Hey Mister, Don’t you know you can’t feel joy
There’s nothing to be proud of here
There’s nothing to feel happy for
There’s no reason for laughter here
Hey Mister, Replace that smile with a frown
Hey Mister, Replace that twinkle with a tear
Hey Mister, Replace that joy with sorrow
There’s no reason to love here
There’s nothing to reach for
There’s no reason for optimism here
Hey Mister, Can you show me how to smile
Hey Mister, Can you make my eyes twinkle
Hey Mister, Can you make me feel joy

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on the side
  one of may peoms written for a project, this work shows how war can affect a nations spirit.


    copyright © 2000, eric longenecker, stuggling through miry waters