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a collection of poems and other works stuggling through miry waters
coming closer
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  the cold walls surround me
I feel safe next to these walls
as if they are the life support and I a dying patient
I feel as though if I travel in the darkness
without these walls I would perish
this dark corner my embassy in this foreign world
a world I couldn’t survive without these walls
the darkness is unbearable
an unearthly black covers me like a thick blanket
light was something God forgot when creating this world
a weak man would have taken his life by now
a weak man would not be able to withstand this
a weak man would not find comfort in this corner
only a strong soul could fight the blackness
only a strong soul could find the light in this nothingness
only a strong soul could survive this foreign unearthly world

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on the side
  this poem was written for a class project. it talks of the foreigness the soldiers of war are forced to face.


    copyright © 2000, eric longenecker, stuggling through miry waters