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a collection of poems and other works stuggling through miry waters
coming closer
burn with me
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  I watched as it danced around
as dancer feeling motions through music
I watched as it made strange shadows along the wall
the shadows looked like demons cast upon the wall
evil spirits trapped on the wooden panels
I watched as the wax dropped from the flame
the candle had been the object of my gaze for a while now
I had often thought that I would be the wick
and the fire would consume me
the fire would consume my troubles
the fire would consume my pain
the fire would make everything right
the bright flame would make me happy
as it danced around me
I would dance with the flame
singing joyously
forgetting my problems
forgetting my pain
making everything right
making me happy
finally when the candle had burnt an end
and the flame no longer glowed
my beautiful life would be over
it would die with the flame
no more troubles
no more pain
making everything right
making me eternally happy

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on the side
  this poem is about wishing, dreaming all the your problems would just fade away.


    copyright  2000, eric longenecker, stuggling through miry waters