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name ... eric longenecker
contact ... click here
age ... 18
inspiration ... easy, one word, life.
fav. poem ... wait till they're all posted on this site, then i'll pick one.
fav. book ... i know this is a semi-childish pick, but i'd say goerge orwell's animal farm.
fav. band ... there's not a specific favorite band, more like a group, deftones, tool, a perfect circle, ratm, and staind.
fav. quote ... "six seconds of defeat, six years of agony" by andrew schwab. to explain the reason to you would take an extremely long time.
hs clubs / activities ... basketball, student council, fca, yfc, fresh/soph/junior/senior class council, spanish club, homecoming court, there's probably more i'm forgetting.
comments ... well the main reason for this site is so i can get some feedback on my work. it doesn't matter whether it's good or bad let me know what you think.
Copyright 2001, eric longenecker, full circle.