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Tips on Preserving Four-Leaf Clovers

Materials: ability to find 4-leaf clovers, ziploc bag, iron, ironing board, wax paper

If you are one of the few people who actually (a.) have time to look for 4-leaf clovers and (b.) can actually find a lot of them, then I have a few tips for you on how to preserve them. Here Goes:

1. You don't want dried up crusty messes in some old book, right? Well, that is how most people "preserve" their 4-leaf clovers. But for the few of us who can find 1000s of them, how can you find enough books? Here's what I do:

a. If you find enough at one time to put in a ziploc bag (because there is simply too many to hold in your hand), do so. That way you won't have to do anything with them for a few days.

b. But, you have to take them out of the bag before they rot. The next thing to do is to lay a strip of wax paper on your ironing board (you may want to put a towel under it to prevent stains) which is big enough to contain all your clovers without cramming them. Then, fold out each leaf on every clover (so you can see each leaf) and lay them out in rows on the wax paper. Then...

c. Lay another strip of wax paper over the clovers and iron. There, was that hard? Go Back To:

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