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20th Maine Resources

"Stand Firm Ye Boys from Maine: The 20th Maine and the Gettysburg Campaign," Thomas A. Desjardin, Thomas Publications, 1995

"The Twentieth Maine: A Volunteer Regiment in the Civil War," John J. Pullen, Morningside House, Inc., 1957

"The Attack and Defense of Little Round Top: Gettysburg, July 2, 1863," Oliver Wilcox Norton, Stan Clark Military Books, 1913

"Soul of the Lion: A Biography of General Joshua L. Chamberlain," Willard M. Wallace, Stan Clark Military Books, 1960

"The Killer Angels," Michael Shaara, 1974

"Gods and Generals," Jeffrey M. Shaara, Ballantine Books, 1996

Hardee's Rifle and Light Infantry Tactics
Godey's Lady's Book Online Home Page
At Gettysburg: What a Girl Saw and Heard of the Battle
The History Channel
The Smithsonian Institution Home Page
The Citizens' Companion
Carlisle Barricks
Maine State Archives