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Dolly's Iguana/Komodo Dragon Corner Cont.

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Over the years I have had many Common Green Iguanas each and every one of them had there own personalities! Unfortunately they do not live forever . . . 2001 started off pretty sad for us. "Angel" was the last remaining iguana from my original study group!

He didn't seem to mind all of the attention we gave him however he did have a look in his eye that appeared to wonder why he was the only iguana in the room. Spanky our cat seemed to stick closer to Angel more now than ever . . . it also appeared that she miss the rest of the iguanas. The last words from my husband were, "we don't need anymore!"

To this day I'll think back and remember how he rescued an "iguana" with an unwanted snake and how Angel got a new companion! (Ha ha ha) "Beauty" our new female iguana arrived in May 2001. A little nervous and under fed but happy to have a new cage and place to call home.

I love iguanas!

Which brings me to our new addition "Cutie Pie!" As you will see by his/her photo Cutie Pie is a Cyclura cornuta or better known as a Rhinoceros Iguana! When we brought Cutie Pie home it was only 14 weeks old! (I'm still getting used to the fact we have a new baby iguana!) I've been so used to having adult iggs that are potty trained, so well behaved and now a baby igg with an attitude! (4/21/02)

A baby igg with an attitude seems funny however Cutie Pie has a fearless mouth open hissing display! I was expecting a bite a few times when I reach inside his/her cage to leave its food dish. Between my husband and me picking Cutie Pie up and handling him/her Cutie Pie now has a good idea that we won't hurt! It seems that Cutie Pie likes watching TV on "dad's chest too!"

June 6th a "New" cage for Cutie Pie!

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