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Then. . . And now!

My Iguana Family from my book!


Illustration by Jojo Veltri (c) 1995

On the sofa from left to right we have Charlie, Iggy, Baby, Sweetie. Second row Lady Ann, Chuck-chuck, Mrs. Sigmond and Spankey the cat! Over the years Max "Little Cock Roach" and Red Mamma joined the household for a year or two.

Charlie lived to be 18 years old. She died 2/12/01. Iggy died 12/97, Baby is fifteen years old. She died 3/3/01. Sweetie lives with Allen T., Lady Ann died 9/99. Chuck-chuck died 10/97, Mrs. Sigmond died11/00. Our Angel has joined the family for five years now and Sugar died 2/6/01. Mr. Jones or Mr. J came to stay for a short two years. He was another Killer iguana from hell as he was refeered to by his former owners. Mr. J became friends with all of the iguanas. At the front door would be Baby, Mr. J and Spankey! Mr. J died 10/99.

Spankey still baby-sits ALL of the iguanas!


Real Photos of my "Guys" as we like to call them at home. This is Spanky and Lady Ann X-mas 1995.


Mrs. Sigmond and Iggy. (Iggy was the reason for writing my book!)X-mas 1995
Iggy was the "Killer Iguana from Hell" at breeding season! He taught me MANY things over the years.


Charlie and Baby. Charlie has a broken spine however she gets around just fine!
Charlie's former owner used an iguana leash when she was very young.
I do NOT believe iguana's should be placed on any type of leashes. X-mas 1995


Sweetie and Chuck-chuck. X-mas 1995
Chuck-chuck was always referred as "Mommies Little Boy!" He would play for an hour
or so on my bed. Honestly he would stay on my husband's side of the bed! When
my husband would go to sit on the bed Chuck-chuck would bob his head! As to say "that's my side!"


"Little Cockroach!" As my husband would call Maxie. X-mas 1995
Maxie would look up when he heard my husband calling him "Little Cockroach!"

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