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Dolly's Iguana/Komodo Dragon Corner!
Yes, from the Green Iguana to Komodo Dragons. I can honestly say, not in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be nearly ran over by a Komodo dragon! While living on Komodo Island the first rule was do not disturb any Komodo dragons. This was their island and we were only visitors. Let dragons sleep! I followed that rule. However, when male dragon decides to enter another male dragons domain the best advice I can offer is move or walk quickly carrying a dragon stick! I thought walking through the Costa Rican, Rain Forest was exciting. There is NO place in the world like Rinca Island, Flores Island, Padar Island and mainly Komodo Island, Indonesia.

While writing for Reptile & Amphibian Hobbyist Magazine, for four years, a TFH Publication. (No longer in publication.) My husband and I made two different trips to Bali, Indonesia. While living at the Jimbaran Heights, Udayana Eco Lodge in Bala "our home" away from home! We could relax and enjoy the peacefulness and beauty of Bali. While living at the Lodge only one word comes to mind, awesome! The dear people who made us feel at home, turned into being what we consider as dear friends. We still keep in touch after many years. After spending a few days there we would travel to Java Island the capital of Indonesia.

Our dear friend Sir Joko Tirtono the 'FIRST' person in the world to breed Komodo Monators in captivity at the Gembira Loka Zoological and Botanical Garden in Yogyakarta was my assignment to interview for the magazine. It was so exciting to meet a real 'Knight' a 'Prince' and the Sultan of Yogyakarta. I must say it was a thrill of a lifetime! Having a baby Komodo Monitor/Dragon named after me was an honor, that I have taken seriously.


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