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1927 Individual Season Player Marks

* Set Yankee Record
** Set Major League Record

(Through the end of 2005 season)

At Bats
Earle Combs, 648* (currently 11th on all-time Yankees single season list)

Earle Combs, 231* (currently 2nd)
Lou Gehrig, 218 (currently 5th)

Babe Ruth, 158 (currently tied for 5th)
Lou Gehrig, 149 (currently tied for 10th)

Lou Gehrig, 52* (currently 2nd)
Bob Meusel, 47 (currently tied for 4th)

Earle Combs, 23* (Yankees Record)
Lou Gehrig, 18 (currently 8th)

Home Runs
Babe Ruth, 60** (currently 2nd)
Lou Gehrig, 47 (currently 12th)

Runs Batted In
Lou Gehrig, 175** (currently 2nd)
Babe Ruth, 164 (currently 7th)

Batting Average
Lou Gehrig, .373 (currently 5th)

Slugging Average
Babe Ruth, .772 (currently 3rd)
Lou Gehrig, .765 (currently 4th)

Total Bases
Lou Gehrig, 447 (currently 2nd)
Babe Ruth, 417 (currently 5th)

Extra Base Hits
Lou Gehrig, 117 (currently 2nd)

Bases on Balls
Babe Ruth, 138 (currently 7th)

Wilcy Moore, 13*