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How the 1927 New York Yankees were built

DATE	                    NAME	FROM	                     TRADED WITH	                    IN EXCHANGE FOR

July 7, 1915	      P Bob Shawkey	Philadelphia (AL)		                                      $18,000 cash

January 3, 1920	      OF Babe Ruth	Boston (AL)		                           $100,000 cash & $300,000 loan to Harry Frazee
April 14, 1920	      OF Bob Meusel	Rookie Debut
December 15, 1920     P Waite Hoyt	Boston (AL)	     P Harry Harper, IF Mike McNally	        2B Del Pratt, C Muddy Ruel,
			                                          and C Wally Schang	         P Hank Thormahlen and OF Sammy Vick

July 23, 1922	      3B Joe Dugan	Boston (AL)	            OF Elmer Smith	            OF Chick Frewster, OF Elmer Miller, 
				                                                                SS Johnny Mitchell, P Lefty O'Doul and $50,000 cash

January 30, 1923      P Herb Pennock	Boston (AL)		                                  OF Norm McMillan, P George Murray, 
				                                                                   OF Camp Skinner and $50,000 cash
May 18, 1923	      C Benny Bengough	Rookie Debut
June 9, 1923	      P George Pipgras	Rookie Debut
June 15, 1923	      1B Lou Gehrig	Rookie Debut
July 2, 1923	      3B Mike Gazella	Rookie Debut

1924	              OF Ben Paschal	Last played w/ Boston (AL) in 1920
April 16, 1924	      OF Earle Combs	Rookie Debut
September 3, 1924     P Walter Beall	Rookie Debut
December 17, 1924     P Urban Shocker	St. Louis (AL)		                                   P Joe Bush, P Milt Gaston and P Joe Giard

September 8, 1925     SS Mark Koenig	Rookie Debut

1926	              C Pat Collins	Last played w/ St. Louis (AL) in 1924
April 13, 1926 	      2B Tony Lazzeri	Rookie Debut
April 18, 1926	      P Myles Thomas	Rookie Debut
August 27, 1926	      P Dutch Ruether	Claimed off waivers from Washington (AL)		  (On October 19, 1926 sent P Garland Braxton
                                                                                                        and OF Nick Callup to Washington)

January 13, 1927      C John Grabowski	Chicago (AL)	         2B Ray Morehart	                           2B Aaron Ward
February 8, 1927      OF Cedric Durst	St. Louis (AL)	           P Joe Giard	                                  P Sad Sam Jones
April 14, 1927	      P Wilcy Moore	Rookie Debut
April 14, 1927	      3B Julie Wera	Rookie Debut