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All members must complete at least one of the selected weekly Frame or Tag tutorials to remain a member of the group.  Anyone who hasn't posted for 2 weeks or more without notifying us will be removed from the group without warning to make room for others.
Group kudos or the posting of tutorials which are not part of the groups format do not meet our weekly requirement.
For those of you who are confused about using outside tutorials
Yes it is fine if you wish to post any outside tutorial results weather it is a frame, tag, stationery or any other tutorial.  Most of us use either outside tutorials or work we have created ourselves and post it in as part of our stationery etc and we encourage you to do so anytime you wish along with a link to the tutorial.... 
If you are unable to post due to illness or holidays just drop a line to the group owners or moderators, this is never a problem.
There is to be no flaming of others in the group, anyone found doing this will be removed immediately..

The Team of PSP and Me.

Please Note

This website is for PSP and Me Members Only and has been Password Protected!

Please proceed if you have read and understood the above rules.




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