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Ozziefinance Business Prospectus
What is Ozziefinance About:- We are here to provide services to business and personal customers what we offer can be found below in what service do we provide. On top of the services we provide we aim to make everyones needs and wants provided for. We understand everyone is a individual and we help make descisions for them easier and suited to there needs.
What Services do we Provide:-Personal loans, Car Loans, Business Loans, Debt Consolidation, Debt Collecting, Business & Personal Contract Services,
Personal Loans:- We offer loans of $500-$5000 over 1-5 years to approved customers with weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments.
Car Loans:- We offer car loans for cars upto $10000 over a 3 year contract secured on the car for approved customers.
Business Loans:- We offer loans of $1000-$10000 over 1-5 years secured on business items and business itself to approved customers.
Debt Consolidation:- We offer debt consolidation for customers that are finding it difficult to pay out several different loan repayments, we pay out the loans and make it one easy loan with our company hence making it easier for the customer.
Debt Collection:- We offer a debt collection service to business and personal customers, we offer debt collection services in chasing your unpaid client accounts and getting your unpaid accounts paid.
Contract Service:- We offer contract services for business and personal customers, included is drawn up contracts,management of contracts, issue of collection leters if contracts failed to be met.
What do we offer to our Investors:- Our investors can rest assured for one that your money is fully insured and safe so no matter what our customers may do you the investor are guaranteed to make your money back with the intrest agreed in the contract you signed with us.
Rates on what you the investor could potentialy earn is available below our in our table of accounts and rates.
Table of accounts and rates --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Investment account Term Term Renewal Min invest amount % rate p/a --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Retirement Saver 1-25yrs Yes $1000 7.00 Retired Investment 1-10yrs Yes $1000 8.00 Family Saver 1-10yrs Yes $1000 7.00 Child Saver 5+yrs No $1000 7.00 Standard Investment 1-5yrs Yes $1000 7.00 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Example: John invests $1000.00 dollars in a Standard Investment Account for a term of 1 year at the end of the contract John would recieve on the standard intrest rate $1070.00 made up of his original $1000.00 plus intrest of $70.00.
How do we guarantee your money is safe:- All money invested in Ozziefinance is insured that is our number one priority to make sure your money is safe and that it will be returned to you with the intrest set out in your contract.
We at Ozziefinance understand that some customers will not pay back there loans as set out in there loan contract so to insure our investors and ourselves are safe and will make our money that we are entiled to we insure every loan we contract. On top of the insurance our credit checks are also undertaken to make sure your money is safe and also items such as cars and homes secured to the loan so please rest assured that we have gone to every strength to make you our investor covered and ourselves.
How long can i invest my money for:- With Ozziefinance you can invest your money for a agreed term of between 1-5 years.
We offer different types of investing accounts see above on our table of accounts and rates to see which account will suit your needs.
Where will Ozziefinance opperate:- Ozziefinace will opperate in several offices Australia wide and also will have a internet site allowing customers to do all there business and personal needs online 24 hours 7 days a week, to check out this site please visit our office hours will also be from 8am-5pm mon-fri and 9am-3pm sat&sun
For more information or to contact us:- To ask us more information please feel free to use any of the following contacts provided
e-mail us
Mail to : Ozziefinance office 3 Technology center warrego h'way Chinchilla, Queensland 4413
Phone: 0427 667963
To apply to invest:- To invest with us simply complete the application form enclosed and mail in the envelope provided or allternatively you can complete an application form online at and submit
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