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Personal Loan

Ozziefinance provides standard bank products ensuring you get the best secured personal loan.
With direct access to the banking system you can rest assured it will be an Easy-Loan. Whether you're looking to renovate, or need emergency money or just looking for help with debt consolidation, we would like to help.

Why Ozziefinance?
We make it easier, faster and improve your chances of success in getting a Personal Loan.
Easier - you dont have to visit the bank 2 to 3 times and make appointments with bank managers. Keep in mind that all the bank staff does is complete an application form, without truly understanding the important issues in a successful application.
Faster - By using our direct access to the banking system, the Web, phone and fax we are able to greatly reduce the time it takes to get a loan.
Grater Success - By understanding the information you should provide will greatly enhance your chances of succeeding with your application.

How long does it take?
The loan can take 1-14 days. It is dependant on your ability to provide the relevant documentation and sign the final loan documents,

How much can I borrow?
The minimum is $500 and maximum is $5000.
What's the interest rate?
Secured loans from 18.95% to 24.95%
What is the min and max loan term?
The minimum loan term is 6 Months to a max of 5 years.
What is the loan dependant on?
You must have a Reasonable credit file, this means you may of had some previous defaults thats ok or be a discharged bankrupt and be able to demonstrate your ability to pay the loan back in full, without financial hardship.
More Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
What can I borrow for?
Any legal worthwhile purpose.
Usually for Home Renovations, Holiday, Debt Consolidation, Wedding, Furniture, Tuition Fees, Electrical Equipment Purchase.

What sort of income do you accept?
We accept all sources of income, full time, part-time, casual and self-employed, (unemployed and pensioners also welcome)

What documents do I need to produce?
In the majority of cases all you will need is the last 2 pay slips. If your applying for a debt consolidation you will require the last 3 months statements of all credit to be consolidate. (You must ensure these statements Do Not contain any over-limits or overdues).

What are the penalties?
Unlike other expensive secured Personal Finance you will only incur a penalty payment of $60 if you pay-off the loan before the agreed loan term.

Can I pay more than the monthly repayment amount?
Yes - you can u will be charged a 1% processing fee of the total of the extra payment.

How do I apply? The fastest and most convenient way is to apply directly online, this will take approximately 10 minutes and you will be provided an instant pre-approval. Please be aware that we provide a secure (SSL) connection ensuring your details are secure. Please also be assured that your details will remain entirely confidential and we will not perform a credit check without your prior approval.

Let us tailor a personal finance package that suits you. For a personal loan

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