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Welcome to Oz Imports

We are happy to bring you treasures from the americas and around the world. Our global seekers are always on the lookout for the many items our friends have grown to expect.

Sarongs: We offer several designs straight out of the exotic lands of Indonessia Didgeridoos/Rainsticks: Great quaility all hand made of bamboo and teak hand finish with different burned and stain technequs. Jewelry: Beautiful slave bracelets, chockers, rings some with gems and emerials. Swords and Armor: of the old world medieval times. Some are battle ready and SCA approved or just for the collector of fantasy, movie or famous historical swords and battle gear. Payments Shipping Our Products Body/Pierceing Jewlery: Worlds largest sellection of speacial needs and hard to find body jewlery brought to you by Masks and Tribal Carvings: Just what you've been looking for your decor or that piece needed to add to your collection Mosaic Hand Made Mirrors: Several kinds to choose from with several types of finishes. Imports Here There Be Dragons: Dragons of all kinds some that can only be found at our site. Enough to satisfy any colletors fantasy.