Prisoner in a Strange Land
A Novella
by anna dove

Chapter I.

I find myself jailed in a strange foreign land, with no idea how I got here, or what I've been charged with. I was once a twenty-something American chick; an orphan with a long history of mental illness, drug addiction and self-destructive behaviour. Now I am here, alone in a squeaky-clean room that is lavatory, showers and locker room all in one, with heavy wire mesh of an elongated diagonal pattern, each open diamond of it being some two and one half inches high on the windows and on the room's single door. I know it is a place of detention because I cannot open that door, nor any of the windows, and there are a half-dozen sets of waist, ankle and wrist restraints bolted to the long wooden bench where I sit facing the showers, though I am not myself restrained by them. Outside there is a grassy courtyard circled by a tile walkway and enclosed on all sides by brick, ivy-covered two-story buildings, whose windows are all similarly screened off by the formidable wire mesh. The warm sunlight of late afternoon bathes the neatly trimmed grass, the shadow of a tower bisects it and from beyond my view comes the sound of chanting young female voices, and their softly marching feet. Nowhere can I see anything written, nor can I see any flag to indicate in what state or nation I am detained.

To the door come two figures, both of them female, talking softly. One is dressed in a dark blue police uniform, with a short, short pleated skirt, and much leather apparatus around her waist and across her chest. Her shoes are businesslike, shiny and black, with white knees ox that do not sag at all on her muscular calves. Her hair is long and silky black, held in a ponytail, her skin a light creamy caramel color, her features Asiatic, her eyes big and dark. She is no older than her mid twenties and she is beautiful. The other young woman looks very much like the first, though a bit shorter, perhaps a few years younger, with short pigtails tied high on her head with tiny white bows. She wears a tight, light blue turtleneck sweater, very short khaki shorts with an elastic waistband and no pockets, and tattered old sneakers with short grey sox. The two exchange a few more words in a queer tonal language and giggle sweetly, then the uniformed one deposits her young charge in the lavatory with me and quietly locks the gate.

She sits right beside me and jabbers away excitedly in her completely incomprehensible tongue, laughing at her own jokes and nudging my thigh with hers. The sheer ridiculousness of my situation has me laughing right along with her, though I haven't a clue what she's saying and I think she knows it. She rubs my back and strokes my hair with her fingers, then plants a little kiss on my cheek. If this be prison, I think, how sweet this strange land must be!

She has brought a wicker basket with her, and from it she produces two sandwiches wrapped in paper, several tiny, gooey buns, a thermos and an odd blue (yes blue!) cantaloupe. To me, she hands one of the sandwiches, the bigger of the two, it seems. I say "thank you" and unwrap it. Of thick chewy bread, slathered with some sort of aromatic sauce, layered with lettuce, cucumbers and several vegetables I do not recognize, at its core is a piping hot soy burger. I tear into it, making a mess of myself in a wave of pleasure. My little friend laughs and munches away at her own. She gives me one of the buns and I find it sweet, nutty and far more satisfying than its small volume would suggest it could be. She takes the blue cantaloupe and splits it with a sharp crack on her bare knee. It comes apart in perfect halves and she hands me one, indicating that I should drink from it like a cup. The juice is smooth, cold and creamy, like yogurt. She pours into hers from the thermos and I do the same. It is a hot spicy tea that bubbles and foams when it mixes with the juice of the strange fruit and I find it so rich in caffeine that my head is spinning after less than half of my share. "Thank you SO much!" I burp and lean back to smile at the girl.

She points to herself and says something that sounds like: "Dnkgbzu." I take that to be her name and try to repeat it: "Dn-kg-bzu?"



She shakes her head. "DN-kg-bzu!"

I try again. "DN-kg-bzu?"



Again she corrects me. It seems every time I think I have it right, she changes the emphasis to another syllable. I make my very best effort and come out with "Dn-kg-BZU?" again, to which she smiles and pats my hand, but clearly I haven't gotten it right yet. Then we start in on my name.



Close enough, I think, and nod. "Yes, Anna."

"Aaaa-na!" She beams and kisses me. "Aaaa-NA!"

Suddenly Dnkgbzu drops to her knees and implores me to do the same. Facing me, she bows her head to meet mine, grasps my hands and begins to pray. To whose God, I know not, but I do know Prayer when I hear it. I panic, thinking she's been sent to comfort me before execution, but she laughs and takes me by the hand to the window and points to a squad of girls dressed just like her, holding hands and marching two by two in perfect formation. She calls out: "Ddskoi! Geskdg! ONDnoew?" The girls break rank and run to the window. My strange little friend stands behind me on her tip-toes with her hands on my shoulders, apparently introducing me to them. "AaaaNa!" She makes me press my cheek against the wire mesh and a dozen girls kiss me through it. Suddenly there is the shrill "Tweet" of a whistle and they all rush back into formation, waving and blowing kisses. A couple grab the shorts of the girls in front of them and yank up the bottoms of them to expose to me soft white bun cheeks that are striped with faint blue bruises. If not Capital Punishment here, they certainly practice Corporal Punishment! That puts me at ease and my friend playfully pats my own fanny, as if to say I would certainly get spanked, and soon.

Grinning, she slips out of her clothes and showers right in front of me, with no curtain separating us. She glances to my right, where there are eight or ten little toilets along the wall, similarly unshielded. I'm imagining the embarrassment of having to use one in front of everybody when I look back to Dnkgbzu and see her with her back turned, bent over to display her beautiful, lathered little derriere to me. She lets the steamy hot water run over it till every trace of soap is gone, then turns off the water and points to a big fluffy towel hanging from a rack in the corner. She wants me to dry her off with it! It's an assignment I accept happily and she purrs like a cat as I pat the moisture from her gorgeous body, which bears not a trace of hair, not even on her pubic area or in the crack of her freshly scrubbed fanny. Indeed, the only way I know she is woman, not girl, is in the fullness of her hips and her firm little breasts. She sits on my lap, facing me and kissing me all over my face and neck. I kiss her lips and try to caress her tongue with my own, but she doesn't seem to like that. Instead, she stands back, folds the towel, lays it out on the floor and points to me, "AaaaNa," kisses her fingers, pats her rear end with it and points to herself, grinning mischievously.

How could I refuse such a sweet invitation? I simply nod and kneel on that big towel. She kneels before me, her blessed little bottom inches from my face. First I kiss her softly just under her tailbone, where the softness of her tender seat starts. Then down and around each cheek I peck softly as she purrs. Suddenly she spins around and faces me for a second, grabs the waistband of my own shorts and peels them down, panties too. She takes one of my own hands and moves it to my pussy, gives it a little pat and turns back to luxuriate under my kisses while I masturbate. How nice that she would think of me like that, but I have trouble supporting myself with one arm and return my hand to the floor. There would be plenty time for that later. I move my lips lower to the most sensitive part of her derriere- the soft round southern hemispheres just above the line that defines the back of her thighs. On each, I suck in as much as my mouth will accommodate and tickle the tender mass with my tongue, then let it slip out and blow cool air over it, then move to the other and start over. Doing my best to keep my head steady so as to provide her with uninterrupted attention, I raise the hand she had directed me to masturbate with and move it instead to her own moist pussy and grope for her clitoris. No sooner than I think I have found it than she cries out, throws herself prone onto the floor, grabs her womanhood with both hands and suffers a thoroughly undignified, slobbering climax. I watch it in awe. It is perhaps the most beautiful sight I have ever beheld. I straddle her and softly brush my own womanhood against her heaving behind, but I am startled by voices and footsteps. We've been caught in the act!

Six of the girls who'd just kissed me through the wire mesh window stand there gaping at the sight of us. My face feels like furnace, it blushes so badly. I pull my shorts back up and sit on the wet floor on my hands with my head hung in shame. Dnkgbzu slowly drags herself up to a kneeling position and looks sheepishly first to her friends, then to me. Then she breaks out in a big grin, hauls herself up and whispers in one girl's ear, who in turn whispers in the next and so on till each has heard whatever she's said and they all at once drag me to my feet, swallow me up in a group hug and yank my shorts back down.

Whatever they have planned for me, I know I have coming, so I make no effort to cover myself back up. I can only pray that I suffer it gladly.

But what they have for me are nothing but caresses on my bottom. No sooner than each has goosed me twice softly, they whip off their shoes, sox and clothes and go to the showers to quickly repeat Dnkgbzu's ritual preparation for my loving her with my lips. A sight so beautiful it nearly brings me to tears, seven squeaky-clean, athletic young women not long out of their teens (and some perhaps still in them) stand before me, holding one another's' hand, smiling, blushing and rocking side to side with thighs squeezed together in absent-minded anticipatory masturbation. From their sharp tan lines, I can see that long sleeve turtlenecks and short shorts are their one and only wardrobe choice, and each takes great care to keep her private parts shaved perfectly smooth.
I glance down to my own pussy and find it shaved bare, too. And I don't even remember doing it!

Dnkgbzu beckons me with her finger and I go to her. She folds a towel for me to kneel on and pushes me gently to my knees. I do not resist. The girls turn in unison and I begin tasting the sweetness of the first's rear end. A few preliminary kisses are met with squeals of pleasure and Dnkgbzu nudges me over to begin loving the next. After a few seconds of that one of them speaks, they all giggle and form in a tight circle, facing out, their hands making mischief on one another's' laps, with me on my knees in the center of the soft cocoon. A couple reach in to pat me on my head and I reply by reaching out to play with one girl up front while I kiss a peer's backside, then move thirty degrees to do the same to two others and so forth and so forth. I rub my face against butt cheeks like a kitty cat would do your leg and blow around in circles on petite little rear ends that quiver and wiggle and bump my nose softly in their eagerness to feel my lips. Two of them bear the faint bruises of a paddling. To those two I give extra attention with my hands, stroking them like they were delicate pets and whispering "Owwww, you poor thing!" One by one in irregular sequence the girls cry out in ecstasy and have their orgasms, but remain linked by their hands and interlocked legs so that I am enclosed within a jail cell so sweet that life imprisonment could pass in a heartbeat, so delicious would be the serving of the sentence. I marvel at the treasure before me and make mental note of the differences I see. One girl is a good half-head taller than any other, and a shade darker. Another is a wee bit chubby, but with marvelously developed thighs. Still another is quite thin, but with a perfectly round bottom and a comically chubby face. One smells like lilac and another like mint. Dnkgbzu climaxes again, explosively, while another does so softly, with a sigh, while still two others choke out sobs in the throes of their pleasure. Dnkgbzu says something that brings titters of laughter from all six. She breaks rank to go grab their shorts and panties. Each puts one leg in a panty while the girl to her left does the same with the other leg, then the same arrangement is worked out with their shorts, except the sharing is to the right. I help pull them all up tight to their pussies and the act brings out another round of rapid-fire orgasms. The tight knot of girls buck and sway like the petals of a flower caught opening and closing in fast forward. I stand to twirl around as fast as I can, giving love pats with both hands as I turn, then put one hand to my own throbbing womanhood while I continue to twirl and caress buttocks with the other. From the center of this flower of girlhood I am hopping and jumping in the most unrestrained orgasm of my life when there is a loud "Clang!" and four stern-faced guards enter to witness the debauchery and struggle, but fail, to restrain their amusement.

Dnkgbzu blurts out something that I imagine to be an apology and the guard who I recognize as the one who brought her to this lavatory steps forward and slaps her face. All four guards grab at panties and shorts, yank them off of the tangled mass while the girls whimper, then march each prisoner over to the wall and make her stand there with her nose to it, but close enough to one another that they can hold hands as they cry and no guard moves to stop them from that. One girl stands rocking to and fro with her legs squeezed together, as if to go on stimulating herself and a guard nudges them apart to stop her from the vice. That one returns to me and lifts me from the floor. My pussy still throbs as she goes into a quiet tirade against me, scolding me with her face so close to mine that I can taste the sweetness of her breath. I cannot understand a word of it, but I can just imagine what she is saying. She slaps me once on each cheek, not hard at all, but my shame reaches critical mass and I burst out sobbing.

I'm taken to the bench where Dnkgbzu and I sat. One guard pulls a strap over my lap while another kneels to secure my ankles firmly to the bench. It is as the first of the two is pulling another strap across my chest to keep me from slumping that I discover that the restraints are cushioned with velvet over foam rubber to make my bondage comfy. My hands are secured to the strap across my waist so that they have no place to go but my lap. A guard pats my brow with a towel and wipes away my tears. Another finds a little cushion to put behind my head. I'm offered water to drink from a straw. Gladly I sip and whisper my thanks. It is cool and comforting, but I am helpless and filled with remorse. Likewise, the other girls are offered water and no one refuses.

Our original guard speaks on a bulky walkie-talkie that crackles and hisses. The thing is ancient, probably dating back to world war two. Everything there, though immaculately clean, is worn and dated, even the straps holding me. They have held many a girl the same way, it is clear to me from the feel of them; a feeling that strangely fills me with peace. My mind drifts back to my recent ecstasy and I absentmindedly start pleasuring myself again. I feel a sudden cold jolt on the soft area of my lap just below my pussy. Startled, I open my eyes and see a guard standing there holding a long rod with a shiny metallic bulb on its end- the end that had touched my lap. Was the jolt I felt just a startle reflex from cold metal touching me in my aroused state, or was it an electric shock? I have no desire to learn which. The guard wags a "naughty, naughty" finger at me and I get the message. No playing with myself. I move my hands as far away from my pussy as the restraints allow and she nods approvingly.

A young woman in a white nurse's uniform enters pushing a shiny stainless steel cart loaded with equipment and confers with the guards. She goes to Dnkgbzu, who is still standing nose to the wall with the rest. The nurse takes her pulse, blood pressure and temperature (with an oral thermometer,) then gently examines, but does not enter, her body orifices. She probes Dnkgbzu's ears with a lighted scope, looks down her throat, shines a light in her eyes, sits her down to check her reflexes, in short does a complete physical exam. On a clipboard, she takes notes, then turns the girl over to a guard who marches her away, crying softly. The same goes for each of the six other girls. All but two are marched away like Dnkgbzu. Those are the two whose bottoms bear bruises of a recent spanking. They are taken to the toilets where they pee, then stand again with noses to the wall. I am released and taken to pee, as well. I am so filled with shame that I fear that my bladder will betray me and not allow me to void, but I am surprised how easy the waters come and a wave of relief pours over me. I am directed to sit back down, but no restraints are put one me this time.

What the nurse next does fills me with dread. She produces from the lower shelf on her cart a harness of leather and steel whose purpose is unmistakable at first sight- to forcibly prevent a girl from pleasuring herself; a wide belt of padded leather attached to a concave cup of steel designed to fit snugly over a young woman's mound- A chastity belt! She calls the two into the center of the room and commands them to stand still while she fits them in. They whimper and quiver at the touch of the thing to their loins, but offer no resistance. She snaps them in place with locks that fit in the back and they are marched off weeping.

I am commanded to stand for the nurse. The belt is nearly four inches wide and nearly covers my navel. It and the outline of its pussy cup are padded with the same velvet and foam rubber that gave to the restraints a measure of comfort, yet that steel hideaway for my womanhood is so roomy that there would be no touching by anything of what lay within. My poor little pussy would sit isolated in the darkness of space, and so carefully designed this thing is that any attempt to touch myself for masturbation will be thwarted! From the bottom of the cup runs a cold chain of steel that goes up between the cracks of my buttocks to the back of the belt. The nurse locks it and pats me all around its perimeter to be sure it is snug but does not pinch.

From there I am led by the hand to the courtyard where hundreds of assembled prisoners giggle and point at us. With the other two disgraced, belted girls, I am led through a gate outside of the courtyard to an amphitheater on the side of a hill overlooking a magnificent view of mountaintops poking through the clouds like islands in a vast foamy sea. Atop each is a castle or fortress. There is a stage just at the edge of a steep slope to the cloud cover, and we three are sat at the middle of the first row of seats. They are like church pews, with padded knee rests before each. Around us the merry, chattering prisoner population gather and take their seats. Surrounding the prisoners in the pews sit the guards, nearly as many of them as there are inmates. They engage the prisoners warmly- kissing, teasing and joking with them and with one another.

A tall, striking young woman in a ponytail, wearing a short lavender tunic resplendent with medals, insignia, and wide, gold-frilled epaulets upon her shoulders, knee-length leather boots and nothing between but the beauty of her hairless body steps upon stage. Immediately, there is silence. From all appearances, she is the warden! In that sweet tonal tongue peculiar to this place, she addresses the assembled without any amplification. On cue, the assembled kneel and she invokes a prayer. I kneel, understanding nothing, but marveling at the ceremony and so filled with wonder that I have lost all my fear.

On the stage there is a large bucket full of ice, a neat pile of folded towels and five big fluffy pillows. To that stage Dnkgbzu and the four others are escorted. Their faces are beet red from embarrassment and slapping, and they wear thick knee pads in addition to sneakers and sox. Otherwise they are naked. They stand motionless, hands clasped behind their heads, which they do not bow, but hold high to face the assembled with the full measure of their disgrace. The warden addresses them each for a moment, then touches Dnkgbzu's shoulder. At once all seven recite a long statement in perfect unison. Five naked prisoners appear behind them, each holding a light wooden paddle. Five more stand in front of them, one each, with empty hands. The tension in the amphitheater is unbearable, like the air a millisecond before lightning strikes. The girls with the paddles raise them as the ones standing before the penitents raise their bare hands. Paddles are touched softly to rear ends and the penitents recite a short prayer. The warden whispers and CRACK! Five hands strike right cheeks as paddles strike five pairs of buttocks. The crowd gasps and the five, in perfect unison again, recite their plaintive verse. Again CRACK! It is the left cheek now and a simultaneous smack to their hindquarters with the paddles.

I try to imagine how all the energy entering those poor, trembling girls' bodies, face and fanny at once, must echo through them, and how it might possibly be discharged. Another verse, of what I do not know, but they recite it in sweet, perfect harmony. The Punishment Prayer?

SMACK! again and I look away, to see that the girl closest to me sits with her shorts lowered to her knees and her hands pressed squarely over her naked womanhood! She is masturbating openly during this spectacle, as is the one next to her, and the one behind that one and the one next to her next to her, and all the rest are doing the same! Even the guards are doing it! The girl right next to me turns and sticks out her tongue at me. She knows I can't do it. I stick mine back out at her.

SMACK! One of Dnkgbzu's partners in crime- the tall girl with the round face- cries out and collapses to her knees. Everybody who is not too preoccupied cheers. Dnkgbzu and the other spanked girls drop to their own knees and hug the tall one. The warden raises her hand and through their passion the crowd coughs out another chant. The five punished girls sit on pillows on the edge of the stage, the girls who administered the punishment hold ice wrapped in those towels against their tear-streaked faces and the warden sits right next to Dnkgbzu. She raises her tunic and begins stroking her own hairless womanhood. Seeing that, half the audience climaxes, the other half gets a notch closer to it.

For at least an hour the amphitheater is an orgy of self-gratification. Sighs, moans and cries ring out into the twilight and I am so moved by the sight and sound that I climax in my little pussy cage. The warden, between orgasms herself, wags her finger at me, but smiles. I blush and climax again.

After hundreds of orgasms have blessed the amphitheater, the prisoners filter out in twos and threes, holding hands, satiated. Dnkgbzu lays on her stomach on stage as a guard massages her back, and lower, to where I had kissed her. It is bright pink, but not bloody or inflamed. The warden is counseling the other four penitents, who nod and smile shyly. Never could I have imagined punishment to be such a sweet, loving thing. The paddling and slapping had stopped the instant the first girl dropped to her knees. Surrounding me in this strange, strange prison is nothing but kindness.

Two guards who'd sat near me pull their panties back up and try to shake the creases out of their little skirts. One yawns, the other does, then me and finally nearly everybody left in the amphitheater. Once it's over, there's a collective laugh about it. The first yawners flank me and make me stand. Four others take my two belted friends, who are both sorely vexed by their own unsatiated passions and stand unsteadily. We are taken back into the compound and to one of the ivy-covered buildings that surround the courtyard. I find a vast, airy dormitory of nearly a hundred comfy-looking beds in neat rows, with sparking white sheets and fluffy baby blue pillows. Like where I first found myself, there are showers and unshielded toilets. Inmates relax, stretch, and snuggle. Some still masturbate together, but themselves only, never touching one another's' privates. When they notice me, they stop and stare, but it is not a hostile look. Where any two lay together cuddling, a board of wood separates their laps and a guard nearby keeps a watchful eye on them.

The guards remove my chastity belt and motion to me to use a toilet. I do, keeping my hands out of my lap. Then they take me to the showers and have me stand there with my hands behind my head and legs spread. I'm scrubbed gently with a soft brush and patted down with towels. But so unlike the way they fawn over the other prisoners, these guards are businesslike and aloof with me. I'm taken to my bed and find it to be nothing but a thin pad on the box springs, with a couple worn blankets and no sheets. Wrists, ankles, waist, I'm locked into restraints with my legs spread far enough apart I'll be unable to make any mischief rubbing my things together. One blanket is folded and my legs are covered up to my lap. Another is folded to cover my chest and tummy, leaving my poor little pussy as isolated and untouched as it was in the chastity belt. My two friends are similarly restrained, but with a little more affection and real sheets covering that which is safe to cover.

There is a short group recitation, then silence, save for the soft padding of guards' feet around the dorm. One gives me a reassuring pat on my hand and I drift off to sleep feeling more cared for and protected than any time in my life...

...any time in my life...

Chapter II

I wake to the ringing of a gong. Dnkgbzu is already up, stroking my forehead. The dorm is full of chattering and laughter. Dnkgbzu kisses me on the cheek and runs for a guard, who releases me from restraints and escorts me to the toilets. Done with that business, I'm tucked back into my chastity belt and follow the mob to a canteen, where I'm sat in the corner for a breakfast of nutty cereal in goat's milk, fruit and coffee. After that, I'm put to work scrubbing the amphitheater's benches. The inmates find no end in amusement at that, and follow me up and down the rows of seats, teasing me and rolling up their shorts to display their beautiful young derrieres. I'd gladly kiss if I could.

At noon I'm taken back to the canteen and given a bowl of tasteless gruel and stale bread while the rest of them have soup, soy patties and fresh fruit. My gruel is inoffensive, filling and no doubt quite nutritious, but there is no pleasure in it. I begin to suspect there's a well thought-out plan behind the cold treatment I'm getting, and adventure in the offing. Anticipation builds with the passion in my loins.

I'm taken to an infirmity, where the nurse who'd belted me in the latrine and several others cluck over me and examine me again from head to toe. They take special care examining the scars I carry on my hips and left leg from a terrible accident in my childhood, a childhood that now seems like it is from an entirely different life. I still haven't the foggiest memory of the sequence of events that landed me here, when I woke up sitting in the latrine.

They have me walk, run and squat for them. I'm prodded and squeezed and my chastity belt is removed. "It happened when I was eight years old," I tell them. "My parents were killed and I spent years in rehab. I got addicted to drugs and..."

SLAP! The guard whose hand smites me than pinches my lips shut and the message is clear: Silence. I nod and she presses an ice pack against my stinging cheek. That little gesture warms me and fills me with such gratitude that I'd gladly jump into a lion's den for these women.

They rub an aromatic cream on my scars and press a hot, vibrating plate against them. I'm massaged and scrubbed and taken again to the toilets. Afterwards I'm put back into my chastity belt. It is ice cold. I cringe and my keepers suppress smiles over that. I'm given knee pads and directed to kneel. A nurse tapes something to each of my butt cheeks, right over the most sensitive lower regions just inches from my butt hole. I turn my head and see that they are electrodes, with wires leading to a menacing looking metal box covered with switches and gauges! Suddenly I have to pee again, but it is too late.

Another prisoner is brought in. She has faint bruises on her behind, of a spanking perhaps a week previous, but I don't recognize her as one that Dnkgbzu introduced me to. She is fitted with knee pads and told to kneel before me, with her soft butt facing me. A nurse lotions it with a pungent cream and a guard takes my head and presses my lips right against her fanny. Instantly, they go completely numb. She's been treated with a powerful local anesthetic so she can't feel a thing of what I'm about to do, nor can I! The guard presses my lips to her again. I do the only thing I can and kiss.

BUZZZZZZZZ! I gasp and my whole body tenses as electric current runs through my own rear end. It stops after a second or two. Incredulous, I look to the head nurse and she motions for me to do it again. I obey.

BUZZzzzZZZ! I shudder and cry out. It is not the pain of it; the shock was rather mild. It is simply the surprise and the sheer humiliation of being manipulated through my body like that. I am familiar with Psychology and it is clear that they are performing crude behavior modification on me! This is supposed to help me learn not to kiss rear ends here, and the cold treatment I've been getting is meant to insure that I do not associate the pain of my treatment with affection from them, and thereby become conditioned against that, too! I am overwhelmed by the kindness of the plan and begin to weep in sheer gratitude. Three more times the routine is repeated till I am overwrought and the electrodes are removed.

Now they hug me and feed me sweets. Stimuli, Punishment, Reward. I can see a bright future for myself kneeling and weeping on command for these women, and I try to conceal my delight.

I'm taken out, to the gates of the compound. Around me the girls gather, "Owww"ing and "Ahhhh"ing. Still wearing my chastity belt and knee pads, I'm sent outside the gate and directed to stack bricks in neat piles, which I do gladly. My supper is brought to me, a rich stew of soy protein, potatoes and many vegetables. I'm given a large cup of the juice of that strange blue cantaloupe, and a slice of rich, sticky strawberry pie. Dnkgbzu massages me, and her hand moves to the very place on me that I'm not supposed to kiss on others and she caresses me there till I climax in that place- my first time ever- and I understand why she asked me to kiss her there in the lavatory. Amazingly, a guard witnesses our naughty act and seems to approve!

Then she kisses me and goes back into the compound, leaving me alone to my tasks as the sun goes down. Inmates are sent to the dorms, lights go out and it is quiet. I stand and rattle the gate. "Hello? May I please come back in?" Guards pass me, but pay me no mind. I begin to panic and beg them, but even in my fright I keep my voice low so I do not wake the sleeping inmates. Finally I wail and sob and one of them opens the gate for me.

* * * * * * *

Every day is the same: Chores in the morning, a bland lunch and then treatment, with the same poor spanked girl and her numbed butt. I'm given several shocks till I weep and then I'm comforted and sent out to work alone outside the compound. And each night I fear I will be exiled from that place and I beg to be readmitted. On the seventh night a guard, who by that time has become more than a little annoyed by my act, motions that I should simply turn the latch and open the gate myself. I do and come in, feeling like a complete idiot. It has been unlocked all along.

Then she locks it and from that moment on, I am never alone.

* * * * * * *

Each day that I undergo my behavior therapy in the infirmary, the two of Dnkgbzu's friends whom I'd kissed my first day here and who were not punished- apparently because they were still bruised from a previous spanking- are treated for those bruises with lotions and massage; massage that is practically undistinguishable from petting, and all the while they still wear their tight little chastity belts like me.

Every time I am treated, I come to tears more easily and that seems to suit my therapy team just fine. The shocks are stopped the instant I begin to weep, then I'm sat down on a pillow in a rocking chair and fed sweets upon regaining my composure. Each day the prisoner whose anesthetized bottom I'm being conditioned against kissing sneaks me a little caress before they take her off and I realize that the mild electric shocks I'm being given are wonderfully stimulating to my buttocks and... other... parts of me. My captors treat me gently and after each aversion session my surgical scars are lotioned and I'm pressed again against that strange healing hot plate. It is a routine I endure gladly and I pray they will continue it for as long as it will take to alter my behavior for the better, whatever they deem that to be.

On the ninth or tenth day, or perhaps the eighth or twelfth, I do not know anymore, another evening assembly is called in the amphitheater and I can pretty well guess what is going to happen. Sure enough, the two girls- looking more embarrassed than frightened and struggling not to smile- are brought naked up on stage where the customary(?) pillows and ice bucket are waiting for them.

The warden addresses all the girls, most of who squirm in anticipation, but keep their shorts on for the time being. She nods my way and tells some jokes that first have them groaning, then laughing uproariously at my expense. The embarrassment of it and days of sexual denial have me on the brink of another involuntary orgasm when I hear the warden pronounce the one word I understand: Dnkgbzu.

My little friend has been sitting right behind me without my knowing it. She gives me a great big hug and climbs up onto the stage. The feel of her hug and the sight of her beautiful body up there as she undresses to be a disciplinarian pushes me over the edge. The warden whoops, points right at me and a thousand young women cheer my humiliation.

Once the storm in me has abated for the moment, the proceedings continue. The warden addresses the gathering, with an air of formality this time, then the penitents individually. The two make a recitation and the crowd replies. I feel my lips moving to it though I still haven't the foggiest idea what's being said. Three more girls join Dnkgbzu on stage and slip out of their clothes. Dnkgbzu and another take up paddles while the other two position themselves before the penitents for slapping. It boggles my mind to think that it was Dnkgbzu who STARTED this whole naughty episode by SEDUCING ME and now she's up there ready to PUNISH girls for it!

The warden raises her hand, and... SMACK! The striking of faces and fannies is perfectly simultaneous. The punished girls' faces light up in an incandescence that surrounds them like red halos- the likes of which I've never seen and I have to wonder if it's visible to anybody else- and the crowd bursts into cheers. Recitation, punishment, cheering, three, four times it is repeated, each time with greater enthusiasm, but on the fifth and sixth the crowd quiets and somebody cries out. For mercy? Seven times, and more cry out. Dnkgbzu and her sister disciplinarians look worried and deliver their blows delicately. On that eighth strike one of the penitents finally falls to her knees and the audience breathes a collective sigh of relief. Kneeling, the girls are showered with affection and forgiveness. They are released from their chastity belts and join everybody but me in a feast of self-love.

I sit marveling at the orgy till the sun goes down. Prisoners and guards start drifting off towards the dormitory while others go on masturbating furiously. The warden climbs down from the stage, takes me by the hand and leads me there herself.

Like a child I cling to her and girls follow "Owww"ing and "Ahhhh"ing tenderly the sight of me pressed against her. At the dorm she gently peels me off of her and turns me over to a pair of guards. I am taken to my bed writhing and moaning in the agony of unfulfilled lust. I cry out for mercy, for just a moment to stroke myself for relief, but they only gaze upon me with pity and knowing looks. I am fastened tight with soft shackles, given a pill that sedates me and I drift off to sleep promising them all my undying devotion.

* * * * * *

The next morning, my keepers are particularly cold with me and I know this must be the day for my spanking. Someone's hands are on me the whole day, trundling me this way, then that, putting me to work at one task only to abruptly assign me to another. I feel like I'm ready to shatter like delicate glass and every tiny stimuli, the breeze rippling the sweater on my back, the shockingly indecent sight of another girl being marched around in a chastity belt, the warm, sweet breath of a guard who whispers in my ear rattles my atomic structure to the point where I think I must be strobing with an UnEarthly violet radiation that illuminates my very bones for all to see.

I am stood, naked but for my chastity belt, facing in, in a soft, silken padded corner and secured there with velvet restraints that are fastened to each wall as prisoners and guards cluck around me. My humiliation and the delicious comfort of my station causes me to climax again without touching and at that instant I am struck three times with a paddle. A preliminary spanking! I begin to sob- more in joy than in pain- and girls gather around me pleasuring themselves. One dries my tears with a hanky while another rubs my back and whispers sweet nothings in my ear. Completely helpless, I am the center of attention for the whole dorm. If I blush any harder I fear I'll catch fire.

To the toilet I am taken, to pee. My chastity belt is removed and another naked prisoner stands there facing me, forcing my legs apart with her own and holding my hands so I cannot touch what is forbidden to me. The whole population of the dorm is watching and my humiliation is so intense that I cannot urinate. Kneeling beside me, another girl takes pity on me and shields my face from view. I relax enough to empty my bladder and stand, shaking so badly I have to be steadied. A guard wraps a piece of tissue for me to pat my pussy dry, puts that on the end of a paddle and presses it against me. Dimly I am aware as I fall to my knees in the throes of yet another involuntary climax that they have folded a big fluffy towel just so to cushion my knees as they hit the tiles. Tenderly, they fit me back into my chastity belt and spare me any more punishment for my orgiastic infraction.

I'm given kneepads and slippers for my appearance, and all the dorm's prisoners line up bottomless to tease me on my way out. I'm forced to walk a tender gauntlet as they giggle and whip me with their panties. I'm met at the door by two guards, who each take a hand to escort me to the amphitheater. Beaming, I hold my head high and luxuriate in the drama and humiliation. So eager am I to get there that I pull ahead, leading my two escorts by the hand. I sashay and swing my little butt sensually. Dnkgbzu appears behind me to goose me and give me love pats as I walk.

Squirming, moaning, rocking to and fro, the entire prisoner population is already naked below the waist and most of them are making mischief where I still may not. I'm helped up onto the stage, where there is not one pillow, but a stack of them, yet so far as can see I am the only prisoner to be punished this fine evening.

Two nurses examine me head to toe, probing me gently and directing me to walk the length of the stage and back unaccompanied. It is at that moment that I realize that the limp I have walked with since my childhood accident and its constant, nagging pain have disappeared. Completely. I jump for joy and everybody cheers me. The scars on my leg and hip are gone and I feel more fit and limber than ever. The treatments have worked a miracle!

The warden stands behind and holds me by the shoulders. I go still at the instant of her touch. No language is needed to know that I am to stand at attention. She speaks softly, everybody takes a big breath and moves their hands away from their moist pussies. She takes my head between the palms of her hands to focus my attention on the multitudes. They begin a soft melodious chant that is half prayer, half song. It is so beautiful that I must struggle to hold back tears, for I know the time has not yet come to weep again.

Naked, Dnkgbzu stands before me, massaging her hand and stretching back her fingers to limber up her wrist for slapping. A girl approaches from my right bearing a lavender silk pillow with golden fringe. Upon it is a flat, smooth wooden paddle that has been polished to a high sheen. She presents it to the warden, who takes it up with great care, like she is handling a delicate piece of jewelry. This time she is going to deliver the spanks herself...

...I dare not turn to look at her, but I know it will come any second because Dnkgbzu draws back her hand and...

SMACK! Like waves splashing at once on two sides of a rock, the blows drench me with their essence, then flow off of me, leaving me cleansed. I want to whisper in English: "Thank you!" but as if I am speaking in tongues, other words issue from my mouth that I do not understand and I discover that each verse of the mysterious Punishment Prayer soothes the pain of the next blow so completely that it feels like a kiss. Three, five, seven times I'm struck and there seems no limit to my joy! But Dnkgbzu looks to me sadly as she strikes and I wonder if she even understands what happiness she is bringing me. That is when I know that it would be cruel to her to allow her to go on, so I cry out and drop to my knees. I am on a sensual rollercoaster and my world swirls around me as I swoon and collapse toward the stage floor. A girl deftly slips a pillow beneath me before I can hit the hard wood. Dnkgbzu and the warden kneel and swallow me up with hugs. A guard comes to me with a set of keys and unlocks my chastity belt. This is the first time my womanhood has been naked out of doors since I arrived in this strange, sweet prison and just feeling the cool breeze blowing over it after being sequestered so long is a pleasure I'd never known.

Dnkgbzu presses ice wrapped in a towel against one cheek and kisses the other, then reverses it for the other, back and forth, back and forth for the full number of blows she had delivered.

I take Dnkgbzu's hand- the one that smote me- and kiss it. I find the paddle on its pillow and do the same to it. The inmates and guards all go: "Awwwwwwwwwww!" at the sweetness of my gesture. The warden comes to me with a little jar of ointment and dabs it on my glowing backside. Both cool and warm at once, it is a delight and I kneel with my face pressed to the boards and my fanny raised high to present myself in the most submissive posture possible. Dnkgbzu cradles my face in her hands while the warden gently strokes my butt cheeks closer and closer to the center with the icy hot lotion. They lay out a row of pillows for me and flip me over on my back. The warden takes my own hand, dips two fingers of it into the jar and presses them to my womanhood. A throbbing chorus of crickets in the evening air merges with the sighs and moans of a thousand girls pleasuring themselves to my sweet humiliation. The paddle on its pillow is placed beside me and I understand how it is that its shiny polish is maintained. I roll over upon it, straddling the silky pillow and the holy instrument it cradles. I glide my lotioned womanhood up and down on that paddle like a youngster would discover the pleasure of herself by sliding on a banister. Just as I am about to climax, the warden kneels behind me, takes the handle and slides it ever so slowly out from beneath me. The feel of it gliding smoothly against my clitoris and the knowledge that everyone there is as aroused as am I precisely because of my predicament pushes the passion in me past critical mass and I explode into a violent orgasm against the pillow. The sight of me suffering that orgasm sets off a chain reaction of them throughout the amphitheater. Cries ring out in the night, silencing the crickets. Time in that prison amphitheater stops and all of us become One in our surrender.

* * * * * * *

The next thing I am aware of is that the crickets are singing again. Dnkgbzu kneels at my side stroking my head while the warden massages my feet. I'm still straddling the pillow. The warden pats me on my side and I raise my hips so she can slip it out from beneath me. I raise my head to look out into the amphitheater. In the moonlight, I can see that most of those prisoners who are still there are snuggling or massaging one another. One sits with her legs spread in the first row of pews. She still pets herself, and moans softly. A friend accompanying her nudges her and points to me. I wink and nod, as if to say go ahead, it's ok. It seems that my approval is what she needed. She cries out, throws herself down and climaxes, bucking and kicking spasmodically on the pew. Once she's stopped heaving and moaning, her friend and a guard pick her up and carry her off to the dorm.

Dnkgbzu helps me up to kneel again, then to stand. The warden squats, indicating that I am to straddle her back so she can carry me. I hug her tight from behind, she locks her arms around the crook of my knees and a dozen prisoners follow us as I ride her back to the dorm. She plops me down on a toilet, where I pee luxuriously and pat myself dry.

Then I'm taken to a bed in the very middle of the dorm. It is soft and the sheets silky smooth. Out of habit I assume the position for restraint and my bunkmates and guards giggle. Though I feel myself blush, I am obstinate and hold myself perfectly still except to grip the sheets. Guards whisper among themselves, then one runs off and returns a moment later with a full set of the velvet shackles that I have come to know and love. To that comfy bed I am secured, my sheets are arranged carefully so nothing touches my pussy and I drift off to sleep perfectly content with my helplessness.

* * * * * * *

In the morning I'm assigned to work with a small, unsupervised crew picking pears in an orchard that is on the terraced slope down the hill from the amphitheater. The girls on this crew don't work very hard. We collect a few baskets of perfectly unblemished yellow pears, then lounge in the tree limbs basking in the glow of my tender punishment of the previous night. Two rub their breasts with that same icy hot salve the warden blessed my bottom with while two others make out and go way beyond simply masturbating in one another's' company.

The view from the tree where I sit eating one of those sumptuous pears is of unimaginable mountainous splendor. Below is a meandering river with waterfalls that go deeper and deeper into a lush green valley that is seemingly bottomless. In the distance, mountaintops that were on my first day here shrouded in mist now stand out in the crisp air. I marvel at the palatial castles and fortresses atop each, apparently an endless landscape of them stretching to the horizon and beyond. It seems we are miles up, yet I have never felt breathless here. The sky is dark azure blue and absolutely cloudless. There are no airplane contrails to be seen in the sky, nor are there any roads on our own mountain slope or on any in the distance.

Fauna is abundant. There are mischievous golden squirrels who climb up on my shoulder, tickle my face with their bushy tails and scamper off chattering. In the grass around the orchard, big floppy eared bunnies romp while tiny chipmunks dart in and out of sight. White mountain goats run effortlessly up and down an impossibly steep slope. Huge tie-dyed butterflies flutter around in the breeze and a charming little turquoise and lavender hummingbird with translucent wings that shimmer in the sun hovers inches from my face and inspects me with remarkably intelligent eyes.

A girl sitting in the tree next to mine goes gape-mouthed and points to a wooded area adjacent the orchard. There, a tiny spotted deer no bigger than a medium sized dog, but sporting a head of antlers nearly as big as itself tip-toes to the edge of the orchard. A girl coaxes it out with fruit and it eats out of her hand, but it skitters back into the forest when somebody sneezes. A moment later it comes back for more, bringing its whole family with it. The fawns aren't much bigger than the rabbits.

It is getting harder and harder to believe that this place of odd delights is a prison. I wonder: are these sweet young women who populate it actually a secretive cult of Buddhist nuns who seek Transcendence through punishment, forgiveness and orgasms? Or is it the laboratory of a mad scientist who is trying to harness young womens' Orgasmic energy to cure cancer or knock ballistic missiles from the sky? A glance beyond the orchards reminds me that whatever bizarre organization or state this place serves, it is still prison, for there stands the heavy chain link fence gate that the guard locked behind me once I discovered that I could let myself back in.

I have no desire to test that latch again.

Dnkgbzu appears, carrying pillows. She winks and hands one up to me. Carefully, I lift my butt, place the pillow on the branch and sit back down. Its comfort is intoxicating; so cool, so soft, so smooth, so completely accepting of my little behind. Then she pulls down her shorts and panties and points to me to do the same. I grasp a branch to lift myself up again and gingerly shed the little things. They fall and land in the grass below. Dnkgbzu scoops them up, ties hers to mine and dons the unit like a soft necklace. I laugh and feel like I'm on a swing; it is so exhilarating to be undressed and aroused again in a tree with the breeze and the laughter of good girls all around me.

Dnkgbzu climbs the tree right next to mine and sits on her own pillow on a branch just a few yards from me. Prisoners gather beneath us, unfold a big blanket and stretch it out like a trampoline. I want to ask: Do they expect us to jump? Or are they just being protective of Dnkgbzu and me in case we fall? It seems sort of silly because the grass is so soft and we're so close to the ground anyway we couldn't possibly get hurt!

Dnkgbzu blows me a kiss and starts to masturbate. I take that as an invitation and do the same. Whatever sort of trouble she gets me into will be worth it, if my experiences of the past two weeks are any indication! Just imagining the feel of my chastity belt and the shocks to my derriere has me as the brink of an orgasm in moments. Dnkgbzu sticks out her tongue at me and I imagine that being where my fingers are. I stick mine back out at her, she comes and I follow suit. The trees sway under our rocking and kicking. Then pears fall, and fall and fall! So many of them that the trampoline blanket our friends hold beneath us is weighted down to the ground! A cart, driven by a comically shaggy little pony approaches and the prisoners load the pears onto it.

What a delightful way to harvest fruit!

We move from one pair of pear trees to the next, exchange a few caresses each time, then climb up and face off for another pussy duel. I never cease to marvel at my odd little friend's beauty. The sight of her feeling pleasure gives me pleasure and it is quite obvious that the same is true for her. Is she re-living the feel of my kisses in the lavatory? I pat my butt, kiss my hand and blow it to her. She comes again and nearly falls out of the tree with a blizzard of fruit. I straddle my pillow over a branch and ride it like a rocking horse. The girls below can't gather the pears quickly enough!

We span the orchard like that. Hours pass and I never tire of the company of Dnkgbzu and her friends or the feel of my pillow. We move so far down a row of pear trees that the prison walls are but a faint dark patch in the distance. The pony comes and goes, is joined by another and another and still another to harvest the fruits of our sweet passions. We climb five hundred trees, suffer five hundred climaxes together, or perhaps that is a thousand and a thousand- I am not counting. Reaching the end, we start back on the next row and our passion for our work only grows. Each time I come I cry out and the sky splits. There is some Cosmic Truth that I know for an instant each time I come, but it fades from my memory as my world stops spinning, yet I am not the least bit bothered by that.

I can always come again.

After an Eternity we return to the prison walls and I look up to see that the sun has not moved a single degree. Dnkgbzu's friends help me out of the last tree, lay me down on the pear-scented blanket and gently peel my sweater and bra off of me. They hold me down in the position I am accustomed to being restrained in and then they pleasure my little breasts with the Divine, cool comfort of my pillow. They help me to my feet and escort me to the amphitheater. I'm taken up on stage and secured to a soft bed with velvet restraints. Then they pillow my breasts some more while prisoners in the pews masturbate and munch succulent pears but they do not touch my womanhood. That seems off limits to anybody but myself. My hands are freed and I masturbate for them and they, for me.

Eventually the sun goes down and I'm tucked into bed in the dormitory without restraints.

Chapter III.

The next morning I realize I haven't gotten my shorts and panties back from Dnkgbzu, but nobody seems to mind that I'm going around bottomless. I'm not assigned to any task, either. It seems they want me to get acquainted with the place. From what I can see, only half the prisoner population works on any given day, (if you even want to call it work!) while the other half plays games, sings and marches around the courtyard in perfect formation, seemingly just for the joy of it. Guards lead and direct the marchers. They carry their own little paddles, and when one or two prisoners get out of step, they are spanked in front of everyone, but they take the blows like good sports and return to formation laughing.

But also I see guards accompanying weeping, naked prisoners, and later in the day I see those same prisoners blushing and wearing chastity belts. I do not fear for their safety, for I know that whatever their punishment is, it will be tender.

I wander around outside the compound and marvel at the tidy little farm that sustains all there. Goats for milk, orchards, lush gardens and neatly tilled fields of corn, soy and wheat. Is it my imagination, or is it perpetually harvest time here? Everything is so odd, other-worldly. I still haven't figured out where this place IS. Tibet? Nepal? Burma? The far side of Saturn?

Could I have been dreaming all this time? I pinch myself, hard. Yes, I feel pain. I pinch harder and break the skin. I am reassured when I see blood oozing out. I decide to let it run to see how fast it clots, but a moment later when I look back, there is no trace of blood or wound!

I am summoned by a guard back in to the compound. Uh-Oh! Maybe Dnkgbzu has managed to get me in trouble again! Another week or month or year on my knees in a chastity belt wouldn't hurt me a bit, so I go smiling to whatever my fate is.

The guard takes me into the tower over the courtyard, up a spiral staircase to an ancient oak door. She knocks and the warden answers. Her splendid lavender tunic never looked so short. She takes me in and gives me a delicious yogurt drink. It is no surprise that it is flavored with pear juice. Her office is spare, clean, well-lit. The wall is a gallery of hundreds of tiny portraits. She beckons me over for a look. It seems like the entire prison population is there. And at the base of each portrait is an arrangement of flowers, crystals, bones and candles- a quaint little Pagan shrine for each and every girl there! She lights a candle beneath one, clasps her hands and speaks softly with her eyes closed.

This beautiful, mysterious woman spends her days praying for us!

I look to the one she is praying over presently. I do not remember being photographed, but it is of me!

She opens her eyes and goes to her door. There, she snaps shut a heavy bolt lock, turns and smiles. She prays for me and I shall obey her. I am hers. All hers.

She takes me by her hand to her desk. It is bare, but polished like a mirror. She grasps my hand and runs it over the surface. It is a luxurious feeling, like fine marble. I imagine lying naked upon it. From beneath it, she brings that silky lavender pillow with the gold fringe. Upon it is the paddle that she tenderly warmed my backside with two nights before. Instinctively, I reach back to feel my buttocks. She laughs and I blush.

She sits me down and kneels to take off my shoes. She slips knee pads back on to me and indicates that I should get up and kneel on her desk. I supplicate myself, bottom up as high as I can raise it, face to the smooth, cool surface of her desk. She holds the paddle against my face and I raise my head to kiss it. She touches my rear with it and those strange words flow from my mouth again. Then she delivers five sharp swats with it, but my piety is true and sincere. The mysterious Punishment Prayer has spared me any pain. Instead, the paddle's blows are like big sloppy kisses.

The warden caresses my warmed derriere and anoints it with a salve that numbs and stimulates it at the same time. Then she dabs some more of on the paddle, places it carefully on the pillow and presses down on my rear end to make me descend onto that paddle. My pussy makes an audible squeak when it lands. It is so electric that I cry out. She pats my behind again and I begin rocking up and down on that holy thing to polish it once more. I gasp and lose myself in a convulsive orgasm.

The warden puts her hands underneath my lap and nudges me to lift it a bit. I do and she takes hold of the paddle, draws it in and out, gliding it against my womanhood and playing me like a violin. I cum so violently that I start to slide off the desk and she has to secure me to it with another set of velvety shackles. Then, to stop my wailing, she puts a rubber ball into my mouth and secures it with a leather strap around my head. She presses a tube of strong aromatic salts to my nose to keep my sinuses open so I can breathe. Helpless, cared for and deeply embarrassed that my passion has gotten so out of control that I have to be muzzled, I hold still for her when she holds my hips between the palms of her hands. She lets go for a moment, goes to a door and brings out a full-length mirror. She places is before me so I can see myself in all my humiliation. The sight of myself muzzled starts me sobbing again. I start to choke on the rubber ball and she yanks it off of me, but forces my head into the paddle pillow to muffle my blubbering. She rubs my back and strokes my hair. I calm down a bit and she releases my face from the pillow. She moves my face again and forces me to look in the mirror. I can see her with her short tunic lifted. She lathers her womanhood with salve and presses it against my throbbing bottom.

I know this sort of thing is forbidden here, but what am I to do? Instinctively, I flex and unflex the muscles of my buttocks so as to pleasure her with them. She glides up and down on me and I respond dutifully till the rhythms of our movements merge. She sighs, then gasps and climaxes against me. Again and again. She moves her hand underneath me and up onto my pussy. Her fingers find my clitoris immediately and tweak it gently. Once, twice and the third time I come. She uses me and pleasures me like that to no end and when finally she has had her fill she releases me, takes me out to the courtyard and makes me kneel and polish the paddle for all to see till a bell rings for dinner.

* * * * * * *

It is maddening to not know the language, but it is simply too fluid for me to get a grip on. I wonder if perhaps I have suffered some sort of brain damage that renders everything I hear into gobbledygook. I have heard of cases like that, and about how speech therapy sometimes restores a patient's senses. But no, I will not ALLOW that to be! If being clueless to the tongue here is the price I must pay to live in this enchanted Shangri-La, so be it!

Still I find myself making a few lame stabs at learning to speak, but every attempt is rebubbed, angrily. Finally a guard slaps me, drags me to a corner where I stand till she returns with a big wooden clothes pin. She pinches my lips, snaps the clothespin over them and walks me around the compound like that all afternoon.

The prisoners do not tease me. Rather, they line up and approach me one by one, each girl with sad, sympathetic eyes and her finger held to her lips. Each shakes her head as if to say: "no, No, NO!" I nod that I understand and we hug. All thousand or so come to me like that, and then the guards, then the nurses and finally the warden, who takes me by the hand to her office. She stands me before her desk and pulls open a drawer. From it she takes another muzzle that is far crueler than the rubber ball she'd fit me with the other day. It is a metal face plate with an ugly wooden mouth plug that has a hole drilled in it for breathing. It is a chastity belt for my face and the idea of wearing it fills me with a shame that does not bring comfort. This is my most humbling moment. I lift the awful thing and try to fit my face into it. The warden reaches for it and I think she is going to help me put it on, but instead she gently pulls it away. I grope for it, for wearing it is the one tangible gesture I can make to prove I have learned my lesson.

She is touched by my humility and pushes my hands away from it. She returns it to her desk drawer and locks it shut. Then she sits me down in a rocking chair and stands behind me humming softly and rocking it till I stop weeping.

She gives me a bath, pats me dry and takes me naked to a room full of pillows, where I sink into them like they were quicksand and sleep there in perfect comfort.

The next day I am wandering outside the compound on the side away from the orchards and come upon another, deeper amphitheater that is grown over with grass and wild flowers. I peer over the edge and find several dozen prisoners and guards, most of them naked (remember I can tell them apart because the prisoners wear pigtails and the guards, ponytails,) and some of them are playing in a way that I have come to understand is verboten here. Prisoners with prisoners, guards with prisoners, guards with guards!

I stand there mouth agape at the lovemaking till three who are not so preoccupied approach me and coax me into the shade of the amphitheater. There, I am groomed and massaged, kissed and hugged by more than I can count. Then a prisoner lays before me in the grass with her legs splayed. I know what I am expected to do and I kneel to press my lips to her moist womanhood. While I do, a guard kneels and takes me from behind like the warden did in her office. All the others stand or kneel around cooing and urging us on in words that do not need translation. The prisoner I satisfy quickly and another takes her place. After a while the guard has had her fill of my fanny and yields it to another. Two more- I do not know if they are prisoner or guard- kneel on either side of me and swallow me up in a tender hug as I work. Each one who has me from behind plays with my pussy as she humps me, and my moans as I come again and again only coax on whatever sweet girl whose clitoris I am presently licking to have her own climax, and the same goes for the girl mounting me and the rolling of my hips.

This goes on and on, and again the sun stands still in the sky to make time for the full measure of my delight. Then there is laughter, and the last pair is done having their way with me. They roll me in the grass, hold me down and tickle me till I cry, but it a delicious torment that I suffer gladly for their amusement. As they are brushing the grass off of me after letting me up, I see that one prisoner is breaking a number of short sticks into pieces of equal length. Oh, but then she breaks a pair of them in two and discards one portion of each. Then, having a hand full of two dozen or so sticks, the most of which are of equal length and two of them shorter, she gathers the group around her and each draws one stick.

A prisoners and a guard draw short sticks. There is great merriment and teasing and a round of tender hugs for those two. The guard especially looks terribly embarrassed, excited and nervous.

A prisoner undoes the guard's ponytail and makes two pigtails out of it, bringing howls of laughter from all. She assumes her position with legs spread on the grass and I don't have to be directed to know what I'm to do. I kneel and start loving her with my mouth. The prisoner kneels behind me and begins having me that way again. I suspect something much like what happened to me in the lavatory my first day here is about to occur and suddenly I am so excited I have to pee very badly. All the guilty prisoners and guards run up to the ivy- covered outer rim of the amphitheater, and crouch low and peek out over the top.

With my mouth and rear end, I coax my handlers to the brink of yet another thunderous orgasm each, but not quite, when....


A police whistle!

Two guards come from the compound's rear entrance, followed by...

Dnkgbzu! The girl seems to be everywhere there is trouble!

My two keepers cry out in terror, but it is all an act. The guards haul them to their feet, leaving me kneeling before Dnkgbzu. She pulls me to my feet and delivers a long scolding that I of course cannot understand, but there is a twinkle in her eye and I have to suppress my own impulse to grin. Then she draws back her hand and slaps me. I turn my cheek for another blow, but she stays her hand.

Likewise my two co-conspirators are slapped and the one who was a guard breaks down and cries. I take that as my cue and do the same. It has become so easy...
We are handcuffed and marched back into the compound, to the center of the courtyard. We stand there in our shame facing all the prisoners and waiting what is for me an uncertain but surely bearable fate.

I have to pee worse and worse. I shift from one foot to the other and jam my thighs together. Finally, when I can take it no longer, I squat and go right there. It comes and comes and comes, endlessly. My co-delinquents are taken away, but still the pee comes. Girls gather around to point and tease me about it. A small river forms and runs all the way to the compound's gate, and out. My predicament is thoroughly ridiculous and humiliating, but with it comes the satisfaction that only that act can bring, on and on and on....

* * * * * * *

When finally it stops shortly before dawn, I'm taken to the dorm, where I sleep in restraints for only an hour, but I wake refreshed and eager to suffer whatever punishment they have planned for me.

Handcuffed, I'm fed, bathed, dried and tucked back into my chastity belt, then given my shoes and sox and nothing else to wear.

Nurses examine us again and I have a hunch that means more electric shocks. Our chastity belts have little rings on the waist bands, front and back, and we are tethered together closely with but a few links of chain connecting us. I am sandwiched between my two sisters in shame, with my hands cuffed hugging the one-time guard before me, and the prisoner behind me cuffed that way to me. The erstwhile guard's hands are then cuffed to her sides and we are paraded around the courtyard like that all day.

As we shuffle around like that, I hug the girl ahead of me as tenderly as I can to soothe her, and she allows me to rest my head on her shoulder, as I do for the girl behind me, who hugs me tenderly in kind. With our pussies locked up and unavailable for pleasure, our closeness is our consolation and we suffer our teasing so stoically that soon our peers stop it and surround us to offer only caresses as we march clumsily around on display.

* * * * * * *

Later, we are taken into the amphitheater, where my two co-penitents are scolded, then slapped and spanked as they recite the Punishment Prayer, but I am for some reason spared and I do not think it is due to any lingering bruises from my spanking by the warden, for inspecting myself as well as I can without a mirror, I can see none. Sitting in the audience wearing my little pussy shield as the rest of the prison population masturbates, I can see on the tear-streaked faces of my co-penitents an excitement that transcends even the pleasure of sex.

That is when I come to understand the reason I am denied the privilege of speaking the language. So long as I am ostensibly clueless as to the rules here, I can serve as everybody's perfectly obedient little playmate and do things nobody else would dare. My rank is the lowest in this place, yet I am its most treasured player. That gives me unparalleled power and as I drift off to sleep in my belt and restraints with the punished girls shackled to beds on either side of me, I begin to imagine what would happen if I weren't always so obedient.

* * * * * * *

The next morning we three are taken back to the amphitheater stage. Dnkgbzu removes my chastity belt and leaves me holding it and the key. The two other girls are given knee pads, rubber gloves, stiff brushes and a scrub bucket. Then the warden comes with a wand the likes of which a guard shocked me with my first day here. She directs the two girls to begin scrubbing the stage. Then she speaks to one, who stops for a moment and looks up quizzically. The warden presses the metal bulb at the end of the wand to the most sensitive part of the girl's buttocks and squeezes a trigger on the handle. The girls grimaces and tenses up, but does not cry out. Immediately, she begins to scrub, vigorously.

The warden turns to me and places the wand in my hand. She grasps the shaft of it and places the bulb right up against the second girl's fanny. It is now within my power to punish. The entire prison population is watching and I know what I must do.

Terrified, I place the wand down at the warden's feet, snap my chastity belt back on and kneel with the two penitents.

She gives a signal and the place erupts in cheering. Dnkgbzu helps me to my feet and the warden unlocks my belt. They both hug me and Dnkgbzu releases the two other girls from their pussy cages. The warden squats and Dnkgbzu helps me up on her shoulders.

Triumphantly, she marches me around the courtyard as the prisoners follow singing and delicate flower petals rain on us from the sky. I'm taken to the amphitheater stage and laid out on pillows where I polish the paddle to my contentment and drift off to a blissful sleep.

* * * * * * *

When I wake, Dnkgbzu and the warden take me by my hands back to the courtyard, where I find that a little kiosk has been erected in the center. On it is an array of chastity belts, a ring of keys and two of those electric wands. Giddy, prisoners fit themselves into the chastity belts and kneel to feel the wand.

Furtive orgies and capture, scolding, slapping and spanking go on at a furious pace. Every night in the amphitheater, prisoners are punished and forgiven to the delight of all. Many girls are allowed to polish the paddle and I am given the honor of showing them how, but from that day on no girl wears a chastity belt or feels the sting electricity unless she wants to. My lesson in mercy has made this strange prison even sweeter than it was when I arrived.

* * * * * * *

For every new delight I discover here, this place's queerness grows by two measures. In the dormitory's canteen, I am recruited to pour cold goats' milk from a big pitcher of two or three liters. Each of the hundred-odd prisoners in this unit has a big glass of practically a liter's volume, yet I pour and pour and pour and never have to refill the pitcher. And when I am done, it still is half full.

There are no pests here! No biting bugs, no rats, no ugly squirmy things if you lift a rock! The only insects are beautiful, psychedelic butterflies, the crickets that sing at Punishment and bright, strobing lightning bugs that illuminate the amphitheater so that no other lighting is needed. Oh, and the honeybees! There are a multitude of hives adjacent the orchards and all a girl has to do if she wants honey is go to one and hold a pitcher underneath. The bees gladly send it pouring down and they never sting!

I can eat and eat and eat and never get bloated. Or I can go all day making love to myself and never have to stop for thirst or hunger or to answer the call of nature. And though I still pee, I do not remember having a bowel movement or a period since I have been here! And my pussy is still hairless, yet I have not shaved!

The seasons do not change, and there is never a storm, although every night like clockwork there is a gentle rain that is absorbed by dawn.

Then one day one of those big floppy-eared rabbits hops up to me, says in a funny high-pitched voice: "Anna?" and bounds off before I can ask it how it knows my name.

Chapter IV.

A few days after the rabbit speaks to me, I am digging sweet potatoes alone near the outer perimeter when a girl comes running and scales the fence trying to escape. Her shorts catch on the jagged ends of the wire at the top and she screams. She must be ten feet up and there is no way I could climb up and get her off. Oh, her wailing is heartbreaking! I tell her help is coming and run like the devil back toward the compound. I catch the attention of three guards tossing a ball around by the gate. "Help! Please help! A girl is hurt!" I point in her direction. They may not understand my English but they know something is terribly wrong. They run back with me and we find the poor girl still impaled on the fence. Her face is twisted in a silent scream. The pain is so terrible that she can't even make a sound. One guard gets on the shoulders of another to try and reach the girl and the third barks into her walkie-talkie.

Terrible moments go by and the guards try to console the prisoner. All I can do is stand helplessly and pray for her. A mob of prisoners swarm out of the compound to come see. Some are so horrified by the sight they have to shield their eyes from it. Her friends gather around the fence beneath her and do their best to lend moral support, if not physical comfort.

Then, with their paddles falling from their holsters as they run, more guards come, with ladders. One team opens the gate and throws a ladder up from that side and the others do the same from within so that the poor girl is flanked front and back. They try to disgorge her, but only make matters worse. Finally another team arrives with a third ladder and with one guard on each ladder on the inside, they gingerly lift her up while the one on the outside is able to help her swing her leg over so they can bring her down.

Once safe on the ground, she is wrapped in a quilt and spirited back into the compound infirmary.

* * * * * * *

That night the warden solemnly addresses an assembly. She looks shaken by the incident and the prisoners are in no mood for play. She speaks quietly for a short while...

...and on cue, each and every hand in the audience goes up. Not wanting to be left out, I raise my own. Apparently something has been approved by a unanimous vote.

* * * * * * *

In the morning, we gather in the courtyard, where the guards have amassed a pile of tools during the night, mostly shovels and hack saws. Prisoners take up what tools are there, the rest gather empty-handed and the warden leads the throng out of the compound, down along the orchards to spot on that awful fence where the girl was hurt.

Then it dawns on me: We're going to tear it down!

We work all day hacking through the fence and hauling it away in rough 8 x 10 foot sections. As each is section is cleared, other prisoners go to work hacking down the thick steel poles that supported the chain link. We cut them off right at ground level and let the poles lay where they fall. There are miles of fence around the prison, but we're full of energy for the task. Guards dole out juice, snacks and massages as the day drags on. And drag on, it does. But the sun knows when to stay put in the sky and after a hundred or two hours we've cleared all of it.

Feeling victorious, we march back to the dorms singing, shower away all the grit of our labors and fall asleep the second our heads hit our pillows.

* * * * * * *

The next day, we begin digging a moat where once was the fence. But it's not much of a barrier, maybe a foot deep and three feet wide. Behind the old amphitheater is a well that we tap to fill it and in minutes crystal clear water is rushing through it. Deer come out of the woods to drink from it and we all sit down and have a picnic. The injured girl comes out with the warden, walking unsteadily and looking sedated, but the sight of her brings a cheer from us all.

Then comes Dnkgbzu, pushing a cart and looking mischievous. What NOW? I wonder, rolling my eyes.

It's a small aquarium she has on her cart and immediately I think: they're going to fill the moat with bloodthirsty Amazon piranhas! I feel the hairs rise on my neck, but what the warden pulls from that aquarium brings a great guffaw from prisoners and guards alike.

No bloodthirsty piranhas to lurk in the moat, no baby crocodiles or mythical dragons. No, it's a silly little duck-billed platypus she releases into the water, to nibble on the toes of anybody who tries to escape, I suppose.

* * * * * * *

A few days after the platypus takes up residence in the moat, Dnkgbzu and I are caught- on purpose- doing forbidden things. We are slapped, stripped and sequestered to wait for our punishment, and watched over by just one guard, who was in on our plot to get us caught in the first place! So it is a big game with me and Dnkgbzu to see what we can get away with before we're taken to the amphitheater for our spankings.

The guard has us facing the wall in the lavatory where Dnkgbzu first seduced me. We're supposed to stand apart so we can't touch each other, but we keep edging closer and closer so we can caress, and the guard keeps having to come over and separate us. Finally she gets exasperated (or at least pretends to be) and unholsters her paddle to deliver a preliminary spanking.

Dnkgbzu grabs it from her and bolts to the door, but finds it locked (well of course! Duh.) So she tosses the paddle to me, I catch it and wrestle with the guard for it for a while, the both of us giggling. I keep it away from her, (but I think she lets me!) and Dnkgbzu sneaks up behind her, grabs her shoulders and spins her around so her bottom is facing me! She just about melts in Dnkgbzu's arms and puts up no resistance, even thrusts her fanny out so as to make it more available to me!

Being the completely subordinate girl I am, spanking another is something I have never done, never even imagined doing, yet to refuse this girl the attention she so clearly craves would be a cruelty. So I lift up her skirt, Dnkgbzu lets go of her and she takes a submissive posture against the wall with her arms over her head and face pressed to the tiles. Dnkgbzu steps over to peel down her panties, but I get a very naughty idea for what to do with her and pull her by the arm over to a bench. I yank down her panties myself and throw her over my lap for a proper spanking the way they do it where I come from.

She gasps. Dnkgbzu gasps. I get a sick feeling in my gut. Have I violated some taboo?

I look to Dnkgbzu and can see from her expression and posture that she is completely turned on by the sight of me holding the guard like that over my lap!

She makes no attempt to escape, and turns her head to give me the most excited, expectant look I have seen here yet.

The girl speaks the words I recognize as the Punishment Prayer, so I have no choice but to do my Sacred Duty. I spank her, softly and slowly, drawing my bare hand up her tender buttocks to the base of her tail bone after each swat. The sight, the feel, the scent of her lying submissively over my lap is overwhelming in its loveliness. With each stroke she whimpers softly, then the Prayer comes:

"U-egrkji Wir-tunisw Jsir-tja seNaa! Swo-tji seJnerju itXij, Drkgsko DrksKo, itXij U-egrkji, Skhsii, Dbti-HjuNi! Sdjsgkju!"

I spank her harder and faster and she is forced to recite the Prayer ever faster to keep up with me...

....Smack!... PRAYER!... Smack!... PRAYER!... Smack!...PRAYER!... SMACK!!

She moves in closer and closer to my tummy and raises her fanny higher for me with each blow...

....PRAYER! Smack! PRAYER! Smack! PRAYER! Smack! PRAYER! SMACK!!

Now she sounds like a little doll that speaks in a funny high-pitched voice when you pull a cord, and she's stuck on fast forward....


Finally she cries out and I stay my hand. The poor girl is weeping and I am overcome with horror that I may have harmed her. But her pussy lips are puffed up and slippery, she's grinding her lap against mine and moaning with arousal.

Dnkgbzu gasps again. At the window to the courtyard is a crowd of prisoners clamoring for a glimpse of us. The looks on their faces are gape-jawed and amazed. Guards push their way through to see. Whatever punishment we three face, I know that I owe the poor guard a chance to satisfy herself first, so I stand her up and shuffle her to the corner where I stand hugging her from behind and whispering to her- though I know she doesn't understand my words: "Go ahead Sweetheart, rub your little pussy till it sneezes. It's OK, I'll hold you."

I hear voices, and keys scraping in the old lock on the door. Dnkgbzu understands what I'm doing and joins me to shield the pitiful masturbating girl's eyes and ears from what she knows is coming. Guards burst in and stand there to behold our pathetic attempt at mercy. The girl moans, I kiss her neck, and she comes violently in our arms.

* * * * * * *

Naked, the three of us are taken to the warden's office. We walk clumsily because that girl clings so tight to me and Dnkgbzu walks alongside to shield her from the throng following us. The guards escorting us make no attempt to separate us.

We clomp up the spiral staircase and a guard knocks.

But for her boots, the warden is naked when she opens the door to her office. We three delinquents stand at attention while she slips into her tunic and confers with the guards. We see one of them sit and slap at her thigh to demonstrate what I did to the girl.

The warden's mouth goes agape. She and the guards grab at one another to contain their amazement. It is hard to believe that in this place of endless erotic spankings I have revealed to them some new idea about the practice, but they look at me like I am Edison demonstrating his light bulb. The warden beckons me over with her finger and makes me sit. Then she calls Dnkgbzu over and makes her get over my lap.

Oh, what a delightful position to have my mischievous little friend in! So perfectly humiliating- for her, not me! She blushes and I grin ear to ear. That beautiful little butt that I kissed my first day here has lost none of its allure for me. The feel of her over my lap is intoxicating. The warden positions her mirror so Dnkgbzu and I can see one another's face. The room spins and I close my eyes, expecting to climax from the sheer excitement of the situation.

I feel a nudge to my shoulder and open them to see the warden standing there with the Holy Paddle upon its pillow. I take it from her and kiss it. Then I hold it down for Dnkgbzu to do the same. Her lips leave it wet, and her pussy is, too. I touch it to her fanny and she dutifully recites the Punishment Prayer. I raise the paddle and....


I have swung it far harder than I imagined I could! Dnkgbzu shudders and it is then that I realize how angry I still am with her for getting me in trouble in the lavatory! For a moment I expect the warden to stop me, but she stands there transfixed by the sight. Dnkgbzu prays again and I deliver another sound swat. Her eyes mist up with tears, but they look more like tears of joy. There is a sparkle in her eye as she recites the prayer again:

"U-egrkji Wir-tunisw Jsir-tja seNaa! Swo-tji seJnerju itXij, Drkgsko DrksKo, itXij U-egrkji, Skhsii, Dbti-HjuNi! Sdjsgkju!"

I know that the mysterious power of the Prayer spares my naughty little friend any real pain, but the power the Paddle puts me in a terribly wicked frame of mind and I decide to see if I can out-pace the Prayer with my swats and really make Dnkgbzu pay...


She recites it faster even than the guard did in the lavatory, so fast that the words become like the high-pitched peeping of electronic equipment in the Real World and higher still all the way up to the ultrasonic range of a trilling dolphin, and no matter how fast and furious I swat her red little behind, she sings out those Blessed little verses that spare her pain.

Finally it is I, not she, who breaks down sobbing. I am so ashamed of my violence that I strike at my own face to atone, but a guard seizes my hand. The others pull Dnkgbzu from my lap and I stand to take the paddle to myself to even the score. But again the Prayer stops the pain. I make a mighty effort to stop it before the next blow, but I again find myself reciting those queer verses and feel no sting, so in my frenzy I tear at the drawers of the warden's desk seeking the rubber ball muzzle. I find it just as she is regaining her senses from witnessing Dnkgbzu's spanking. She leaps the desk to take the paddle from me, but I am deft and duck, then jump to the wide bay window overlooking the courtyard, throw it open and jump out onto the ledge where no one would dare try and grab me, lest their grip fail and I fall.

I cry out: "I'm sorry, Dnkgbzu!," stuff the ball in my mouth, pull the straps tight and turn my butt to face the astonished crowd below. I hang onto the window frame, draw back my arm to swat myself and...

...PLORK! The ball pops out...

...then comes the Prayer:

"U-egrkji Wir-tunisw Jsir-tja seNaa! Swo-tji seJnerju itXij, Drkgsko DrksKo, itXij U-egrkji, Skhsii, Dbti-HjuNi! Sdjsgkju!"...

...and I swat myself hard, but of course I feel no pain from it. I jam the ball back in, yank the straps tight, extend my arm and...


"Darn!" It happened so fast I didn't have time even to stop my hand and re-stuff the ball. I jam that damned thing in so deep I practically choke on it, pull the straps so tight they cut into my face, bring my hand with the paddle waaaaaaayyyy back for a mighty blow and...

SNAP!... the straps break!

...PLORK! The ball pops out...

PRAYER! The words come out like the chirps of a bird, but perfectly annunciated...


This is getting ridiculous, I think. I glance down and see that a thousand prisoners and guards are looking up in amazement at my performance.

Even the platypus has waddled in- all the way from the moat- to see what the commotion is. I can see his completely uncomprehending little ducky face quizzically turned at an angle, looking up at me thinking that these women are certainly odd.

So I just forget about trying to avoid the Prayer and deliver twenty or thirty swats as hard as I possibly can, and cry out: "Dnkgbzu, I'm sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrRRRY!!!!!" each time just before the mysterious words pour out and spare me the pain I so richly deserve. Finally feeling defeated, I crawl back in the window and relinquish the paddle to the warden, who looks like she hasn't exhaled since I crawled out there.

I put up no struggle when they secure me to a chair with velvet restraints. Then they clip the long ponytail off the guard I spanked, tie what little is left into two tiny pigtails and dress her in a prisoner's uniform sweater and a pair of panties and shorts that are way too small for comfort. They tease her for fidgeting in them, then permit her to take them off. I guess she's going to have to go around bare bottomed for a while for letting Dnkgbzu and me get the better of her in the lavatory.

The warden goes to the closet that she got the mirror from and brings out three big fluffy pillows. I recognize them as being of the wonderfully comfy, sensual variety that Dnkgbzu and I sat on in the pear trees. She makes Dnkgbzu stand right in front of me so I can get a good look at my work. She'll be fairly well bruised, but not as badly as I would have thought. The warden then brings the one-time guard over and stands her beside Dnkgbzu. Then a guard presses an ice bag to my face, first one cheek, then the other, back and forth till they're both so cold they're numb. I think that's sort of odd because if anybody's cheeks need icing its the other two girls' butt cheeks. But I understand why when she takes my head, turns it gently and leans me forward to press my cheek against Dnkgbzu's hot little bottom, then the other girl's, right and left, girl to girl till the temperatures of my cheeks and their buns are equalized.

It brings comfort to us all- to the girls for their spankings and to me for my conscience. Again and again my face is iced and I'm forced- but that really isn't a good word for something so sweet- to repeat the procedure till their fannies are as cool as big ripe pears right off the tree on a brisk Autumn day.

But I dare not kiss, not here in the warden's office.

After we're all comforted, the warden has me and Dnkgbzu and her newest prisoner stand before her desk while guards fit the pillows on our sore hineys for continued comfort. To each of us, they tie the pillow on loosely with a pretty pink silk cord that goes first around the waist twice, then criss-cross down the back of the pillow and up between the legs to moosh it up against the lower hemispheres of our bun cheeks and the sensitive backs of our thighs, and back up on either sides of our front, once around again and tie it in a nice big bow in back.

They fuss over them for a long time to get them juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuusssst right, so that each step we take makes the pillow deliver a delightful little boooof! to a sore bun cheek, and when a girl sits, she's treated to the Divine cool softness of it from her tailbone to nearly the back of her knees.

Then we're escorted out to the courtyard, where the full prison population waits for us. They greet us with a great ringing chorus of the Punishment Prayer...

"U-egrkji Wir-tunisw Jsir-tja seNaa! Swo-tji seJnerju itXij, Drkgsko DrksKo, itXij U-egrkji, Skhsii, Dbti-HjuNi! Sdjsgkju!",

...and a collective self fanny-wack!

Each and every prisoner has acquired a little paddle and shed her shorts to spank herself and welcome us back into the fold! PRAYER! WACK! PRAYER! WACK! PRAYER! WACK! PRAYER! WACK! RAYER! WACK! PRAYER! WACK!

* * * * * * *

The many pillows of that evening are collected up at lights-out and taken back to the room where I slept in a pile of the things, probably because if every prisoner went around with one tied to her fanny all day, no work would ever get done, but me and Dnkgbzu and our blushing little sister in shame are secured right back onto ours in the morning so we can promenade around the compound holding hands escorted by one guard carrying the Holy Paddle. Oh, but she's not carrying it to spank us! No, it is ours to polish all day long, each girl in her turn for an hour or so till our escort takes it away, wipes it off and gives it to the next.

Left to our own devices later in the old amphitheater, we decide to trade pillows to see how the other girls' feel.

We discover that they are Magic!

As soon as a girl's bottom touches another's pillow, she enters a little door in that girl's memory and BECOMES HER for as long as it takes to experience every spanking she has received here, to cry every tear and most important, to feel all the forgiveness, humility and comfort each spanking has brought her! Oh, we spend hours, days, weeks on a swing set like that, endlessly trading them back and forth and becoming one another for those precious moments. And after feeling another's punishment, one's own pillow replays her own treasured moments!

Then I discover that by flipping Dnkgbzu's pillow over to the side that was not strapped against her fanny, I can re-live my kisses to hers in the lavatory, and she, my ecstasy as she and her friends surrounded me in that soft cocoon!

And by straddling one's own pillow and masturbating on it, we are able to charge it with the Knowledge of Mischief not yet committed!

Dnkgbzu pulls our new prisoner friend over her lap, where she straddles my pillow, and gives her reason with the Paddle to recite the Prayer once more and I kiss away the force of each blow.

The warden arrives alone to find me doing that, but she just laughs and makes us continue till the girl over Dnkgbzu's lap begins to climax. She kneels, tugs on a pigtail to move my face away from her hiney, caresses that with one hand, tweaks the girl's nose with the other and softly kisses her blushing cheek. That makes the poor girl's orgasm go on and on and on and on and on and on and on...

Once the girl has charged my pillow with an Eternity of future mischief, the warden lets go of her nose, scoots around to kneel with the her head squeezed between her beautiful thighs, cups her hands over the poor helpless thing's anus and mound, and squeezes there to bring her long, long climax to an explosive finish.

The warden and I kneel hugging the girl while Dnkgbzu strokes her back, humming softly. Finally when she is able to stand on her own, we three stand while the warden kneels to affix our pillows to us again, but she gets it all mixed-up, tying the wrong sides of the pillows onto us, and onto the wrong girls as well, so we are forced to march back into the compound suffering in the throes of infinite future pleasure.

It is late evening now, near lights-out. The warden takes us to her office and through a door to her personal bedchamber. She unties our pillows, places them lovingly onto her bed, summons a guard to take us back to the dorm, kisses us goodnight and closes the door softly.

Chapter V.

The next day, all the prisoners beg me to spank them. Girls kneel before me to present me with their makeshift paddles. Girls without paddles just kneel to pull down their panties and present their rear ends. Every time I sit down, they'll run over to throw themselves over my lap. They'll line up twenty in a row, drop their shorts and serenade me with the Punishment Prayer:

"U-egrkji Wir-tunisw Jsir-tja seNaa! Swo-tji seJnerju itXij, Drkgsko DrksKo, itXij U-egrkji, Skhsii, Dbti-HjuNi! Sdjsgkju!"

They've learned to sing it in three-piece harmony and it is as sweet a song as I have ever heard. They present themselves with such touching humility that I cannot refuse. When it all becomes too much and I feel that I'll never give them all the attention they need, I'll lead the throng in a group self-spank, an activity I seem to have popularized overnight with my performance outside the warden's window.

That little turquoise and lavender hummingbird with the translucent wings is back, buzzing me as I spank. His proximity to my face forces me to use only my hand and make my strokes shallow, lest I hit him as I swing. He seems to be particularly interested in my nose and provides no end of amusement for the girls witnessing my chastisement of their sisters. As I am holding one girl over my lap to soothe her afterwards, another approaches me with a small tin of honey. I stick in my fingers for a little taste and for some odd reason I put a dab of it on my nose for the hummingbird. He sticks out his itsy-bitsy tongue and licks it off. I try hard not to flinch, it tickles so much! Then he zips off like lightning and stops to hover some fifty yards ahead of us, right above another tree-shrouded bench like the one where I presently sit and spank. I coax the girl up, hug her and pull her shorts back up for her, then get up and run to the bench where the hummingbird hovers.

Prisoners follow and swarm around me, pushing and jostling one another for a chance to be next. The hummer hovers over my head as I tug at one girl's panties and she dives gracefully over my lap. To my astonishment as I look down at the beauty of her, I see that big floppy-eared bunny who once spoke to me poke his nose out from beneath the bench.

There's so much commotion and laughter all around, no one else notices him or hears him when he says to me: "Follow the hummingbird, Anna!" Then he dashes out through a perilous maze of bare girls' legs, whose owners yelp at the furry little surprise brushing past their ankles. He darts into the bushes and is gone. I spank one more prisoner and the hysteria becomes so great I fear I'll be trampled by girls seeking absolution. The hummingbird takes off again. I rise and run after him. I follow him to the open gates of the courtyard, and beyond, down the long neat rows of pear trees all the way to the prison's outer perimeter, where I startle the napping platypus, who splashes back in as I hop the narrow moat.

The hummingbird leads me to the edge of the steep slope down the side of the mountain and hovers in a clearing. There, not fifty yards from where I have stood countless times, I see the top of a magnificent marble staircase leading down into the mist! How could I have missed such a thing? It has appeared as if out of nowhere.

The giddy mob has scarcely been restrained by the moat or the platypus, and descends on me laughing and singing merrily. I stand dumbfounded at the threshold and face the throng. It stops and goes silent in a heartbeat. Then I hear quiet gasps of amazement. Some of the girls drop to their knees in prayer. I feel a great chill come over me. What have I discovered?

The warden comes and pushes her way through to where I stand on the threshold. Whispering to herself, she takes in the sight for a moment, then pushes me to my knees and drops to her own. All the rest follow suit. The hummingbird hovers above us and the warden begins to pray. It is a prayer have never heard before- a haunting call and response between her and the prisoners. In her stead, I find myself incanting some of its verses, and the prisoners respond to me!

Suddenly they all stand, I'm hoisted to the warden's shoulders and they cheer me wildly! Clueless, all I can do is wave and try to smile.

* * * * * * *

I'm taken back to the compound and sequestered in the warden's chambers. Outside my door is a flurry of activity. I fear that I am being prepared for ritual sacrifice and look for some route of escape, but there is only one door and each time I open it a guard slaps my hand and closes it again. Finally it is locked, there is silence in the outer chambers and I am alone.

A guard brings me dinner then takes me to a tub for a bath. She tucks me in, sits beside me and is there still awake, gazing at me when I wake in the morning.
There is more hustle and bustle outside my door. The warden bursts in with a bundle of clothes. I'm dressed in thick sox, sensible khaki shorts with a zipper, a belt and deep pockets, a long sleeved khaki shirt and hiking boots. Then the warden puts a safari hat on my head and sands back to admire her work.

Satisfied, she dresses the same way and takes me out to the courtyard, where the hummingbird hovers overhead and we are met by Dnkgbzu and ten others dressed just like us. The whole prison population is gathered, murmuring excitedly. The warden holds a tin of honey and places a dab on the tip of my nose. Now I feel sillier than ever.

The hummingbird descends, licks the offering from my schnozz and buzzes off toward the gate. Holding hands, the warden, Dnkgbzu and I jog towards where he hovers. The other ten follow us and the prisoners cheer. Another dab of honey and the hummer leads us out of the compound, all the way the moat.

The platypus suns itself on a rock, unfazed by the gathering throng. He makes no move to stop us when the hummingbird takes another lick of honey and leads us over the moat. A thousand prisoners and just as many guards step carefully over it without any foot even touching the water.

The hummingbird hovers at the threshold of the steps and there we pray again. Each and very member of the prison population gives each of us a hug. The warden honeys my nose, the bird licks and flies down hill over the descending staircase.

The steps are worn from a thousand expeditions, yet around us is no sign of human life. They define a diagonal line down the steep face of the mountain, where on the lower side, families of those tiny spotted deer tip toe silently through the woods, while on the higher, mountain goats charge up and down the slope. We descend through a magnificent conifer forest, whose floor is a soft bed of pine needles from which a million tiny purple flowers grow.

We go deeper and deeper and deeper till we enter the mist. I become aware of a gentle rumble that becomes a roar as we move down. Every fifteen yards or so the hummingbird descends for another taste of honey, then moves far ahead of us, almost but not quite out of sight and we move as fast as we can without tripping on the steps to reach it. Why, I wonder, do we need him to lead us?, when no sooner than I wonder that than we come to a fork in the steps!

He licks my nose again and leads us to the left.

That rumble becomes a roar and we find ourselves standing on the bank of a huge waterfall! The steps end at a rope bridge spanning it just a few yards directly above the thundering drop-off point. A rainbow arches the bridge and the falls charge the air with electricity. The hummingbird does not linger above it. One by one, lest the weight of two collapse it, we cross the rope bridge. The warden is in the vanguard, then Dnkgbzu then, then me, then the rest. On the other side, the steps go on for only a short while, then end on an overgrown dirt path. Seeing that, I wonder if we should have brought machetes.

But out little hummingbird friend keeps us on a path even when it grows so faint we can hardly see it.

Forest gives way to jungle. Chattering monkeys swarm from tree to tree like flocks of birds while wildly-painted parrots explode from the darkness ahead of us and swirl around our little expedition in a tornado of color. Our wee winged friend takes refuge in Dnkgbzu's shirt pocket till the storm subsides.

The warden paints my nose with honey and I have to stick it right in Dnkgbzu's shirt pocket to coax him out. He'll take it from no other appendage on no other person.

To roaring white water rapids we come. It appears impossible to go any further and I figure that whatever the bunny wanted me to follow the bird to must be right here, but the hummingbird takes another lick of honey and leads us down stream to stepping stones in the surging water!

To fall in would be to get swept away and the warden leads us in a group prayer. Although I cannot understand the words, I know it must be for safety.

This time Dnkgbzu leads the way and I am filled with admiration for my brave little friend. I hold my breath as she jumps deftly from rock to rock. She makes it to the other side and beckons for me. I have to pee terribly bad, but in the time it would take me to do that I could lose my nerve completely, so I go. Each jump I take from rock to rock is oddly like floating and I feel some unseen Hand steadying me and landing me securely on the next rock.

Once we are all across, the hummingbird takes light on my shoulder and the warden dabs some honey onto my earlobe. It is feeling adventurous and licks there for once. Each time its little tongue touches me, there is a jolt of electricity that goes through my head and I hear a great minor chord of a piano being struck! I dismiss it as fatigue and the excitement of our journey.

We leave the thundering rapids behind and enter a cool, mossy open space beneath a perfect dome shaped tree canopy that allows in only thin slivers of light from a noonday sun.

There, we unburden ourselves of our packs, stretch, and massage one another. But no sooner do we dig into our rations then we are invaded by a mob of baby orangutans who descend from the trees to beg for sweets. We play a riotous game of hug-tag with the gentle little apes, and Dnkgbzu feeds them from a basket that seems never to empty. After an afternoon of merry chaos, they finally take back to the trees, leaving us giddy but exhausted.

The hummingbird takes one last nip of honey off of my nose, flies to a nook in a nearby tree trunk for shelter and we prepare for sleep. On the cool, fragrant moss, we arrange our thirteen selves into a circle with our heads at the center, so by laying each on her side facing the next one's back, we may all be held and hold another in our arms.

In the morning the hummingbird takes us ever deeper into the rain forest till the growth is so thick that walking is difficult. I feel claustrophobic, as if the jungle is pressing in on me so hard that I cannot even breathe, when we stumble into an opening, where stands in the forest darkness a giant stone hand, open and facing up so that its palm is like a mossy bed!

We all kneel to pray and I am overcome by the desire to strip and lay upon it naked. The warden gives me the Paddle, which I kiss, then recite the Punishment Prayer and spank myself with as I lay prone. I raise my hand as high and strike as hard as the position will allow. My tears flow copiously and form a little rivulet which creeps toward the dense forest. The hummingbird hovers over where it stops to form a small lake and there my co-explorers all dig while I lay weeping upon the mysterious stone hand.

At a depth of some six feet, they discover a miniature treasure chest and bring it up. A rusty old lock on it pops open without a key being turned in it.

I dismount from the Hand and come to see what it contains.

In it are books, several of them. I get only a glimpse of them before the warden slams the lid shut and motions to me that I am not to look.

* * * * * * *

The next morning I am given the treasure chest to carry, at the head of our expedition back to prison. I am warmed by the lesson in Humility I'm taught by carrying books I'm not allowed to read. After drawing so much attention to myself the past few days, I know I need to have my self-esteem deflated.

The warden makes me undress, and carries my clothes. I keep that Holy treasure chest pressed close to my breast and imagine giving my life to save it from being lost. The hummingbird leads us back through the forest, and every time we stop for rest I drop to my knees to rub my fellow travelers' feet or be of some other service. If I am not kneeling, I stand at attention with my nose to a rock or tree trunk as if waiting in detention for my punishment. When it is time to eat, I'm given only crackers and water while the rest of them feast on fruit, honey and biscuits. Yes, they understand. If I had a chastity belt I would put it on and throw away the key.

The drama of my servitude and my companions' approval lighten my load and the journey passes much too quickly. As we cross the rope bridge and begin our climb back up the steps, I dare raise my head to gaze up at the mountain.

Perhaps it is some jungle fever that has infected my brain, or maybe it is just fatigue and my passions run amok, but I see in the mountain itself the form of some vast castle or fortress. Great granite slabs buttressing it become guard towers, and shadows cast by overhanging rock become dark brooding windows; windows with bars, prison bars! I imagine that behind them dwell a thousand, a million, a billion tortured souls. Do I just imagine, or in my mind's eye can I truly see?

Could the enchanted prison playground that I have lived in all these months (or years?) be but the luxury penthouse suite atop an infinitely gloomier place of detention?

Each time I stop to point, the images fade and all we see is a mountain. Oh if only I could speak! My companions look at me as if I have lost my senses. The warden makes me lay on the steps and feels my brow, takes my pulse, gazes into my eyes. Dnkgbzu fans me with her safari hat and our companions fashion a makeshift stretcher from their clothes and tree branches so they can carry me the rest of the way.

When we arrive back I'm put to bed in restraints and a guard is there always to wipe my brow or shield my face from my bunkmates' curious looks.

* * * * * * *

All the next day a great celebration is held. I'm taken up on stage to sit while Dnkgbzu and the warden read from the mysterious books. It is a chaste ceremony with singing, prayer and feasting, but everybody keeps her shorts on and there are no spankings. At the end a line forms and each prisoner in her turn steps up to kiss me and say some kind words. It is a thoroughly humbling experience, and only cements my determination to return their affection with servitude.

In the morning I go to a small medicine chest in my dorm and find a wide roll of tape and a big wad of gauze. I take those to the courtyard and find that the Holy Paddle has been placed upon its pillow on the kiosk where the chastity belts are displayed for any girl who wishes to wear one. What I plan to do I fear may be sacrilege, yet it is the only way I can demonstrate to these women my aching desire to elevate them by my comparative diminution.

I stuff the gauze in my mouth and wrap the tape around my head to keep it secure. I use two whole rolls of it and pray that will keep the gauze secure. Then I take the Paddle in hand, stand atop the kiosk and draw my hand back behind me to spank...

...there is terrible noise in my head as the Punishment Prayer tries to break through...


Oh, the pain is like fire!

I swing the paddle again. SMACK!! The sting is nearly as much as I can bear! I tremble and my heart races. SMACK!!! Girls in the courtyard stop in their tracks and cry out! SMACK!! My field of vision is clouded by a red haze, but when it clears I see that prisoners and guards alike are holding their own butt cheeks and looking to me in amazement! SMACK!!! They cry out in terrible pain!! I have defeated the Punishment Prayer, but my spanking is hurting them more than it is hurting me! SWAT!! Collectively, they cry out in agony and I come to my senses. Ohmigod, what have I done?

I drop the Paddle and climb down from the kiosk expecting to be pummeled half to death or worse for my sin.

But no, they simply gather around and scold me all at once. My shame is so deep I fear I'll pop out on the other side of the globe.

I'm taken to the amphitheater stage and forced to sit in a deep bucket of ice. The whole prison population gathers, are issued pillows and sit gingerly. The warden steps on stage, massaging her sore bottom with both hands. Her face is streaked with tears and she still has the sniffles as she addresses the throng. Repeatedly she points to me, speaks my name contemptuously and the prisoners chant angry words.

Then two guards come and uncork me from the bucket. I expect to have my mouth taped again and be spanked to kingdom come. But the warden just calls Dnkgbzu up from the pews and pulls down her shorts, panties, too, and has her stand back to back with me. She has us each bow and press bottoms together gently...

OUCH! I feel the pain that my Prayerless self-spanking gave her! OUCH! Each swat of it! OUCH! OUCH! OUCH!!!

Dnkgbzu pulls her shorts up and kisses me. Another prisoner takes her place and we moosh bottoms again. YiiiiiiKES!!! YOUCH! EEiiiiiiiiii!!!! OUCH! OOOOOOOooooouuuuCH! All the suffering she felt is transferred back to my own rear end!

That one pulls her shorts back up, kisses me too and makes way for the next. I look out to see the multitude of pouting faces out there and know that I cannot possibly bear a fraction of the pain I caused all of them. I break down in tears, drop to my knees and beg for mercy, but of course they can't understand me. Guards pull me back to my feet and position me to greet the next.

I'm overcome with despair. A guard helps the girl wiggle out of her panties. Electricity builds as our fannies grow near...

Then I have a wild idea that may spare me the suffering... If only I could remember the... OUCH! the Prayer! Oh, how does it begin? OOUCH! It does not come automatically as if I was suffering a Primary Spanking and I struggle for the... OUCH!!! ...the words! "U...?"

....thwack! That touch was mild, very mild!! "...U-egrikji...?"

Suddenly I am possessed by the full magic of the Prayer:

"U-egrkji Wir-tunisw Jsir-tja seNaa! Swo-tji seJnerju itXij, Drkgsko DrksKo, itXij U-egrkji, Skhsii, Dbti-HjuNi! Sdjsgkju!"

...boof! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! That one was like a soft caress! Everybody cheers my recitation and that girl gives me a hug and a big sloppy kiss on the cheek!

The next one comes up and it's the same: Prayer... buns touch... comfort and pleasure! The girl sighs and quivers all over. It is as if touching my bare bottom to hers as I say the Prayer rewinds her experience of my self-spanking and erases any memory of the pain! I leap for joy and swallow her up with a huge hug!

Safe, naked, with my bottom at the center of attention again, all night long I dispense comfort with it and receive forgiveness via the same instrument! This is the happiest I have ever been.

* * * * * * *

The next day I look for shorts and a sweater to wear, but nobody will give me any. That suggests to me that I am still on some sort of probation and deflates some of the self-importance I'd developed pressing my rear end to everybody else's. So I go to the kiosk and find a chastity belt that fits me. I lock it on and I am about to say damn the consequences and cast the key away when a guard grabs my hand and wags her finger at me. She ties the key onto a string and makes that a necklace for me. And just to draw attention to the fact that I am my own pussy keeper, she picks some daisies and ties one on either side of the key.

I march for a while with a fully-dressed group, but apparently I am too much of a distraction for them and a guard pulls me out of formation and leaves me sitting on the bench where the bunny last spoke to me. I look underneath but he's not there.

At lunch, I take only crackers and water, and sit alone, in the corner. That starts girls whispering, but nobody approaches me. I suppose they do not want to spoil my self-pitying little drama.

Afterwards, I go to the kitchen and by gesture I show the girls there that I want to work while they rest. So they let me wash all the dishes and mop the floor for them.

I luxuriate in my servitude and the feel of a heavy black rubber apron on my naked body all through dinner, and take only crackers and water again. Later in the dorm when everybody else is masturbating (there being no spanking in the amphitheater tonight,) I keep on my chastity belt and stand again in the corner. A few girls come to rub my shoulders and I am appreciative of that, but even more so for the fact they make no attempt to seduce me out of my belt. The tension in me is growing and I do not know how long I can stay chaste, but I am determined to go as long as I can to show them my remorse for causing them all pain.

At lights-out I remove my belt to pee, and put it back on. Then I go to my bed and assume the position for restraint. Never have I slept doubly restrained like that and it takes the guards a while to agree to it. Then one who would be up for the late shift anyway comes and sits with me. She strokes my forehead and pats my hand. I had not expected this and I am warmed and humiliated at the same time by her attention to me.

Still haunted by my visions on the side of the mountain, I drift off to a fitful half-sleep.

Chapter VI.

I am woken by Dnkgbzu, who has the guard untie me. The girl is full of mischief and seems to wield more authority here every day. She whispers with the guard, whose jaw drops in amazement, then the two of them take me to the shower, make me take off my chastity belt and scrub myself thoroughly.

They take special care to be sure I wash my sweaty little butt hole till it's squeaky clean.

From the dorm, they rush me to the tower where the warden's office is, and make me bring the chastity belt with me. We meet two more guards there and they whisper, laugh uproariously and whisper some more. I'm startled by something moving in the shadows. It's the bunny again! He's wearing a long powdered court wig and asks me in a silly British accent: "The Right Lady Anna, I presume?"

I'm speechless. He winks and hops away in the night.

Dnkgbzu leads us up the steps to the warden's office. We enter without knocking and she takes me right to her bedchamber.

There she is- Chief Executive Officer of this place, naked and tied to her bed with velvet restraints! I panic, thinking that a palace coup is underway and I must show my loyalty to the one who has been so kind to me. I turn and run to rally support, but I stop on the threshold of the tower steps and think how ridiculous that is! How would I explain it to anyone? I come back in feeling silly. Whoever here is actually in charge at any given moment is who I must obey.

Smiling, Dnkgbzu takes me by the hand back into the bedroom. Upon the dresser are the forbidden books. Immediately, I shield my eyes. Dnkgbzu nods in approval of my humility. She turns their way, I hear a drawer open, then close. When I turn my head they are out of view.

I am offered coffee and juice. More and more of it they pour for me until my tummy is full and the fog of sleep is banished.

A guard takes my hands and fits fur mittens onto them. She takes me to the warden, who blushes as I take in the lovely sight of her lying naked on silky white sheets. Dnkgbzu loosens the strap at her waist and the warden arches her back so she and a guard can tuck her into the chastity belt I brought with me. She is soooooooo cooperative this cannot possibly be a coup, yet to see her tied helplessly to her bed makes her high office seem like a joke!

Dnkgbzu pulls the waist strap back across her, while a guard hugs me from behind, takes my hand and moves it up and down the willing prisoner's midsection. Dnkgbzu takes off her shorts and panties and sits up at the head of the bed, cradling the warden's head between her muscular thighs.

I straddle her on the bed and stroke her beautiful little breasts with the mittens. Around and around I pet each breast as she purrs, then move lower to stroke her around her lap and the chastity belt.

The crickets are in full chorus outside and the ghostly full moon in her bay window is the only light we need to inflict our kindness on her.

I lower my head to kiss where I once stroked and this is met with the full approval of Dnkgbzu, who seems to be the girl fully in charge now. I am so intent on pleasing the warden that I scarcely notice a guard untying the ribbons that hold my pigtails.

The warden rocks her hips one way and the other, her body's uncomprehending way of seeking relief against me. I bury my head between her thighs and kiss around the belts lower perimeter. The steely taste of the chain is in my mouth when a guard tugs at me and I draw back. The warden is moaning and straining against the restraints as the guard pulls off my fur gloves and places them snug up against the girl's chastity belt. Then the guard pushes me back down so that I am straddling the warden's lap and those delicious gloves. But an inch separates our pussies, yet only I feel the pleasure of the gloves. She heaves against me, grinding the soft fur into the most sensitive part of my girlhood. I wiggle my hands up underneath her to draw her close to me. Our breasts, our thighs, our faces brush together. She whispers something sweet and I climax against her, but she is left in the tender agony of unfulfilled lust.

A guard gently disengages us. The room is strobing as I roll over on my back beside her. Dnkgbzu and a guard undo the warden's restraints. She assumes a perfectly submissive posture on her knees, butt thrust up, her face to the sheets. Dnkgbzu has her lift her head and stuffs a wad of gauze into her mouth. A big wad.... the wad I'd stuffed into my own for my spanking... A wad to defeat the Prayer!

A guard wraps her with tape; roll after roll of it to cover her mouth, then tapes a tube of aromatic salts just under her nose to keep her sinus passages open so she can breathe.

Dnkgbzu hands me the Paddle. I kiss it and press it against the warden's behind. She moans and gurgles. I know that is the Prayer trying to be heard, but the tape is too thick. I look to Dnkgbzu for directions. She nods. I draw back the Paddle and strike.

SWAT! OUCH! We all cry out in pain!

Cringing and holding her behind, Dnkgbzu nods again...

...SWAT! OOUCH!...

I struggle for the words, for this pain I do not think I can bear, but since I am not the one being spanked, the words of the Prayer do not come spoken through me without effort.

Dnkgbzu motions for me to strike again, but the instinct to avoid pain makes me hesitate. I mount a mighty effort to do my duty, and yet a mightier effort to summon the Magic to spare us all the suffering...

"...U-egrkji?" SWAT! That one barely stings! I draw my hand back again and...

"U-egrkji Wir-tunisw Jsir-tja seNaa! Swo-tji seJnerju itXij, Drkgsko DrksKo, itXij U-egrkji, Skhsii, Dbti-HjuNi! Sdjsgkju!"

The words issue magically from my mouth...

....SWAT! Forgiveness holds us all to her warm breast. Where once there was pain, there now is Bliss. Dnkgbzu slices away the tape on the warden's mouth and extracts the gauze. The warden's cheeks are still a thick mess of tape but she can sing the Prayer with us and I proceed to deliver ten more whacks till the sheer joy of it brings her to tears.

Gently, Dnkgbzu peels away the rest of the tape while a guard unlocks her chastity belt. They sit her in a rocking chair on a pillow- a pillow that looks like one of the Magic Pillows(!), put a towel over her shoulders and Dnkgbzu clips off her ponytail. A guard brings her the two little white ribbons she took from my pigtails. Dnkgbzu uses them to make pigtails of what is left of the warden's hair and she is now just a ward of this enchanted institution!

A guard pours more juice for me and I drink even though I am not thirsty. My fondest wish is to obey.

Dnkgbzu pulls the ribbons off her own pigtails and hands me a comb. I can guess what for. I stand behind her loosening up the pigtails (which were never in braids,) comb her hair straight back, then gather it up for a ponytail. She pats my hand and when I have it tied she turns and kisses me- on the cheek as always.

She slips into a guard's uniform and sashays back and forth in the office flicking her wee little pleated skirt about. The new prisoner kneels and ties Dnkgbzu's smart black leather shoes. She lays her head on Dnkgbzu's lap and Dnkgbzu strokes it tenderly.

Then she lets them bind her hands behind her back, fit her feet into slippers and lead her down the steps out of the tower. Dnkgbzu motions that I should follow them, and she follows me carrying Pillows.

They march the erstwhile warden to behind the old amphitheater where so much mischief has occurred since I arrived here and lay her down in the cool grass. Her handcuffs are removed and she's held down spread eagle.

Dnkgbzu hands me a Magic Pillow. She gestures to me what to do with it. I nod, grin and start flogging the prisoner oh-so gently. I can see its pent-up mischief gush out and envelope her with each blow. A big crimson corona of it swallows the two of us and I am in her memory officiating over the spankings! I am on stage leading the prison in Prayer and masturbation! I boof! her pussy with it and together we have all the orgasms every OTHER girl had the nights I sat and watched in my chastity belt! The delight is unbearable and I fall into the center of the pulsating pink storm. For an instant, for an Eternity we are One as Dnkgbzu and the others continue the beating mercilessly.

When finally I come to my senses and the pink haze is fading, I can see Dnkgbzu still Pillowing her prisoner. Kneeling right over the girl, she boof!s her softly between the legs and draws the Pillow up over her pussy, leaving her to arch her back and thrust her womanhood up for each next blow, which Dnkgbzu delivers at a deliciously slow and deliberate pace.

I see at the center of the hot zone around her pussy, there is a tiny pinprick of white light. I lean over for a look and I have to shield my eyes from its brilliance. Even then it seems somehow muted and I gently touch her pussy lips for a closer look. Pushing them apart I see even with my eyes closed against the glare that it is her clitoris itself that is emanating the light! Brighter than an arc welder's torch, the agony of it must be unbearable!

My bladder aches from all the juice they had me drink and I know what I must do to relieve the prisoner's misery.

I straddle her and pee right onto her blazing pleasure button. Hers is a Primal Scream that splits the universe and separates space from time. My golden stream is an electric hot wire that illuminates me like the sun. All of Creation sings out and that elusive Cosmic Truth that I know whenever this happens lingers in my consciousness a bit longer this time, but fades again just before I can put it to words.

We take the girl by her arms and legs to the cool spring we tapped to fill the moat and dip her in just at the point where the crystal clear waters gush from the earth. Puzzled again, the platypus watches as they wash away from her any lingering tension, and when she has been cleansed we wrap her in a fluffy quilt and carry her to my dorm, where in spite of the erotic supernova that exploded out of our loins nearby, the prisoners still snooze soundly. We secure her to a bed with velvet restraints and sit by her side till she drifts off to sleep.

I look for my bed, but it is nowhere to be found. Dnkgbzu beckons me outdoors, where she leads me across the courtyard to the tower and up the steps to the warden's office. I think I know what is going to happen, but Dnkgbzu proves me wrong. Whereas I expect her to have me witness her taking up the reins of power, she instead pulls out the warden's full-length mirror and makes ME stand before it and don her beautiful lavender tunic! On, what a sight I am! Now I know what the bunny meant about the Right Lady Anna. Where it was the source of the past warden's power and grace, I feel simply ridiculous in it! But obey Dnkgbzu, I must.

She takes up the Holy Paddle and lifts my tunic. I fully expect her to spank me with it, but instead she drops to her knees behind me, recites the Punishment Prayer, delivers her own bottom a mighty WACK! and kisses me as I kissed her in the lavatory!


In that way she pleasures my own bottom till I climax there, and in doing so she proves her fealty to the prison's new warden.

Once she weeps I return her kisses in the same manner and we sleep in one another's' arms.

* * * * * * *

The next day before I make my rounds with Dnkgbzu I find that the pile of Magic Pillows in the office seems to be one or two short, though I am not sure exactly how many there were to begin with. We go to the courtyard, where we find that much to the other prisoners' amusement, two guards continue the Pillowing that the one-time warden suffered the night before. Naked but for knee pads and slippers, she is on her knees making a sporadic effort at pulling weeds as she suffers climax after climax under the tender assault.

Serves her right, I suppose, for all the kindness she inflicted on these girls during her term in office. Through a pink haze of her pleasure that is visible even in daylight, she sees the boots that were once hers on me, raises her head, smiles and hugs my legs. I pat her head and motion to Dnkgbzu that we should take her into the dorm.

There, I direct that she be shackled into the comfy padded corner where I waited for my first spanking here. The guards want to continue tormenting her with the Pillows, but I direct that they lower their panties and sit on them for a taste of their own medicine. For good measure I see to it that they are shackled down to suffer the humiliation of nonstop delight. The prisoners enjoy seeing them that way and make matters all the worse for the girls by showering them with kisses and flogging their bare thighs with soft panties.

While Dnkgbzu attends to the mundane matters of governance, I take a walk with a jar of honey to survey the complex with the hummingbird. Everything seems perfectly in order, even though I haven't seen much actual WORK done for days, there has been so much mischief and play. Licking a drop of honey from my nose every fifty yards or so, he leads me out the gate and down through the pear orchards to the platypus moat and over, whereupon my heart leaps at what I discover.

The staircase is gone! As if it had never been there!

I might have known. After all, it was Magic and seemed to have a mind of its own. But I am still haunted by my feverish visions on the side of the mountain and I take this disappearance as a challenge to my authority and my imagination.

Back in my new office, I pray over the portraits of the prisoners. And there it is already, a photo of our one-time warden, wearing her little girl pigtails and smiling shyly. Dnkgbzu must have put it there while I was out. Gazing upon the pictures, I am nearly overcome with feelings of unworthiness. I wish I could be over Dnkgbzu's lap right then for a spanking when... She is here with me!

"Geeze, you startled me!" She must have been sitting in the bed chamber. I blush and gesture to her that I need to be put in my place over her lap, but wags a "naughty, naughty" finger at me and makes me look at myself in the mirror. My fanny is black and blue from all my spanking of the past few days. And as Magical as the Punishment Prayer is in sparing a girl any immediate pain from a spanking, it does nothing to prevent the lingering soreness. She puts me over her lap, dabs on cooling ointments and makes me sit on a Magic Pillow looking out the bay window to the courtyard. Prisoners and guards below wave and blow kisses and I try (and fail miserably) to maintain my dignity as I suffer yet another bout of Pillow Ecstasy.

The humiliation is a blessed dampener of my self esteem and afterwards I am able to more selflessly devote myself to the prisoners' needs, as well as scheme to learn what lies beneath this place.

By mime and by drawings, I am able to communicate with my new charges and I have them build for me a "spankmobile" that I'll be able to ride around the whole of the compound and deliver attention wherever and whenever it is needed.

And examining my bruises again, I decide to rely more on mild hand spankings and less on the Paddle, though I certainly plan to employ it on ceremonial occasions!

* * * * * * *

Oh, the spankmobile they build for me is grand! A sleek little polished wooden carriage with four antique spoked wagon wheels, its driver's seat is of plush velvet, and on either side of it is a cushioned platform nearly as high as my lap, with velvet restraints bolted to it to hold a prisoner comfy and snug, where she belongs, as I spank her!

In the privacy of the workshop, I test it on a couple of prisoners, who seem to find the experience very humbling and beneficial. I take them to my new quarters, and to the room full of pillows where I once slept. There I direct them to gather up arms full of them and follow me to the old amphitheater. (These pillows are yet of the mundane sort, so there is no danger of the girls being stricken with unbearable pleasure just by carrying them) There, I catch three guards gently stroking and tickling the former warden with stalks of fuzzy pussywillows. Considering the situation for a moment and seeing her embarrassed grin upon my discovering her plight, I decide she is in no danger and gesture to them to carry on.

I have the prisoners pile the pillows up neatly and go back for more. All afternoon they pile them on the grass and moss-covered cement platform that once served as stage. The pile grows and grows till there are more pillows there than the room could have possibly held at any one time and I suppose it is mysteriously generating them as needed.

By gesture, I indicate that there is to be an assembly there in the old amphitheater, where girls can lounge in the grass instead of sit in pews, as is the case in the new amphitheater. They begin congregating after dinner and I have the guards issue each a pillow from the pile.

Once everybody is comfy and Dnkgbzu has led the throng in prayer, I gesture to have the newest prisoner brought up on stage. Still naked, our one-time warden is grass-stained and dreamy-eyed after two days of nonstop bliss. With me, I have a proper prisoner's uniform and have her don the sox, sports bra and sweater. I take the bows out of her hair to comb the grass from it and tie her little pigtails back up tight and childishly high on her head.

Then I have her step into her new panties and shorts, but make her keep them down around her knees. For her, being arranged like that is clearly more embarrassing than being naked and she blushes furiously.

I put a Magic Pillow on my lap and have her lay over it for a spanking. I touch her bare fanny with my hand and dutifully, she recites the Punishment Prayer:

"U-egrkji Wir-tunisw Jsir-tja seNaa! Swo-tji seJnerju itXij, Drkgsko DrksKo, itXij U-egrkji, Skhsii, Dbti-HjuNi! Sdjsgkju!"

My first swat is little more than a love pat. I keep my hand there, caressing her softly and she responds by whispering the next Prayer. My next and next and next swats are all light, each only a tiny bit harder than the one before it. And her recitation is just as sweet and soft. I could go on like this for hours and not raise a bruise. The Pillow she's laying on does its work and after a few more swats I have to pause and let her finish having her climax so she can recite the Prayer again...

The prisoners are touched by her tender passions. They "Owww" and "Ahhhhhhhh" her lovely response to each stroke. Soon she is bucking, kicking and squealing, but not in protest. Dnkgbzu and another guard come and kneel to hold her as she humiliates herself again and again over my lap. But the Pillow respects my high office and inflicts no unintended orgasms on me as I spank. Oh, the price of Authority.

In the old amphitheater, prisoners and guards alike shed panties and straddle pillows in the cool grass. As I spank, they luxuriate in their silky, accepting softness. Purring, sighing and crying out in delight, they climax in two and three-part harmony with the squealing of the girl over my lap. The crickets this time are not silenced, and by the end of her spanking, two thousand moist pillows are charged with a mischief that makes them truly Magic.

Chapter VII.

The next day, I harness my spankmobile up to the ponies that once pulled the pear wagons, and to the back of that I chain those same wagons, six of them in a train, and have prisoners load them with the newly-blessed Magic Pillows. It is quite an involved task for them because I have them work naked, and they are soooooooooooooooooooooo cute trying to carry armloads of the naughty things against their bare breasts.

But they finally get them loaded and I direct everybody to get dressed, at least into her panties. Then I lead a small team out to build a wooden bridge over the platypus's moat.

He gives us cross looks as we work and I am lucky to have brought a tofu sandwich with me for lunch. I appease him by dropping little tidbits of tofu into the moat, which he gobbles up the instant they hit the water. In fact he gets so excited he scuttles up out of the moat and stands on his hind legs pawing my shiny warden boots with his leathery little webbed forefeet and slapping his flat tail in the water, splattering everybody.

Then, by means of a map I have drawn with little stick figures, I indicate to Dnkgbzu that I want the whole prison population to line the path through the pear orchards to the disappearing staircase. After all, it is only fitting that the Right Lady Anna should take a ceremonial trip down her Duchy's grand avenue.

It would be my preference to spank with my bare hand, but for an occasion like this, the Holy Paddle is the only thing that will do. I kiss it and pray over it and carry it on its pillow down the tower staircase to the courtyard, where my ponies wait hitched to the marvelous spankmobile and it's Pillow Train.

From the middle of the courtyard to the gates, down through the orchards, all the way to the moat and beyond, a thousand prisoners, as many guards and a half-dozen nurses stand at attention awaiting their esteemed new warden to put them right.

Dnkgbzu, the former warden and the guard who I spanked in the lavatory are the only girls starting out bare-bottomed today. I stand them together with their bruised fannies facing the gathering (so everybody KNOWS why they are being spared!) and have a pair of prisoners tie a Magic Pillow to each behind. Their comfort is so immediate and intense that they swoon, fall to their knees in the grass and embrace one another as closely as any three girls can without melding into one.

I stand the first of those two prisoners who tied the pillows in front of me on the wagon's step, pull her soft little pocket less khaki shorts with the elastic waistband off of her, her pretty pink and white polka dot panties too, and drop those for safe keeping in a box beneath the seat. I bend her over my bare thighs and the cushioned incline on either side of my lap and pull a velvet strap across her back and another across the back of her knees to hold her snug. I hold the Paddle for her to kiss, then touch it to her bottom. Joyously, she sings out the Prayer and...


...Girls cheer and jump up and down in glee!

...touch... PRAYER!... THWACK!

The girl over my lap is so close to me that I can feel her every breath, even her heartbeats...

...touch... PRAYER! ...THWACK!

I spank her nine or ten times and she breaks down sobbing. I release her, kiss her once on the cheek and turn her over to the mercies of the next two girls in line, who hug her and strap her to a Pillow while I proceed to start anew with the second of the two who Pillowed the previously spanked three strapped over my lap.

And then it is those first two givers of comfort who are the next two to be spanked and in turn receive comfort from the next two in line and so on and so on and so on and so on and so on and so on and so on...

Slowly, the ponies draw my little spankmobile down through the shady orchard and attention is given to each girl in her turn. The load of Magic Pillows in the pear wagon train behind me grows light as the pile of panties and short pants in the box beneath my seat grows heavy. Soon I have I have collected so many I have to put my trophies in a pear wagon. Hour upon hour passes, but I do not work in haste for I know that the sun will stand still in the sky to make time for my work. No one gets bored or tired, nor hungry or too full of pee to stand still as the ponies move me majestically through the orchard.

About half way to the moat, standing in the shade of a pear tree is a prisoner who I do not remember seeing here before. Something is odd, different about her. I am shocked to see just HOW different when she steps forward to help Pillow a girl who I have spanked.

She is dark, her lips are full, her pigtails puff out into rich black curls! When it is her turn to lay over my lap, the pink of her most private parts shines out in stark contrast to the rich brown color of her skin!

And when I touch the Paddle to her bottom the first words to issue from her mouth I do not recognize:

"....Rigji Cgaorj! e-Oaeai, Sakuzpe!"

But after those comes the Prayer I have come to know and love:

"U-egrkji Wir-tunisw Jsir-tja seNaa! Swo-tji seJnerju itXij, Drkgsko DrksKo, itXij U-egrkji, Skhsii, Dbti-HjuNi! Sdjsgkju!"

She speaks it haltingly, but I am patient and after each stroke of the paddle her next recitation is more fluid and natural. Indeed, spanking here is always a learning experience.

After seven or eight strokes I am thunderstruck by what she cries out: "Please stop!"

I do, and my world spins. Finally, somebody I can understand! But everybody is staring at us and I fear that if they know about us, this girl will disappear as mysteriously as she arrived! Hundreds still wait to be served and I must carry on. I unbuckle her restraints and help her stand up. I kiss her just as I have kissed the others and she whispers: "Thank you, Ma'am!"

"You are so welcome, my little one," I whisper back.

She sobs softly and is Pillowed by two others. I glance back and see her looking wide-eyed with amazement like they all do when they first feel the Pillow's Magic. Oh, I have no fear she will bolt past the platypus and seek freedom in the wilderness. Freedom is only for the lonely and the kiss she blows me tells me that she understands that very well.

From each prisoner I gather both shorts and panties, and when it comes time to spank the guards, I collect only their panties and leave each wearing her skirt hiked up to accommodate a Pillow strapped to her sensitive bare bottom. And the same goes for the half dozen nurses on duty here.

The ponies take me to the new bridge across the moat, where the platypus stands looking particularly vexed. I should have brought tofu with me to appease him, but I forgot. For a moment he stands defiantly in the ponies' path and they skitter nervously, but he assesses their size and wisely patters off to the side to let us pass.

Finally, at the spot the staircase once started, I spank the last of the guards and look back at the trail of mischief I have left in my wake. Kneeling with Pillow pressed, between their thighs, or laying prone, straddling them, or sitting on them in the grass, two thousand young women pleasure themselves or one another without a care in the world. I look to the sun and ask it to let this be a day to remember. Stay where you are for as long as it takes me to accomplish my next mission!

I don a guard's paddle holster and snap the Holy Paddle in place. It's tight, but it fits.

Then I sit knotting my trophy shorts and panties together in a long rope, but the platypus keeps climbing up in my lap and nibbling at me as I tie. I offer him a lick of honey, but he doesn't seem to have much of a sweet tooth. It seems that he only needs attention, so I put him to work helping me tie my rope. I'll run one panty through the leg opening of another, loop the waist band through and hold my end as the platypus holds the other in his duck bill and rears back on his four little duck feet to pull it tight. He is remarkably strong for such a wee creature and in a few hours we have the better part of a mile of shorts and panties tied together. I scratch him under his bill, he rolls over on his back and I rub his tummy for a while he paws at the air. Then he rolls back over, nibbles me once on my thumb and waddles off without a word.

Just as he leaves, the hummingbird visits and hovers before my nose. I honey it and he licks, then buzzes off to my right and I run after him trailing my panty rope. He stops at a giant weeping willow tree at the very edge of the slope into the mist and I take this to mean this is where I am to anchor myself. I circle the huge trunk twice and make a knot you'd need a sword to cut. Then I take the huge bundle of tied up shorts and panties and toss it into the abyss. I honey my nose, the hummingbird licks again and flies down following the trail of soft garments, so far I cannot even see him.

I say a prayer for courage, take hold of my life line and begin repelling down the slope.

Oh no, I forgot to account for the elastic! It bounces me UP and DOWN and UP again! I feel like a rock in a slingshot and I struggle to keep my footing! Yikes! I plunge through the thick forest, miraculously missing massive tree trunks as I descend, only to be yanked back up the same way! Whoa! Now I'm dangling in mid-air like a spider on the end of its thread! Just yards from me is the ragged face of the mountain! My grip begins to fail and I jam one leg into a panty and jam the foot of my other into a khaki shorts like a soft stirrup and hang sideways that way with one arm extended to keep from smashing my head on the rock! Why did I EVER think up this harebrained scheme!

"HELP!" My cry echoes and echoes and echoes, seemingly to no end. The hummingbird appears before me and I ask him: "Why did you take me HERE!?" I turn on my tether and bump against something. It's an iron bar... No, iron BARS!

Iron prison bars! Hands reach out between them and drag me in!

I'm in a prison again, but one that's a far cry from the one I just left. Oh, what woe I see and feel here! So many tortured souls. Thousands, millions, billions of them. There is no escape but to go out between the bars and fall into the abyss.

I witness every sort of petty cruelty and senseless self-abuse here. Where I once wept daily for joy, here I only cry of sadness. Despair overcomes me and I move towards the bars to squeeze through and leap.

But the hummingbird hovers before me and flies down the neck of my warden's tunic, where he nestles between my breasts. To leap would to take him with me and that I cannot do.

Feeling his faint warmth there as I gaze out into the wilderness, I realize that he has led me to my own heart. I turn to see the multitudes of tortured souls and I know what must do. I find a crude wooden stool and sit. With my finger I summon over the closest of the lost souls and make her get over my lap. I unholster my paddle and spank her with it.

Spanked, she escapes between the bars, but flutters UP toward the sky and beyond, not down. With her my own soul flies and I feel an exhilaration like none other. Then the hummingbird guides me back to the place of gloom and I repeat the procedure with the next and the next and the next, never tiring of the infinite pleasure of forgiveness and release. Each soul, after being spanked, grows wings and flies like a bird from my lap. I spank and spank and spank till the woodpecker's once-in-a-thousand year's tapping has finally leveled the mountain to the sea, yet this one remains tall and strong and its caverns of gloom are empty but for the echoes of weepings past.

I grasp the panty rope and am pulled up by some unseen force. The hummingbird accompanies me as I soar through the forest, brushing past but not colliding with a thousand pine trees on my way up.

I'm met at the top by strange new brown friend, pulling on the panty rope. "Welcome back, Lady Anna!" Behind her nine hundred and ninety nine other prisoners lend their own strength to the effort. Once I'm over the top of the ridge I'm slung like a rock from a catapult over the moat, the orchards and the gates of the prison complex, where I make a soft landing in the courtyard on a pile of Magic Pillows. There, Dnkgbzu welcomes me home by pressing her pretty face between my legs and giving me intimate kisses there till I cry out for mercy as a chorus of prisoners and guards serenades me with my name in the triumphant finale of Beethoven's Ode to Joy:

"Anna-Anna, Aaaaaa Aaaaaaa AaaaaNNNN, a-Na! Aaaa Naaaaa, Aaa-aaa-aaa-Naaaaa- Aaaaa, Aaaa Naaaaa, Aaa-aaa-aaaa-Naaaa- Aaaaaa, Aaaaa- Aaaaa Aaaaa aNnnnnnaa Na-Aaaaaa! A-NA! A-NA!!, aaaa-aaaa-aaa-Na-Aaaaaaaaa!!!"

Then Dnkgbzu puts me over her lap and gives me reason to sing out the Punishment Prayer and taste the delicious humiliation of climaxing again and again over her lap to the great merriment of all because I'm still wearing my warden's tunic and boots!

A magnificent feast in the pear orchards is prepared for my return. The one-time warden serves us all, and witnessing her bliss in servitude, I long for my retirement already. It is then that I look back at the compound and see that it has been transformed into a grand fortress, yet girls run in and out freely and no more ferocious gatekeeper than our silly little platypus still guards the moat.

My feet are hot and sweaty in my boots. I take them off and without my asking her, our little waitress runs to me and kneels to massage my feet. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Sister, you are SO nice." I pat her head and she smiles, then stands and dashes off.

My new brown friend sits beside me and I ask her "What is your name?"
"Diane," she says, offering me a slice of the Magic blue melon. I bite and it is a creamy cool delight.

"Where are you from?"

"Over there." She points out over the mist to the next closest mountain top. Where once was a Medieval castle, now what looks like an exotic Oriental fortress with pagodas for watchtowers stands.

"How did you get here?"

"Pretty much the same way you did."

"And how is that?" I am still clueless as to how I arrived.

She doesn't answer.

So I try another tact: "OK then, WHY are you here?"

"To help you understand."

"Understand WHAT?!"

"Do you know WHERE we are?"

"In a pear orchard on top of a mountain with a bunch of nice girls playing naughty prison games, am I correct?"

"Well yes, but no."

"You're just trying to confuse me!" I nudge her knee. She grips mine with her hand. It is warm and I want her to touch me higher with it.

"We can do that later," she says with a wink, but I haven't even mentioned it. Just when I begin to suspect Dnkgbzu's behind all this, she appears across the table from us and just smiles.

Naked now, the one-time warden returns to our table, fills our three glasses and I ask Diane if she speaks Dnkgbzu's language.

"We all do."

"HA! YOU all do, maybe! Not ME!"

"You've spoken it since that day you knelt with those girls for a shock instead of torturing them yourself."

I think I understand what she means, and I'm flattered. "But how do you KNOW about that!?" I point across the vast expanse of mist. "You were over THERE!"
"Yes, but word gets around."

The retired warden brings me slippers.

"Well, how does 'word get around' if the only LANGUAGE they speak around here is KINDNESS?!!" I thank her.

"Have you ever heard the expression 'walk a mile in my shoes'?"

"Of course."

"Well, let's do that!" She pulls off her sneakers. Compared to the comfy slippers I've just been given, they look pretty worn and grungy.

I sigh. "Oh, all right, but I think there are easier ways to get yourself a new pair of slippers!" We hand one another our footwear, I lean down to fit my foot into a sneaker and....


....everything seems different...

"Are you OK?" Diane takes my hand.

"Uh, I think so." That's a lie. I'm reeling. "I've just had a lot of excitement recently..." But nothing like THIS...

"I'll hold you hand."

"Please, do." I fit on the other sneaker and stand. The sky, it's... it's... PURPLE! Around me aren't pear orchards, but pineapple trees! The hooting of exotic birds is nearly deafening and I hear elephants roaring not far away.

"Things seem a little different, eh?"

"Uh, yes!" The prisoners I do not recognize. They're all a different color and they're working in a chain gang, while guards with WHIPS stand over them!

"Watch it!" Diane grabs hold to stop me in my path. A huge green iguana rushes by in the grass.

"We don't have THOSE back where...."

"Back where you came from?"

"Is it all an illusion?"

"No, it's real, but... LOOK OUT!!"

ARF!! ARF!! Gnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!! A pair of angry Dobermans strain against their chains an inch from my throat.

"I should have warned you," sign Diane. "They look pretty mean, but they can't actually HURT you."

"Could have fooled me!" My heart is racing at about 200 and I think I wet myself. Then SQUAK! SQUAK!, WHOOOOOSHHHH!!!!! A huge leathery pterodactyl swoops overhead, close enough to ruffle my ponytail. I watch it in awe as it disappears over the rainforest surrounding us. "I thought those things were extinct!"

"Not here! Oh, this looks like fun! C'mon!" Diane leads me by the hand towards a tight throng of prisoners and guards. She nudges at them to let us through. There in the center, I see a pretty young woman lying on a bed of nails, fucking herself silly with a massive ivory dildo! Her audience urges her on and strokes her with palm fronds. She sees me and goes bug-eyed. I blow her a kiss and she comes explosively against that bed of nails! But the nails draw no blood. They are so numerous and close together that her weight is safely distributed over them and the whole nailed platform seems to float on a waterbed to further ameliorate the torture.

"Looks pretty wicked, doesn't it?"

"Sure does!" I can't imagine doing what that girl is. Or CAN I? That ivory dildo looks SO smooth...

I see prisoners whipped till they weep, then everybody cheers and masturbates! Where have I seen this behavior before? I see prisoners caged in tiny bamboo enclosures, and doted over by guards who see to their every need, but make sure they do not pleasure themselves! I see gladiator contests where the losing girl is taken roughly from behind by the winner, then forced to perform oral sex for good measure. All around is a tough and tender eroticism, with no small amount of high spirited schoolgirl athletics for those who are not presently making love or being punished. Soccer, basketball, track, even hockey on ice that seems to have appeared without refrigeration in this mysterious tropical prison playland! On every face, winner and loser alike, I see the same naughty glee that tells me it is all in good fun, but it is a great deal rougher than where I come from!

Diane asks me: "Would you believe that tomorrow, the guards will be prisoners and the prisoners will be guards, and everybody will STILL be the BEST of friends?"

"Yes, I believe it! This is your ideal world, isn't it?"

Diane just grins.

"...The world you've dreamt of living in all your life?"

She grins again. "Everybody has theirs, and they're as varied as the human imagination. Mine is just close enough to yours that it was thought perhaps if we did this you could begin to understand. If we trade shoes again, we can go back to yours."

"It's a deal, sister!" I take off her sneakers and my world swirls again. I put back on the slippers the prisoner brought me and I'm back in my cozy pear orchard prison. "This place seems pretty tame compared to yours, doesn't it?" I ask, sheepishly.

"Yeah, it does, but it's NICE. Like hot chocolate and a comfy quilt on a cold night. Maybe it's what you NEED to feel happy."

"I think it is. And there's something ELSE I need to do to be happy." I pull off the warden's tunic and lay it lovingly on the table before Dnkgbzu. Then I bring her the shiny knee-length boots and help her slip her feet in. She shucks her skirt and shirt to reveal she's wearing no panties or bra. Then she slips into the tunic and everybody gathers around her to admire it on her.

"I think it fits her better than it fit you," remarks Diane.

"I think you're right! Want to see some more of my world?"


I take her hand and we walk into the compound, which hasn't changed much in spite of the magnificent fortress that has grown up around it in my absence. Right in the center of the courtyard is the kiosk where the chastity belts are still on display. And something else this time. The books we brought up from the jungle are there, for all to see! I open one, and I can read it!

Every word is "love."

"What are these?" Diane holds one of the belts.

"Oh, those are chastity belts."

"Chastity belts?! WHY?! There aren't MEN here, are there?"

"Of course not, silly!" I tweak her nose and whisper in her ear: "They're to keep you from playing with yourself! Wearing one makes you feel real humble."

"Oh! May I please put one on?"

"Why don't you ask HER?" As usual, Dnkgbzu is close at hand.

In English, Diane asks her permission and Dnkgbzu nods.

We tuck each other into the little pussy cages and keep one another's key in little fur-lined pouches that Dnkgbzu snaps onto each of our belts.

"Gee, there seem to be a lot of weeds around here," Diane remarks, toeing the lawn. She kneels. "Wanna' help me pull them?"

"I'd love to. Anything to be of service." I drop to my knees beside her.

Happily, she and I pull weeds from the courtyard lawn while our new warden stands over us beaming at our servility. The weeds turn into tiny flowers in my hand. I stand to present them to Dnkgbzu and the instant she touches them they become dainty little butterflies that flutter off into the sky. I kneel again and look up at Her. With her head silhouetted against the sun, it is like a halo. Puffy white clouds in the blue sky seem to form a perfectly symmetric pair of angel's wings behind her and her lavender tunic grows, reaching the ground and becoming a white robe. It is unbuttoned at top, revealing her breast. She is transparent now and I can see her heart through her skin. It pumps pure light.

She kneels, but then grows so that her glowing heart is still above me. The hummingbird comes and flies right into it. I stand on my tip-toes for a look. Squinting against the glare, I can see another entire world within. It is a world of indescribable delight and joy. And at its center is another Dnkgbzu, whose heart also glows and reveals yet another even more indescribably delightful world, and so on and so on, to no end.

The hummingbird flies out, then back in.

Dnkgbzu grows again, as does that blazing heart.

"You can climb in, if you'd like," says Diane. "You can stay in there or in any other one you can see for as long as you'd like, or you can come back out here."

I'm overwhelmed by the Majesty of what I see in Dnkgbzu's heart. Her hand, huge now, embraces Diane and me in Her loving grip.

"Anna," asks Diane, softly, "do you know now where we are?"

"Yes," I wipe away a tear, "we're in Heaven."

The End

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