Forgiving Meghan
a college girl spanking story
told entirely in dialogue, by Anna D.

"Meghan, are you dressed? I'm coming in. Tsk! You're NOT
dressed! Well, pull them back UP, silly! I'm not even
gonna' ASK what your were doing!"

"Karyn, I wasn't doing THAT!"

"Oh, you just lay around your dorm room with your
gym shorts and undies pulled down, humping on your
pillow fer' NOTHING?!"

"I wasn't HUMPIN IT! I was just trying to think how my
...'s gonna' feel like."

"Your I-know-WHAT?"

"You know, spanking."

"MEGHAN, what's this ruler doing on your bed? Did you hit
back there already? You DID, didn't you?"


"Meghan, I asked you a question. You hit yourself with
this ruler, didn't you?"

"Yes, I did."

Lemme' see your bottom. Lift yourself offa' that pillow.
I'm gonna'pull your shorts back down. C'mon, it's OK, we're both
girls! Yeahhhhhhhhhh, lemme' see. Tsk,
it's got these little pink lines on it. Awwwwwwww,
you've been CRYING,haven't you?"

"Yeah, but not from the pain."

"It's the shame, isn't it?"


"Answer me, Meghan. It's the SHAME, isn't it?"


"Meghan, we've ALREADY forgiven you. We were all
really touched by how you stood up and confessed at
dinnertime. The spanking's just gonna' be a formality
to bring closure to the whole affair. Heck, you promised
to repay the money you took, from your work-study job, and
we'll make sure you do!"

"It won't be enough."

"What, you're not gonna' earn a lousy two hundred and
eleven dollars
in a whole semester working in the library?
I mean if you need more time, we'll GIVE it to you. You're
gonna' BE here three more years!"

"No it's not that. The SPANKING won't be enough. I saw
what Allison got for selling Ecstasy, and that's WAY worse
than me stealing, but she didn't even have marks on her

"Allison KNOWS this is her last chance. She's in
counseling and peeing in a cup twice a week now. Besides,
we COULDN'T spank her any harder, 'cause that'd be ABUSE
and that's not what Delta Sigma Pi is all about!"

SNIFF! "I won't feel right about it unless it's A LOT
worse than SHE got."

"You poor thing. Here, here's a Kleenex. Meghan! Put
your face in the pillow if you're gonna bawl like that!

Lemme' rub your back. Yeaaaaaah, cry it out."

BOO-HOO, BOO-HOOOO, BO-Hooo-Hooo-oHoooooooooooooo!

"Hmmmmmm. I think I know what might help you.
Remember contrast from Art Appreciation?"

GNurrrrrff! "W.... What..." Snurk! "What are you t...
talking about?!"

"What I'm talking about is in a picture you can't really
appreciate the light without dark behind it, so..."

"Karyn, you're not gonna' take p... p... PICTURES of me,
are you?! Not like THIS, please!"

"No, silly! I'm just trying to explain how you can FEEL
YOUR SPANKING more completely and BENEFIT FROM
IT MORE when we give it to you, even if it's just
mild swats like Allison got."

"And how...." SNIFF!! " is that?"

"It's about CONTRAST. You can't have dark without light,
can't have pain..... without pleasure. So if your fanny
feels real GOOD right before we spank it, you'll appreciate
the difference more! Feel my hand down there?"

"Karyn, cut it OUT, that's QUEER!"

"Feels NICE, doesn't it? Yeaahhhhhhh, right THERE!

"Karyn, stop it! I'm not a Lesbian!"

"Oh, listen to YOU! Lotta' right YOU'VE got, telling
ME how ta' help you BENEFIT from your punishment!
Sheeesh! Besides, it's not a LESBIAN THING unless you use
your LIPS or stick something IN, and I'm NOT gonna' do
EITHER of those things!"

"Are you SURE about that?"

"Yes I am."

"How do you know?" SNIFF!

"cause a girl from the Gay/Straight Alliance told me
last week on Diversity Day, that's how I know!"

"That sounds pretty fishy to me!"


"I'm sorry."

"Alright then! You gonna' trust me now?"


"OK, I want you to pay complete attention to me and just
FEEL this! Good, isn't it?"


"Now I want you to tell me how I can make it feel BETTER."

"Down a little bit, please."

"Down here?"

"mmmmmmm! Yeah!"

"How 'bout if I pet them like they're little kittens"


"Lemme take your shorts all the way off now... Don't
worry, I'll keep petting you."

"That... is ....nice....I ....I...."

"Don't even try to talk, Meghan, unless I ask you a
question. Do you trust me COMPLETELY now?"


"Good. Now where's that silk scarf you wore at the
rave last week?"

"Are you gonna' tie me up?"

"I TOLD you not to talk! No, I'm not gonna' tie
you up.
Now where is it?"

"In my top drawer."

"I gotta' get up to reach it. I'm gonna give you
a squeeze on your little rosebud and you're gonna'
keep FEELING it even after I move my hand, OK?"


"Therrrreeeee! Now don't move!"


"Oh Meghan, this scarf is soooooooooooooo smooth!
Now feel me stroke you with it all around your
bottom .... from your tailbone, all around and
down to HERE! Feels so yummy like you never knew
your bottom could feel, right?"


"Remember in Psych class last semester, when that
hypnotist guy came in?"


"You were so CUTE when he had you under and he told
you the room was cold and you started shivering!
You were the best lil' hypnotism subject in that
whole class! Yes, you KNOW you were! Ha! Now I
want you to go in a TRANCE again. You gotta' trust
totally. Just focus on the sound of my voice
and the feel of this scarf... Its SO nice. You're
SO safe. There's nothng but me bein' your friend
and you feeling the softness of this scarf on your
lil'fanny... So nice, so safe, so comfy.... Meghan,
quit rocking your pussy on the pillow! Just lay
still and feel all that naughty pleasure in your
bottom instead. Yeaaaaaahhhhhhhhh. You don't feel
in your pussy. Nothing at all. Feel
everything in your fanny instead. Like your fanny is
the center of the universe...."

nnn.... nnn... nnnnggggggggggggggggggggggggg!

"Now you're on the beach with no bikini bottom on
an' you're laying in the surf with the waves
splashing up softly over your fanny... You feel it
throb and throb with each new wave breaking softly
on it. And the breeze is so cool and comforting on
your HOT, HOT bottom! Yeah, all the feeling in the
whole universe is in your fanny and it is just
THROBBING like a pulsar in the center of a galaxy!
Throbbing and throbbing with all the pleasure any
girl could possibly have, and more, times a million!
Galaxies of cool comfort and hot pleasure washing
over your poor little fanny while you lay there
helpless in the surf! Now you're finally gonna'
let your fanny CUM like it was your PUSSY, only
it's BETTER by a zillion!"

UH-uh-uh-uh!! ptptptptpttptptptpfffffPPPPPP!!!!

"Yes Meghan, let your fanny CUM AND
Meghan sweetheart, with no bikini bottom on, don't
you DARE let your precious little bottom stop
cumming till your punishment is over! It's gonna' just
keep on cumming and cumming
with a billion, trillion times more pleasure each
time than the last!"

teeeeyyyyyyyuuuffffttthhhhhh! Pfuffffffff- Pt- Pt
FFFFFFfffffffffff! nnnyyyyyyyy-PFFFFFFTTTTT!!!!!

"Yesssssssssss! Keep cumming Meghan, keep CUMMING
with your BARE little bottom! It is just sooooooo
WONDERFUL to feel!"

uh-uh-uh-uh UH-UH-UH-UH-UH-UH... OhMiGOD! UH-UH-
UH-UH-ptptptptpttp-ppfffff nPPPPPPP- No no no no
no TPTPTPTPTPT-yes-yes-yesssssSSSSSS!!!!! nnAHHHH!

"Quick! Allison, Sarah, Emily, everybody! Come look
at Meghan! She's all ready for her spanking!"

The End
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