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All of these stories will include original characters me and/or my friends have made, all characters will be used with their permission. All characters will be up for rp, for yaoi or whatever floats your boat. IF MORE INFO IS WANTED FOR ANY OF THE WORLDS, EMAIL ME AT Arcadiavictimx@aol.com

Naia is a futuristic world, magic is dead, and they can't even prove that at one time it existed. Technology rains supreme, but the world has changed severely in the many years. The police and most organized military faded away, convinced that once world peace was reached, everything would be fine. The government is shaky, but recovering now, but without a strike force, they have re-established the bounty system. The top head at the current time is Cyrus Tabbat, for five million dollars, for an unknown reason. ((Story Threads currently taking shape in this setting: Bounty Project ; Those Who Fight; Suicide Jacks))

Soon to come

An era of sword and sorcery, almost every creature imaginable exists here, and those who don't are rapidly being made. The world has not fully yet been discovered, with more being charted on maps everyday. Demons running rampant through the humanless expanse, forming their own societies. Clearly, these creature are much like humans, but have many different attributes, some races with feathers, some with scales, but most have a deep malevolence towards humans. Occasionally, there is a halfbreed demon and human, harboring traits of both, are rarely accepted anywhere, and there is rumored to be a village of halfbreed creatures somewhere. Humans can also birthe half elves, much more common than half demons because humans and elves are nuetral, and half demon half elf is almost unheard of except in rumor and legend, for they are said to be particularily powerful. ((Story threads currently taking shape in this realm: Unawakened ; Dreams of Azure ; Legend of the Golden Wolf ; Devology ; a Tale of Two Knights ; Of Angels and Demons ; Bejeweled Devil King ))