Bounty Project chapter 1

He sat at the bar, sticking out for obvious reasons, even in the rough crowd that usually came to the bar. Yes, a bounty hunter, but of a different breed than most. Somewhat famous, for his skill, he had earned the nickname of the 'Fallen Azure Angel' for his odd nature and his beauty, as well as his clothing.

Dark brown hair, long, and pulled back in a simple ponytail, mainly to stay out of his green eyes. A light blue vest trimmed in gold, with a just slightly darker long sleeved blue shirt underneath. His pants were of the same color, and loose for movement. A dark brown belt was around his waist, tilted ever so slightly due to the weight of his gun in its holster. Leon looked up at the bartender.

"Hey sam, got any of the house beer left?" Leon said, it was time to go to work, he had enough money to last him through the week, but then his funds were out. The bartender smirked, and discreetly tossed a vidscreen to him, just a small one for use on the go. He quickly pocketed the thing, leaving a crisp five hundred dollar bill, which disappeared into the tenders pocket before anyone could see.

"No, sorry, we're all out Leon, but next time, we'll definitely have it next time." The Bartender said gently, and the bounty hunter had to hold back a smile. A real big price this time, he knew because of the wording. After the long time working with this tender, they had developed a code. About that time, his internal thoughts were interrupted by a loud voice.

"You are the craziest man ever. If someone here who knows you shoots you, I'm not going to help." Muttered a voice, still young, but matured, so probably eighteen or nineteen years old, and agitated, but trying to be quiet. He heard a rich chuckle that came from someone older. Leon turned around, glancing at the two.

The younger one was facing him, with the bronze color of bleeching hair too dark, and green eyes. Handsome definitely, with a slim build and a light tan. Wearing a tight white shirt and dark blue pants, and a little edgy, as if he shouldn't be in the place. Leons eyes widened. He quickly pulled the view screen out of his pocket, and turned the volume to low as he turned it on.

It showed a man, but not the young kid. A blonde man, but taller than the kid was, and much more broad. Blue eyes, but with specialized contacts that had been tinted green. The bounty was called "Bezerker Juggernaut," but his real name was Cyrus Tabbat. The price made his eyes pop. Five million dollars. Leon quickly memorized the information. An affixation to ancient literature and media. No better pictures were available, but additional information as well as live video and voice samples were stashed away at the Steinbeck Asylum.

Leon took another glance at the table. The other man was a broad blonde man, with green eyes glinting in amusement. A smirk was on his lips, he was wearing a long sleeved black shirt and dark brown pants. He looked about the right height.. and he met all of the specifics.. quickly Leon flipped back open the vidscreen. Read and reread the information, his eyes just about coming from his head.

"Surely, a man with such a big bounty wouldn't come to a bar actually named 'The Big Score'" Leon muttered to himself, it was simply a coincidence.

"Calm down, my dear McIntyre. Haven't you heard of the book, 'The Scarlet Letter'? I belive its author was fundamentally correct when it was written. To put it simply, these people can not feasibly consider me a man. To them, I am a phantom entity hiding in every basement, in every shadow, trying to run or stand my ground, not live my life like a real person. Besides, where's a better place to hide than one where no one would look." The big man asked bemusedly, arms crossing over his chest, relaxing, and leaning back on two legs. Leon reached for the gun at his side. Dead, he would be worth only half, but if he got the full price, he could afford to retire. The bounty hunter stood up slowly. Turning around fully, to get a good look at the pair, before walking over to the two of them, and sitting down at the table