Heres probably all you ever need to know about me, and a little bit more. Here we go.

Name: James Andrew Cunnings, it isn't my real name, but its probably all you're going to get unless you talk to me.

Alias: Ace, long story, if you're curious, ask

Sex: Male (for you people who haven't figured it out yet)

Email: Arcadia, also IM for you people who want to chat with me about anything.

Hobbies: RPing, writing, drawing, building things, and oddly enough, school.

Sexuality: 3/4 gay (prefers males, and bottom)

Age: Teenager, Inquire within for further information.

Bio: I've got dark curly hair, and blue eyes. I stand at about five foot nine, maybe a little shorter, I'm not sure on that figure. I'd like to think I'm smart, and in okay physical shape, but I could stand to ditch a few pounds. I wish I had a smooth bishonen body, but I'm gonna end up more bearish than that. I've been told I'm cute, but I guess I have low self esteem or I have an absolutely wrong mental picture of myself. I got nice muscles though. I'm a partial romantic, but I have to be with the right person to access that part of myself, otherwise he just stays in my head and writes things. No, I am not crazy. I was speaking metaphorically.

I'm overcritical, and for the most part, I don't have too many real friends because of it, but the ones I have I know are real friends. It's a blessing and a curse. Generally, I avoid sleeping to maximize my productiveness, and I feel the need to get this entire site spellchecked.