Bejeweled Devil King
Awakening of the Fallen Knight

He was slammed to his knees, bound in chains of hellfire. Empty sockets stared at the smoldering brimstone that was searing his flesh. They had stolen his eyes from him. Beat him bloody, using their demonic magic to make a few hours into a millenia and cut off his hands for the life he had lived. Now he was being brought before the ruler of the hell. His mortal existance shouldn't have brought him here. Samiel saved his and numerous other countires. It must have been the way he died, the knight had been mystically pulled into hell. It seemed his enemy had a black sense of humor. Samiel heard the booming voice that sealed his soul.

"Would you like a chance to escape, to live, my old friend Samiel Howell?" When he nodded in the odd darkness that his new blindness had brought him. "You will be one of the very things you sought to destroy, but all the pain will be gone, you will be my agent, my weapon." Samiel nodded, so be it, so long as the pain was gone. Suddenly, everything he felt had been intensified tenfold, a scream was torn from his throat as the pain thrust his mind far from his body. He collapsed, unconcious, to the laughter of the devil himself.

The first thing he noticed when he woke up, was the fact that the pain was gone, his body was healed completely. The second thing that he noticed was the young boy looking over him. He could see, his eyes returned. Samiel sat up quickly, and the boy jumped back, face frozen in fear. The former knight searched his memory for where and why he was. He could find nothing but battles and slaughter, no reason behind the memories, or the places they had occured, nothing but battles. Not even his identity.

"Gee mister, you okay?" He heard the young boys voice, the kid was once more examining him, as if he had never seen a man before. "What's your name?"

"I don't know. I can't remember my name. " He raised a hand to his head, and he stared as he noticed that his skin had a golden color to it. He looked like a living gilded statue. He raised a hand to his head, his fingers brushed against two small horns that came from his forehead, and there were a few similar protrusions on his elbows and knees. The newly risen demon felt how sharp his nails were now. Natural weapons, he could feel his teeth, with slightly larger canines, and much sharper. His memories told him he had always looked like this, but for some reason, it felt wrong. He glanced up, at the boy, and his memories told him that this should be his prey, but once more, that felt wrong, foreign. The demon brushed across a memory, just two word, but it gave him a name to go by. "I am Darius Aldwyn."

The boy gasped as he noticed the wings. His eyes wide, obviously figuring out what Darius was. He stumbled backwards, starting to scramble away, towards a place he knew to be the capital city of Aden, Ragan. The demon frowned, they would be celebrating their victory, in winning the second demon war.

"Stop boy." The kid froze, he had just gotten up, about to run away. "What's your name?" Darius' voice was harsh, intimidating, and the boy squeeked slightly, shaking in fear, he slowly turned around. Eyes closed. As they opened, the boy stopped shaking, showing a feirce determination, one that surprised the demon.

"I am Samiel, My mom named me after the great hero, so you better back away or else. I'm training to be a knight just like Sir Howell." Clearly, the boy was trying to intimidate him, but Darius growled. That name, there was something about that name that just, struck something in his being, reminding him of something he just couldn't conjure up. Darius got a wicked idea, and his face curled into a smirk, and at that smirk, the boys face turned to pure terror.

"Well then young Samiel, I have a favor to ask of you. I am an elite soldier under Sir Metan, to test the security of the new troops in the city. I need you to do something for me." The gentle tone of the deceptor lured the boy from his terror. Darius noted the boy let out a breath, now that he thought the demon was safe, a tool of the army, like that lapdog Metan.

"What is it Sir?" The boy asked respectfully, after all, he was convinced that the demon ahead of him was a senior officer. The demon smiled, this was going to be easier than he thought.

"Bring me some robes so I can hide my appearance from the guards." As the boy scampered off, Darius once more contemplated ripping him apart and eating him, but there would be no point in that, just senseless waste, and then he'd have to wait til nightfall before he could go to the man who summoned him. He had been resting in hell comfortably, watching as they tortured that fool Samiel Howell. Darius had felt the tug of the summons on his mind, and crossed into the mortal realm, or rather, was pulled from his home. The force manipulating him from there had been so great as he slammed through the barrier, he hadn't time to create himself a hole, so he almost didn't make it through. The reason for his unconsciousness and delay. Darius wasn't sure if he should kill the man who dragged him from the victory party, for now that the king was dead, the Howell line was severed. There was no way for them to fulfill their part in prophecy. No way for the world to be saved this time, not even the golden wolf could stop them.