A Tale of Two Knights
The First story in the Daniels brothers chronicles. It is recommended that you read this one before Legend of the Golden Wolf.This is a story about a lesser house of Nadelle sending two of its sons to train as soldiers, unaware that both of them will go down in history as legends reborn.


Dreams of Azure

Legend of the Golden Wolf
The second story of the Daniels brothers. The myth of legends reborn is cast away as both of them forge a new path. Prophecy is fulfilled as the golden wolf is finally found.

The brazen age of Oscirio, before the Daniels, before Rhan was born, and before the first Angel war, when the world was still chaotic with demons running unchecked, there is born a man who can awaken the saints, and seal away the original thirteen devils and bring the earth into the control of mortal hands.

Of Angels and Demons
The story of a demon and an angel who fell in love, having the one thing forbidden by both of their kinds. A halfbreed son who has the ability to fulfill the potential of his heritages

Bejeweled Devil King
The tale of Samiel Howell, the story of his death as a noble knight and rebirth and life as a demon. False memories implanted in his mind clash with his feelings, and send him searching for the reason he exists.