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IF ITS BLACK....SEND IT BACK!! IF ITS WHITE ITS QUITE ALRIGHT!! If you have not figured it out yet i am purly against all people who are not me or believe what i believe. You can either join us or end up being destroyed by the revolution because the WHITE MAN IS MARCHING ON!! and we dont need and stupid imports getting in our way. You have a problem then voice it on our message bord or if you believe in this then post a message and let your voice be heard. We must put an end to all this. SEND THEM BACK!!!


As it is right now there are millions and million of people who fel how we feel but just are scared to voice there oppion about things or dont know how to voice it. Well we didn't know how to do it either so this is how we started. We want them gone then lets show them we want them gone. There is strenght in numbers its just we never had numbers. It is time to unite. We must get these criminals out of our citys or our towns. We are getting blamed for what they do. You cant blame the nigger so why not blame the freak...well its time to BLAME THE NIGGER and GET RID OF THEM...Untie my friends and we in the end will be the ones standing tall.


  • My Gurls Page has been put up...aint She Hot

  • The Bio Page Is Up but No Bios Up Yet

  • Have Alot Of PIctures Just Need To Find The Right Style...Always open for ideas!!

  • Music Page Under Construction Today!!
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