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If you would like to send an application, please copy the following form, paste it to a word document and email it to us at!

Note:   We can't always get back to you in a day or two but we will do our best to address your application as soon as possible!


    Name: ________________________________________________


    Phone:  home:__________________   work:_________________

   Animal you are interested in:_____________________________

   Names of household residents and minors under the age of 18"




Current animals in home: (types, ages etc)




Will any of the above listed animals pose a threat to the animal that is to be adopted?  If yes, explain what measures you will plan to take to ensure safety.



Have you ever had this type (species or breed) of pet before or have you had experience with this type of pet?  If so, is pet currently living with you?  If not, please describe.



Do any of the members of your family have allergies? If so, to what?



Will your rabbit live indoors or outdoors? ____________________________


What hours do you work:__________________________________


How much playtime, exercise,  etc.   do you devote to your current pets on a daily basis?


Who will be the primary caretaker of this pet? 


      Who will be financially responsible for this pet (food, vet visits, etc.)?



Please describe the set up / area that you will be providing for this newly adopted pet:


If, two years from now, you are planning to move, what will happen to this pet?


Veterinary reference:  _______________________________________________________________

                                                    name                                                                                      phone






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Last modified: August 29, 2005