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The Water Project
Supply Structures | History | Watercourses | Usage & Lifestyle | Geology & Geography

Hello Everybody,

We are from the 5/6 OC class at Emanuel School, Randwick, Sydney, NSW, Australia. Our class consists of fifteen students (seven Year 5's and eightYear 6's). In the class 3 students are boys and 12 are girls.
Our teacher's name is Ms Radin.
We have just chosen the topics we will be researching to do with the Water Project. We have divided our class into 5 groups and each is researching a different aspect of the Sydney watershed.
You may have heard that Australia is experiencing its biggest drought in over a century. We have water restrictions in place and farmers have lost a lot of cattle and have had to buy expensive feed for them. Australia is a very dry continent with most of its rivers along the coastal fringes.
We all live in the city, so we are not directly affected by the drought, but we are doing everything we can to help the farmers.
We are looking forward to e-mailing you and receiving your replies.

Yours truly,

Laura, Hayley and the Year 5/6 Opportunity Class


Hello teachers and students!

We will be working in small groups of three students. Each group will complete its own research and build a web page (or pages) containing all the data and information collected. The web pages will be linked to this page using the hyperlinks above.

Each group will work on a different aspect of water in our community.
Here are the main areas they have chosen to research:

* Geology and geography of Sydney's watershed: names of major rivers and streams and the rock types they flow through; maps and 3D models (Brian, Danielle, Gaby)

* The history of Sydney's water supply: from the Tank Stream to today.(Amy, Ella and Galit)

* Man-made and natural watercourses: changes, additions and destruction of natural water elements to cater to society's needs.(Ashleigh, Jodie and Sarah)

* Water usage in Sydney: statistics on the growth of populations and water usage, past and present. Lifestyle changes.Graphs, facts and figures. (Hayley, Laura and Nicky)BR>
* Major structures and engineering feats related to water: bridges, dams, pipelines, lakes, tunnels, storage towers around Sydney; photos, statistics, historical anecdotes.(Madeleine, Nicholas and Robert)

Keep checking back to see how our pages are progressing over the next few weeks.
Have fun doing your projects!

Judith Radin

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