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I hate FAT people.

Traveling in a car to go home today, the driver stopped to pick up a passenger, I was in the back seat at the time cause there was already somebody in the front seat. Anyway the person was godzilla's sister cause she weighed down the car and took the place of 2 people. I was squashed up against the door by this smelly person who had no curtsy to say excuse me. Heck the tub o' lard pancaked me o much I had to sit forward. What's wrong with these people. So the driver said is she paying for the two seats, the lady said no, he can pick up someone else, and put them where? in her fat ass? luckily he pick up a little runt. When my ride was over I came out smelling like tunafish. I hate fish. But I hate Fat people even more.

Then the world complains that we discriminate against fat people. Well if they weren't such losers and go on a diet, don't travel in cars, give us air to breath, we won't hate them so much.


People who like FAT people got issues.