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In some parts of Trinidad the crime rates are high, for example the Betham, if your car shot down there, keep driving, it you hit something, doh mind, keep on going cause chances are if you stop, you'll get raped, robbed and all things not imaginable done to you. Heck a few weeks ago a lady ran off the highway there, a few moments later two guys ran over and robbed her. She was lucky thats all they did. Anyway back to my point, today at East Dry River Port-of-Spain, T&TEC gone to fix ah light pole, you know them people down there eh have no electricty, but they gone and rob the T&TEC workers. Well after that them fellars pack up and ride west. Now them people like asses cause they have no power.

Boldface to bad cause now they start to complain about this and that, well they want it that way. Take it in yuh ass like everybody else.