I have always maintained that steroids are a bigger problem in the department than is being acknowledged. The use of steroids among guards, particularly the ballplayers and others close to Allen Clark, is rampant: The rage that accompanies 'bulking up' explains some of the guards' violence against inmates.
Kay Lee

By Gregg Jones and Gary Jacobson

"In 1991, the federal government designated anabolic steroids as Schedule III controlled substances, below more dangerous Schedule I and II drugs such as heroin, marijuana, morphine and cocaine."

Tuesday, March 01, 2005 5:38 PM


You might be interested that Marcus Hodges, Clayton Manning, Oscar Shipley and some officer by the name of Camblass who works at FSP got arrested yesterday Feb.28 by the FBI for steroid selling and distribution. I heard it was in the Gainesville Sun today, The talk is all over in the "iron triangle". Check out Lance's site under "indictments". All those arrested are AC Clark boys. Looks like the shit is fixing to hit the fan. Please don't use my e-mail address.

State Prison Workers Charged With Dealing Steroids 

POSTED: 9:28 pm EST February 28, 2005

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- Four current or former Department of Corrections employees have been arrested on federal charges of distribution of steroids.

Warrants obtained based on a federal indictment handed down last Thursday named Sgt. Oscar Shipley, 41, who works at the Lake Butler Reception and Medical Center, and Clayton Manning, 33, who works at the New River East Correctional Center in Raiford. Both placed on administrative leave after their arrests.

Also indicted were former DOC employees Michael Chambliss, 36, and Marcus Hodges, 32.


Jennifer Hall, 29, identified as Manning's ex-girlfriend, is charged with obstruction of justice.

The indictments resulted from an investigation by the U.S. Justice Department, the Postal Inspector, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the Clay County Sheriff's Office.

If convicted on the steroid charges, the suspects could be sentenced up to 10 years in prison and fines up to $500,000.

Booking charges in West Palm Beach
Type in Marcus Hodges on 10/26/04
and you will see the arrest record.

November 21, 2004: More information on Marcus Hodges aka Marcus Starling. He was born a Starling and after being arrested in the Carolina's he changed his last name to Hodges (mothers maiden name). He has a cousin named John Marcus Starling. I can also show you where to find the arresting info on him in Palm Beach. He was arrested once again for drug possession. It can be found in the Baker County Standard, Macclenny Florida. It will pull you up some links. Go to the 11/04/04 link and there it is. It seems as if some people never learn a lesson. I guess the steroids must have had a hold on him. He kept most of his activities out of the county.

"I understand a lot of FDOC people are making regular trips to the federal courthouse. I guess it may involve FSP. There's more information on the indictments that were to be handed down to Clark and Griffis. Hodges is not working for a prison now. I am an outsider but I can tell you that he was just a little one in the steroid problem at FSP."

Drugs and violence leads to multiple arrests

"Inside the box were two large pharmacy bottles of Hydrocodone tablets containing approximately 750 pills; two bottles of Lorocet containing 110 tablets; three bottles Viagara containing 60 tablets; three bottles Alprazolam (the generic for Xanax); 1 fully loaded 9mm hand gun, two newspaper clippings with pictures of Hodges and a story about him being drafted by the Minnesota Twins; $284 in currency, a 1.5 Carat ladies gold diamond ring, a menís diamond gold ring, one necklace charm of a gold baseball glove; one Florida mobile home registration in the name of the suspect and Rebecca Starling; and a checkbook with the account name of Marcus D. Starling."


A Smuggler's Tale By Gary Brooks Waid

Note:  Inmates and guards had both told me that Dead Serious was into steroid cycles.  I have no idea if that was true, but throughout the triangle and especially across the street at Florida State Prison, there was (and is) a big problem with uncontrolled roid rage among guards.  My neighbor in G-dorm, an 18 year veteran convict of the area, told me tales of skinny young uniforms (sons or grandsons of guards) just beginning their rites of passage as newly employed officers, fearfully walking the corridors all stick-insect insecure, then bulking up overnight on steroids, bragging about it, losing their cool a few times over tiny things (testosteronic overload), eventually becoming mountains of angry muscle with no brain to accompany all that power.  I myself have had RHOID rage a time or two, but rhoids and roids are two different things.

A Smuggler's Tale by Gary Waid

My Bunkie's daughter is in the National Guard, and she said that during that week, Bullethead had somehow become the target of one of the husbands or the other or both, and had involved himself in a shooting down at the armory in which the cops, as examiners of the bullet hole in the Bulletmobile, searched a little further and found a quantity of illegal steroids under the seat, which ultimately alerted the feds, involving them in the ballad of Bullethead and presaging the aforementioned federal rat-out to save the Bulletass from a drug charge.  If he's offered his job back, he probably won't take it.  Every guard in the DOC will know that big bad Bullethead snitched out his pals at the armory.

June 30, 2004

"Apparently he used steroids and after working out he was in this hot room in the maintenance building. He locked himself in his room and no one could get to him. He had some alone time and decided to masturbate. The combination of steroids, the heat and the adrinaline he was creating caused an apparent heart attack. 
"They found him with his pants down and I think they ruled it as a heat stroke.  The inmates finally broke the door down. He was there dead for approximately 15 - 20 minutes.  I guess word got out that he was using steroids and they wanted to know how he got them and decided to shake down. But I'll reconfirm a.s.a.p.

"They had a shake down after this guy died. It was at the main unit that they found those things.  I think it was last Wednesday.  They locked everybody down pretty much for the whole day.  I heard about some things being found, but I don't know how many of what, and I didn't know about the shanks at all."


Have you known Steroids to be a problem at FSP?

Yes. Clayton Manning used to work for FSP, left to work for an Egyptian prince as a bodyguard for 3 years. During his time there he was shipping steroids to Raiford under diplomatic immunity. The info that I got was that Manning was shipping them to Zyltowski (who was mentioned in the Sinking Ship), and the actual distribution was done thru Zyltowski to Dean Ellis, Brian Griffis, Marcus Hodges, Oscar Shipley, and Kenny Lampp.  

Clayton Manning has returned to the department but I was just told he is keeping a low profile at this time.

FROM 'Who'll Stop the Riegn?; 
The AB - Aryan Brotherhood
by Matthew Duersten

Photos of Aryan Brotherhood members invariably reveal the same qualities: thick bull necks, massive forearms, tattoos of fierce Vikings, Nazi lightning bolts, and a distinctive shamrock enclosed in the claws of a swastika with "666" branded on its petals. ...They used a vast system of post-office boxes, untraceable money orders and "point persons" on the outside to smuggle their drugs (including methamphetamine, heroin and liquid steroids) and collect on gambling debts owed them... One, Joseph Principe, is a former guard at a federal "Supermax" prison who allegedly arranged for the gang's leaders to meet unobserved to discuss their affairs. "This guy at Pelican Bay told me that he and his cellmate would exercise up to four or five hours a day," says Jessner. "It stayed with me sort of as a vision of Hell: They are in these tiny little concrete cells; one of them is running vigorously in place while the other one's doing `burpees' - sort of like jumping jacks mixed with push-ups - for hours every day." As a result, most AB members can break their restraints... it takes a paroled AB member about six months to get "the beast" out of their system, after which they usually come to the conclusion, What the hell was I thinking?

FROM "Oklahoma police officers lose jobs over steroids"
By Sean Murphy, AP

"Police officers in Mississippi, Ohio, Connecticut, Hawaii, Colorado, Alabama, Florida, Arkansas and New York also have been accused of steroid-related offenses in recent years. In many cases, they were charged with using, possessing or dealing steroids..."I took anabolic steroids so that I would be stronger. If I got into a fight, I felt I stood a better chance of surviving. I wanted to go home when my shift was over."... However, steroids also can lead to heart disease, liver damage and shrunken testicles, as well as uncontrolled aggression, or "roid rage," which can be especially dangerous in a law officer."

FROM "Investigator's work under scrutiny again" By Steve McVicker

"Several days after the shooting, Williams and several family members escorted Clappart and Merkel Police Chief Bob Jones into the garage apartment. There they came across several items, including: a knife with a large, curved blade and nine spikes protruding from the grip, a box of syringes, which the family says supports their claim that Sanchez had been using steroids, although the autopsy showed no drugs in his system, a packet of tools for entering locked vehicles and buildings. a repairman-style telephone and a camouflaged phone line running from the garage apartment into Williams' house."

AF Academy Begins Drug Tests
National Security and Defense Updates for 15 July 2004

The Air Force Academy has begun randomly testing everyone from cadets to civilian employees for steroids amid an investigation into the use of the drug among students. Four cadets, including two members of the Air Force football team, were charged with possession or distribution of steroids, the school announced last week. A fifth cadet is under investigation, academy spokesman Johnny Whitaker said... 

FROM Food Safety 

With little regard for the cows or the humans that eventually eat them, the beef industry pumps growth hormones into upwards of 80 percent of beef cattle raised in the U.S. each year. These hormones are intended to boost growth rates and increase body mass--think cows on steroids.


FROM "What Do You Stand For?" by Jim Lichtman, Ethics specialist

"Every time we hear about some new wrongdoing, our level of trust in institutions and individuals declines. People need to be able to trust that those in authority, involved in every area of our lives, are acting responsibly and telling us the truth. Despite movie euphemism, most people can handle the truth. What they won't tolerate is being misled, deceived or lied to."

What's next: "Apprentice: Jason Giambi" where he teaches potential baseball stars how to use steroids, or "Apprentice: Merck," where you learn how to deceive people for years about the problems relating to a prescription drug your company has on the market?

"In these ethically challenged times, we need to promote true leadership over salesmanship, and we ought to elevate a reputation for honor more than we honor elevating the bottom line." If we're ever going to return to the level of trust we once had in our institutions and each other, we need to take a good look in the mirror and ask ourselves, "What do we stand for?"

NIDA InfoFacts on Steroids

Anabolic Steroids
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National Institute on Drug Abuse - Steroid Abuse Web Site
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National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA).
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FDOC Secretary James Crosby

Region I Director Allen Clark

Marcus Hodges aka Starling

Clayton Manning

Oscar Shipley

Michael Chambliss


On Medicine in Prison

Making The Walls Transparent