Drinking Parties On and Off State Property


Many of the FDOC prison workers are apparently party animals. The parties are usually rowdy affairs with plenty of beer for everyone and are more often than not held on state property. Some are department sanctioned, some not.

Many of the parties are held at Apalachee CI because of the gorgeous "party" house overlooking beautiful Lake Seminole that Allen Clark lives in (at the expense of the taxpayers).

Since FDOC parties are numerous, often all night affairs where the drinking is heavy, DUIs are sometimes warranted.

For instance, one of the DUIs on Apalachee CI grounds happened just a few weeks ago. The DUI involved C/O Pike, who weaved his vehicle drunkenly across state grounds, taking out four crepe myrtles in the process, finally landing the vehicle in the duck pond in front of ACI. Eyewitnesses say state vehicles pulled the car from the pond and that the whole incident was effectively covered up. 

The DUI ACCIDENT with property damage (some maintenance supervisor from Walton CI - I think) occurred as Pike was leaving the Halloween party for which there was $2,000 worth of hard liquor purchased - so much that the liquor had to be hidden elsewhere.

The Halloween party was not Clark's Birthday Bash: Allen's party happened at some other place and time.  There was a BIG party planned for Crosby that was to be hosted at ACI, but had to be postponed due to the hurricanes which ripped through Florida at the end of last year.

To be perfectly honest, there are so many FDOC parties that it's hard to tell them apart! 

Another drinking PARTY took place on Marion CI state property in mid October last year. The party lasted from Ten Thirty PM 10/13/03 till the NEXT DAY 10/14/03 at five AM. Some of the women are said to have taken their tops and bras off! Did they drive home after getting that drunk?  What's the odds?

The Marion BEER PARTY was held at the volleyball/old firearms range less than a quarter of a mile from the Marion Main Unit and right across the street from the Marion Work Camp. The Party was on Marion CI's property....not...at Lowell, although some attendees drifted over there. This was NOT an officially sanctioned party by the Warden (Gladdish). I dare say investigations would not like this!

The building where the party was hosted is NOT a private home.. just the old shelter for the old firearms range of Marion. All attendees were Correctional Officers except for DD Greathouse (C/O Tina Richmond's sister). Problem is DD is a former convicted felon. She has no business on STATE PRISON PROPERTY, especially drinking.

All of the prison workers were off duty as far as I know, but the risks for DUI on or off state property were definately there.

The other night (Feb 2005) Lt.(?) Gaskill -- one of Clark's drag-alongs -- was drunk and had as a passenger in his vehicle another CO who was so drunk, the Chattahoochee PD officers took him to his STATE HOUSE! The Gaskill DUI goes to court on March 9th -- WITH A PUBLIC DEFENDER as I've been told, although I still don't understand it! 

Get this --

Lt. Gaskill was stopped by Chattahoochee PD as he crossed over into Jackson County.  Gaskill was originally stopped for an expired tag. This is the same tag he was given a citation for just months earlier at his previous location. Apalachee CI big shots are calling it a set up by the Chattahoochee Police Dept. - but that's BULL.

Copies of Gaskill's arrest report.
All the info about Gaskill is public record

So if you live in the areas of the prisons, my advice to you is to stay off the roads on the nights the FDOC is throwing a party. If you have to be on the roads in these prison towns the night or early morning of a big FDOC party, be very careful of the drunks because they are out there and they are endangering your life.  Kay Lee

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