March 11, 2005

Dear Kaylee,

I personally had the misfortune of working in the triangle (Raiford) during A.C. Clarks infamous return.  I have been reading for hours the statements that have been made regarding the illegal activities of A.C. and his croonies.  I just thought I would put my two cents worth in. 

Working at the institution during this time period and still there today, I would like to say that The Raiford Mafia is exactly what it was like and still is even today.  I hope that very soon the king pins so to speak will be taken out. Some of them have been mentioned, yet I know that from the Gov. on down has been party to these things. 

I feel for some of these people who will fall because, not all, but some of them were involved strictly because they were afraid for their jobs.  I know some of them have been with the department for many years and when they were called upon to show their allegiance they felt they had no other choice.  Yet there are many people who are devoted to these people, they see themselves as untouchable! 

I chose to sit in the background and do the minimum required not to be messed with.  Which consisted of buying tickets to parties, drawings. and such things like that.  It was too much to do most of the time every other day 5 dollars here 20 dollars there but if you did not contribute you would for sure be punished.  I know that these days we make a considerable amount of money compared to the past yet we don't make the kind of money to support such an operation yet they did not care what situations you might have as long as you contributed.

I think of it as hell on earth. There have been some really good people pushed out because they refused to be party to the things going on even in the smallest way.  It really disgusted me to think that we have these kinds of scum in charge of our lives!

In everything that I have read so far there has been no mention of the prostitution ring that has been going on.  Nothing on how the inmates as well as officials (Gov. etc.) have been payed off for services by sex, money and drugs.  These prostitutes are made up of female officers.  There was, maybe still is, a suite of sorts made up for the Gov., Crosby and no telling who else to come for sex.  Inmates being allowed visits outside of the institution for sex and other things.  Inmates on the personal payroll for painting and such.

Yes, the drug problem is very real and I believe that we will all be seeing just how real and widespread it is very soon.  I have to say that the F.B.I. has their job cut out for them and we will probably be in need of officers very soon.   

I hope that enough people read this that it stops some of these criminals from furthering their careers as politicians.  Us here in Florida, especially those of us who work for the Department of Corrections or who have family who works there, have been held in this grip too long and most of us are fed up with living in a free country yet living under a dictatorship.  I am a small person in a big sea yet I hope that this helps some of you out there to understand the kinds of pressure that we live under, and that we are only human but live like animals only trying to survive.

Written By: Someone who cares!



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