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Introducing JEB BUSH

Brother of President, George Bush.
Both [re-elected Nov. 2002)


John Ellis "Jeb" Bush
Governor of Florida

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Governor Jeb Bush
Executive Office of the Governor
The Capitol
Tallahassee, Fl. 32399-0001

Phone: 850.488.4441
Fax: 850.487.0801

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  • Birthdate: February 11, 1953
  • Family: Married, three children
  • Party: Republican
  • Elected: November 1998, re-elected November 2002
  • Term Expires: January 2007

Governor Jeb Bush was elected Florida's 43rd Governor in 1998 and was re-elected in 2002.

With Allen Clark and James Crosby facing exposure, we may as well move on to Jeb Bush.  He's been very close to both of them.  One shocking situation I didn't know about was Jeb's appointment of Allen Clark to the 98th Judicial Circuit.

JEB BUSH Appoints Clark to the Judicial Nominating Commission!

After the Frank Valdes' murder and the absurd trial and verdict that followed, everyone was shocked when, on January 6, 2003, Jeb appointed Crosby as Secretary of the Florida FDOC.

Jeb Hires Crosby

At first, when all hell broke loose with the FBI and FDLE investigation of FDOC, Jeb defended Crosby stoutly, even telling him to ignore us 'blanks' who were trying to explain that James Crosby was a big part of the FDOC's problems.

Jeb Defends Crosby

But on January 10, 2006, with Crosby under increasing scrutiny, Jeb finally, and what appeared to be abruptly, made the right decision.

Jeb Fires Crosby

February 10, 2006

Governor Bush

I along with the inmates and many responsible, tax paying citizens wish to thank you for asking for the resignation of Secretary Crosby.

It has been obvious to so many people that it was a mistake to put him in the position in the first place. Hopefully your next selection will be a person more qualified and capable of making the changes that are so desperately needed in the FDOC.

Under the administration of Secretary Crosby, corruption, drug trafficking , extortion, bribery, abuse of inmates, the pathetic medical staff, poor sanitary conditions, etc., and the hiring of minimum educated corrections officers have been obvious and that is just the tip of the iceberg. Even you Inspectors General Office seems to have their hands tied when investigating complaints in FDOC. There are so many problems in the FDOC that it will take years to straighten them out and it will take a talented individual to make changes if he or she is allowed to do their job without obstruction.

There are many dedicated officers in FDOC who are prevented from doing their jobs due to the good old boy attitude of many of the ranking officers who will tell you that they are protected and can do what ever they wish without fear of discipline.

I wish you luck in finding an honest, qualified candidate for the position of Secretary of FDOC. If I may be of assistance to you please contact me. I will assist in any way without compensation.

William R. Cloud

Then he surprised everyone by appointing an old military man who had served as Florida's Drug Czar to take Crosby's place.

Bush lauds interim DOC chief

We hope for the best. If you have any reports on how well the interum secretary is handling his new job with the Florida Department of 'Corrections', please contact me, Kay Lee or call 404-212-0690