James Crosby's Son

Crosby's son, James III aka Trey, was hired as a Correctional Officer at New River.  He very seldom reported to work and when he did, he was late.  However, he was under Clark's umbrella.  Clark was the Warden at New River at the time. 

When Clark went to Region I, Trey went with him and was assigned to ACI.  Clark gave him a state house, which he was not entitled to.  They spent a bunch of money, ** remodeling the house. 

Trey was put in every training class they could get him in.  For example, there is a key & lock/arsenal class where they are trained in installing and repairing locking systems and in the arsenal training. where they learn the weapon side.  You don't get in these positions unless you have time with the department.

NOTE:  FOIA for a list of training James Crosby III attended, other than the corrections academy.  Include request for the invoices of materials purchased to remodel the house at ACI. 

There are many illegal activities regarding James Crosby III.  If a real investigator looked into it, with no interference from chrome-dome, there would be indisputable evidence to support these allegations.  ~Officers from Region I

** I did receive a note from people involved in cleaning Trey's house after the move.  If it was not Trey's trash and drug paraphernalia, whose was it?


On Crosby's page, speaking of his son Trey. A portion speaks of Trey being at New River CI then Trey transferred to ACI under Clark. Not exactly true. I was at New River during this time.

Trey was taking classes on state time, which only the warden can approve what officer gets this type of training. (Crosby's cousin Mike McRae was warden when I was there.)

Trey not only never showed up for work without one Lieutenant Hastings (now promoted to major at Lawtey CI for taking "CARE" of Trey while Clark was gone and McRae took over) going to staff housing to wake him up EVERY DAY, (on state time himself) but Trey would not show up in the scheduled classes.

At most Trey and * Mark Diamond (another protected because his mom or in law mom, was the attorney that defended the officer's (Lucas) in the Valdez case), would show up to the class long enough to sign in for the week or have the instructors sign in and get credit for the class and all while being on the clock.

Some instructors wanted to do the right thing but were "forced" to not kick him out of class because the college would lose money since the DOC is the one that pays for all this training. But Lake City Community College is also the Training Academy for new officer's. Why is FDLE letting them continue to train new recruits, when the administration there illegally and knowingly let Trey and Mark pad their training? 

I had to sit my a** in that chair for 40 hours off the clock to receive the credit. Why not Trey Crosby or Mark Diamond do the same? Worse yet the next class I go to it is likely Trey could be the instructor due to the classes he got under his belt with out actually attending.

Not to mention he has never worked as a Correctional Officer before.

Buy the way Mark Diamond was "acting sergeant" in the arsenal at New River, doing nothing when he chose to come to work. He too was usually out with Trey on state time, but Crosby made him an inspector at FSP, office at ICI. He got this position as a favor to his mother or mother-in-law, the attorney, in Sept. 2004.

Trey left New River after the classes he was scheduled to be in ended. At least they tried to make the dates coincide. ~Another Triangle Officer


* Mark Diamond got his job as an IG because he deserved it, not as a favor to anyone. He has a Bachelors Degree (4 year degree) and graduated with a 3.8 GPA. Mark Diamond also served for 7 years in the United States Army becoming a highly decorated officer. He is an M-16 rifle expert, Certified sharp shooter and too may other accomplishments to list. As well as having graduated in the top 10% of his Correctional Officer Training Class.

Therefore, I believe it is a false statement to say he got his position as a favor, he earned it because he  was qualified for the position.

In reference to the certification classes, I too attended some of the same certification classes with Mark Diamond and he was always present. In my experiences with Mark Diamond he has always been a dedicated and hard worker. The opportunities I have had to work with Mark have been my pleasure.

A DOC Officer


In May of 2004 there was a friend of Trey's who was a dispatcher for the Starke Police Dept. That friend, Christopher Kinney, stole "evidence" out of the Starke PD evidence room. Among the evidence was drugs, money and guns.

Chris took them to his GOOD friend Trey and they used the drugs, spent the money (probably on more drugs) and he left at least one gun with Trey.

On or about May 18th Trey's mobile home on state prison grounds (FSP/UCI/New River) had it's door broken down by FDLE agents. This was done in the middle of the night and guess what they found? A gun, stolen from the Starke PD.

Did the press ever hear anything about that - NO - Jimmy and buddies, Phillip Pritchett, Eddie Dugger, John Palmer and of course the infamous A.C. Clark, left the FCCD meeting at Crystal River (rather abruptly and in the middle of the night) to go home and do "damage control".

Well, it worked. Christopher Kinney got 5 years probation and guess what Trey got? Nothing, Nada, Zip, Zero, Zilch. The damage control worked and Trey was unscathed by the incident.

And by the way, how many former police dispatchers who stole evidence out of the police dept. do you know that would get away with 5 years probation. No favoritism, yeah right!

Please do not use my name of email address. This MUST remain anonymous. Thanks.

Seems the FDOC is full of nepotism and favoritism.