On Sept 29th the Gainesville Sun did an article on Allen Clark's brother. http://www.angelfire.com/oz/today/acbrother.html
Nothing has been written about the nepotism of James Crosby and his family.  Here is some interesting information about Michael McRae, New River Warden.
Kay Lee
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Making The Walls Transparent
"Please do not post my email address as I and my husband are current employee's in the "Iron Triangle". But the abuse of power does not only lie with A.C. [W] Clark or James V. Crosby. I have first hand knowledge of one Michael O. McRae, Warden at New River CI .
McRae is Crosby's cousin. He filled the Warden duties at New River when Clark left to his directorship in Region One. This man is a real power mongrel. He kept his position even after he went into an officer's house on state property removed her mentally ill daughter who was pregnant at the time caused a huge stink.
Now the officer after DCF INVOLVEMENT, STARKE POLICE INVOLVEMENT, STATE ATTORNEY OFFICE INVOLVEMENT and other state law enforcement agencies involvement is having to adopt the new born child, had lost her position at New River and was transferred, Spouse transferred, had their state housing transferred to Union CI, not to mention 5 months of leave time due to staying home with a new infant that was in their protective custody placed by DCF from Warden McRae's house.
This man was using this officers mentally ill pregnant daughter and unborn grandchild to appease his lunatic wife. Gloves came off and the officers were not going to take it lying down. Mr. McRae forgot two could play this smear campaign. Only problem was he had a lot of skeletons, the officers didn't.
Why was this Warden allowed to come into a state house occupied by a state employee while they were not home and remove half the furnishings and a mentally ill daughter and move her into his home? Rumor had it he thought the baby was his?
Either way Brad Carter dealt with it but did not do anything to McRae. Think being Crosby's cousin had something to do with it.
There is so much more to this story it got as far as stalking charges being filed by the state attorney's office. Union County Sheriffs office did not respond to the union county home of these officers when they were called. But Warden McRae was there and his wife taking items from this home filled up 3 car loads of stuff.
Then McRae had his Goons, Col. Glen Kemp, Major Dixon (now Col. Dixon FSP), and Lt. Hastings, posted at this state house for hours on state time trying to intimidate them. They even followed the DCF worker into the staff housing when they took the 4 day old baby from the McRae home and placed the child in the officer's Protective Custody.
Then at court the next day Warden McRae testified on the mother's behalf and attempted to testify as some sort of expert psychologist due to his position as warden. He hasn't worked with mentally ill inmates in years as is common to those in administrative positions.
I could tell you an ear full more on this case which is ongoing by the way. The officers are feeling retributions for standing up to him still today. And nothing is being done to McRae or his demented wife.
~Triangle Officers