"I serve at the pleasure of Secretary Crosby
and as you know, he is not a very compassionate person."


Write to Secretary "Jimmy"



PR Propaganda:

James Vernon Crosby Jr.
Born: Aug. 15, 1952
Education: Bradford High School. Bachelor's degree in journalism, University of Florida, 1973.
Career: Florida Department of Corrections, 1975-present.
New salary: $110,000. (Predecessor Michael Moore earned $113,404.)

Family: Wife, Leslie, 46; son, James V. Crosby III, 22; daughter Brittany, 16. Little-known fact: Performed as a youth with a small Baptist choir, the Harbingers, winning first place at the county fair and cutting a record.

Other pursuits: Gator basketball games; prison league softball; Starke city commissioner, 1980-87. Served as mayor, 1983-84.
Quote: On administering the death penalty during three-plus years as warden of Florida State Prison: "It's not something you would want to do forever. It's not a light day, and it's a difficult job.''

"If you go after the king, you better not wound him!" ~James Crosby

Florida prison system probed

Friday, September 16, 2005

The FDOC Wall of Silence is definitely cracking. Crosby and Clark's hauteur is slipping. I'm getting swamped with calls from FDOC personnel who want to see the cleanup.  I'm putting all that I can at this time on Clark's page at http://www.angelfire.com/oz/today/acclark.html and Crosby's page at http://www.angelfire.com/oz/today/jamescrosby.html

This morning a meeting was held in Crosby's office where Crosby turned a brown paper wrapped bundle of files (believed to be Mr. Clark's records) over to Lou Vargas, Gen Council. Many believe that Crosby is going to go for Clark's throat to save himself, although they've both been in this mess together for years.

Clark has hired Attorney Dobson of the Dobson and Boge Law Firm, who apparently specializes in high profile cases with plea agreements.  I will be watching for Rico proceedings against many FDOC personnel. 

I am working with a certain long-standing reporter on public records requests etc. to get more information.  If you have any thing to add, please contact me at kaylee1@charter.net. If you do not get a response within 1 day, please use kayleeusa@yahoo.com

It appears all the work is finally paying off.

Kay Lee
2693 Rockcliff Road Southeast
Atlanta Georgia 30316

Sent: Friday, October 07, 2005
Subject: Florida Attorney General

Charlie Crist is a good and decent person. I have supported him in the past and plan to do so in the future………I’ll certainly never support James Crosby’s crony ROD SMITH……..Please pass on this web site for filing information with the Attorney General.

This went to Charlie Crist a few minutes ago at: 


Dear Charlie, 

I am a retired prison warden from the Florida DoC. We've met a number of times, first in Blountstown back around 1992/93 and a few times in Orlando where my wife and worked with OCREC.

The purpose of this note is to recommend that you scrutinize carefully the overall situation of James V Crosby III. My ears are close to the ground with numerous DC employees and, with my own past history in dealing with Crosby, feel he is a big liability for DoC at this time.

Please take this as a positive comment as I and others feel you need to know.

Ron & Lynne McAndrew
20390 The Granada
Dunnellon, Florida 34432-6082
(352) 465 5919 Home
(352) 342-1450 Ron's Cell

On Taxpayer's Money

"Just thought I would let you know. Your efforts are being cheered by all of us who want Bush to fire Crosby and all of his little dogs who have been humping his leg for the past few years. With all that has happened, it is simply amazing that he hasn't done so already.  Every day there is something new."

Michael James Crosby III aka Trey

New River Warden Michael McRae reported to be James Crosby's Cousin.

Getting paid without working.

Gold Watches and Other Neat Stuff.

Gold Watches and Other Neat Stuff.

Benefits of Hanging Around Tallahassee

Not the First, But the Latest

Good Ole Boy Network is Alive and Well.

Seems the FDOC is full of  private favors on public money.

Half Baked Solutions from a Half-Ass Boss

Terrible Speculation

And That's the End of That
PURE SPECULATION   Thank you graphic artist Angie A.
NOTE: The above picture is not reality.
Crosby is not in jail, only under investigation.
We can only hope he pays a fair price for all his efforts. KL

Sent: Friday, September 16, 2005 7:34 PM
Subject: Crosby at ACI today

"Sec. Crosby was on the grounds of ACI today. First he was on the east unit, then he went over to west unit. Were these courtesy calls during such a trying time? Perhaps it was damage control? Or maybe he was expediting paperwork. It's anybody's guess

It could be a show of force, making sure everyone knows Clark may be gone but Crosby is still in charge. I suspect he was getting everyone's stories straight. The man doesn't want to go down with his protege'

"Many at the top of DC really do care about those in the trenches. I don’t think the present secretary does….he claims to have come from the trenches and initially tried to lead the media to believe he had been a correctional officer at one time…..Not a chance…he never worked a prison floor and was never a correctional officer. In fact, as a warden Crosby would not enter the compound of any prison (according to sources that served under him) without a body guard. I know for a fact that he did not come inside FSP without a body guard when I was the warden.  If he didn’t support the continuing personnel cuts he should be quoted as feeling this way... but he doesn’t and isn't." Ex-Warden

A lesson in Prison Management
Saturday, September 11, 2004

Due to the destruction caused by hurricane Charlie, a team of correctional officers from FSP, UCI and NFRC came to Hardee Correctional Institution at Bowling Green, Florida, to help out in recovering from the storm.

These guest officers went nuts, locking prisoners down and writing false disciplinary reports as they are accustomed to doing in their home prison facilities. Over 80 prisoners were placed on confinement by these foreign officers.

Hardee is a well managed prison facility with no discipline problems. The staff officers and administrators at Hardee began to realize what was causing this outbreak of problems and reviewed the DRs, resulting in dismissing all of them. Then they rapidly got rid of the visiting officers in order to return to their normal, trouble-free routine.

At Hardee, inmates do not show disrespect toward officers or disobey orders. There is a prevailing atmosphere of mutual respect and cooperation between guards and prisoners.  The population of 1300 prisoners get along with very few difficulties.

Most of the prisoners cited with DRs had spotless, trouble-free records for many years, so the local staff officers would not believe the charges against them made by the visitors. The sudden, violent change in the normally peaceful atmosphere was readily traced to the interfering newcomers and once they were dispatched, things returned to normal.

The contrast between the administration of different prisons should teach the FDOC authorities a lesson about proper penology policies. That will probably not happen, however, because the FDOC secretary, James Crosby, was the instigator of the draconian policies which dominate those prisons in Sector II, at FSP, UCI and NFRC. He has the full support of governor Jeb Bush in his incompetent and cruel administration policies.

John Albert
contact at:    jalbert13@juno.com
My web site is:  www.crimeandpunishment.org


As warden, he is "captain of the ship" and he should be aware of rogue Goons-- the very fact that these goons used pepper spray and cellular extractions in excess speaks of one of two things: either the death row inmates in Florida are a different breed than those in Georgia or North Carolina, where far fewer use of pepper spray is used each year, or the guards -- er Goons-- are too free to use it.  I do not think that the former is true.

Some of the men on death row are desperate, and need close control; most are the humblest men in the joint, doing their remaining time as best as they can under horrible living conditions. It is surprising that there have been no riots from death row, given the bleak conditions and utter cruelty by the Goons, coupled with the frustration of not getting a fair chance in the appellate courts in spite of the 75% reversal rate for those on death row.

Why was Frank's fall-partner, Van Poyk quietly shipped to Virginia? As a killer of one of the Griffis, he was in danger too, but since when is the DOC so eager to protect him until he gets the needle?

Don't let the state bamboozle you by saying that they cannot convict or hold liable any one Goon because they do not know who delivered a fatal blow; they were all involved in a conspiracy, which is in itself a felony, making the murder a felony murder, and ALL conspirators are equally guilty if they took a major role in the planning or actual execution of the crime. The jury did not understand that at the previous circus held in Starke.  In a civil trial, the Goons cannot plead 5th amendment if promised immunity--total or partial.

Good luck!
G M Larkin MD

Murder By Correctional Officers
State corrections chief focus of civil trial in prison death*
"Indifference to widespread abuse is alleged in the 1999 death of inmate Frank Valdes." November 15, 2004

"Everyone is "buzzing" about Crosby and this hearing. This is a HUGE issue in Bradford, Union, Baker, Columbia Counties. I'll keep y'all posted on what the latest is when it is finally over.

Murdered Convict's Wife's Remarks

As all know the trial of the guards who murdered Frank has been postponed til Jan 5. 2005. But on Oct 20th we go back to court  on Hogan St at the federal courthouse in Jacksonville for a hearing about if Crosby should be held accountable for his  men who murdered my husband in prison. Mr James Crosby was the supt. at Florida State Prison, when the 8 guards beat him to death. Just months after the murder he was appointed the secretary of prisons for all of Florida. When Mr Crosby took over the job as warden of Fl. State Prison, he was warned by the previous warden that these men were dangerous, and that they loved to abuse prisoners. He never had the death site secured and he lied about which cell Frank was beat to death in. The reason for the delay is because, if Federal Judge Corrigan rules that Cosby will stand trial, the lawyers for him will file an appeal with the appeals court. It seems that Mr Crosby was appointed to Sec. of Prisons for Florida in an effort to protect him from prosecution. Also the guards filed a lawsuit as they do not want to pay for what they did. I believe our letters to judge Corrigan have influenced him and he is aware that the public will not stand for murder in our prisons. This new hearing is oral arguments as to why Crosby should be held responsible. If we allow this to slide by then no inmate is safe in prison. They sure prosecuted the guards who abused inmates during the war. And we have waited over 5 years for justice. Please everyone let the media know of this hearing and write the judge. God Bless Wanda Valdes




Dear Mr. Crosby:

Word is going around that five million dollars has come up missing from your F.D.O.C. recycling plant. Rumor is that, that five million dollars is going to finance your run for the Governor’s office.

These rumors are coming from your officers.  If you want to know which ones, forget it, I won’t tell you. But believe this, I will be writing the F.B.I. to have them look into it. Oh yeah, let’s not forget about the media; surely we can’t leave them out of this deal, now can we?!
Something is funny about how you, under the scrutiny of the murder of Valdes, get promoted to Regional Director then to Secretary.  A man that couldn’t oversee the safety and well-being of one thousand inmates in one institution gets promoted to oversee the 77,000-some inmates throughout the state of Florida.

I’d say someone has political interest in you.  By the way, if you are at this time considering having your officers kill me, get it out of your mind!  Because if I turn up dead, and personally I don’t give a damn if I do, but if I do, people on the street will be sending copies of this letter to every newspaper and media outfit in the United States.

This letter shows that I don’t fear you nor your corrupt officers. And that I will do anything in my power to assist in your political career going straight down the drain. 

Have a nice day, Mr. Crosby.

Ronald W. Clark, Jr.

p.s. As you know, my life is in danger from other inmates.  So you could easily make it look like that’s how and why I was killed.  I asked you for interstate compact.  You refused.  So I will stir up controversy until the day I die or am out of the F.D.O.C.

cc:  Personal Record
Ronald Wayne Clark Jr, The Death Row Poet

What Does His Staff Really Think?

DOC Basketball Tournament
Wed, 12 May 2004

Dear Kay,  I recently experienced firsthand the wrath of THE SECRETARY [James Crosby] over the past weekend in Lake City, Fl at the annual DOC Basketball tournament.

I used to work at Union CI in 2000 until I was used as a scapegoat after 1st shift officers beat the crap out of an inmate who had somehow got my state ID.  The inmate stated to investigators that I did it to him.  Other officers from 1st shift told me otherwise, but none of them were willing to come forward.

Anyway, I went to work at the private juvenile prison in Lake City called CCA.  We entered the basketball tournament as usual this year.  We were placed in the toughest bracket by one of the good ole boys Major Richard Frye of New River.  To his surprise we beat everyone we played.

After playing on and off for almost 12 hours on Saturday, New River and CCA were the only two unbeaten teams.  After an exhausting game against SFRC, Frye wanted to play us right away because he knew that they would beat us in the condition our team was in.  We were basically not given an option.  We either played or went home.  Either way, it was going to be the same result.

I stated to our coach that it was obvious that they wanted the trophy back at New River and since they wanted to make a big deal out of it, let’s just give them what they wanted.  Well, this pissed off old Jimmy and he then began yelling, ”You’ll never play in another one, you little s@#$.  I guarantee you’ll never play in it again.   You can kiss my a@#.”   I walked away because the God in me would not allow me to respond.  Little did he know that I am a Baptist Minister.

I was preparing to leave, but I wasn’t leaving fast enough, so old Jimmy told his bodyguards along with Frye, “You better get him out of here before he gets f@#$%^ up.”His bodyguards came over and asked me to leave and one of them stuck his finger in my chest and shoved me.  All I have to say is good ole Jimmy strikes again.  There’s no use in pursuing it, because Jeb’s not going to do anything to his boy.

You may use the story and please do keep the name off.  It just sickens me about all the corruption going on within the department.  It’s just a no-win situation.

Sincerely,  One Correctional Officer trying to make a real difference.


Courtesy of a Cynical Citizen

"Crosby appointed his buddy, Allen W. Clark to head Region 1.  Mr. Clark brought their FSP ball playing buddies with him, installing them in places like Apalachee CI, where the recent riot took place."  Interesting information from Region I officers.

Head of Florida prison system resigns under pressure

State Corrections Secretary James Crosby was ousted Friday by Gov. Jeb Bush following months of questions about illegal activities by guards and top officials in the prison system.


I want to thank all of you for your most excellent help in the recent exposure of department injustice/corruption/neglect. With the help of the media, your efforts have been successful.

Secretary James Crosby, head of the Florida Department of 'Corrections' has just been asked to resign by Governor Jeb Bush.  Along with many Florida newspapers, the St Pete Times is preparing an article.

We need ex or current employees who know or have known James Crosby to talk to the reporter. She can keep you anonymous if you feel the need.  She doesn't care if what you have to say is positive or negative, she just wants to know what you think about him.

If you have been or are an employee and have an opinion on this situation, Candice Rondeaux can be reached at
EMAIL:  rondeaux@sptimes.com
813-226-3337 (Office}
727-430-2860 (Cell)

Of course the battle for a better work environment is not over, but if we keep our eyes on the new secretary (whomever that may be), it is the best beginning we could have gotten.  Hopefully we won't get Brad Carter or one of the other Good Ol' Boys.  Keep in touch.
With gratitude for a job well done
Kay Lee
2683 Rockcliff Road Southeast
Atlanta, Georgia 30316
Making The Walls Transparent


FDOC full of nepotism and favoritism.




JEB BUSH, James Crosby's Boss



Bush Blows It
Governor Bush Names James V. Crosby, Jr. to Lead Department of Corrections

New Prisons Chief From the Ranks
BY: THOMAS C. TOBIN Tobin@sptimes.com


High-Profile Murders Spotlight Fla. System

Warden's iron rule too tough for some