A number of prison workers were hired under the guise of FDOC C/O, but were never required to do any real work.  Often when others were working, they were playing.

And Other FDOC Sports Stories

"Col Glen Kemp has officers on Perimeter patrol spot deer and kill them for him on the backside of FSP near the recycle and the Farm. The dead animals provide a source of meat for the parties and cook outs."

i wish to remain anonymous as i work for the doc. but the good ole boy is running hot and heavy in the doc. if you hunt or play softball you get promoted and are assigned good shifts/days off. Someone needs to look into region 2.


Sent: Sunday, October 16, 2005


The men in general that hunt in this region, a lot of them have private land or belong to hunting clubs in fla and ga. they hunt deer. they also fish together. yes they take time off from work and which is fine but then they will have fish fries or cookouts at the institution (asst. wardens home) and the only ones that are invited are the elite admin.shift. They should check into promotion practices. If you play softball or hunt & fish you can get hired a lot faster than those who have had their application in for months. Also if they want you to play ball and you don't work for the doc they make arrangements for you to work Aramark (food service) with just enough hours to qualify. At Mayo, Mr. Witt paid a professional baseball player, H. Perry, from Aramark funds (he never worked Aramark) to play for the baseball team."

"To go with Mayo CI "hiring" a professional baseball player (Herbert Perry), They brought in a professional softball player named Jerimy Thompson, who is a contractor for MCI, the telephone company. Rumor has it he is big buddies with Asst. Warden Mock. Go figure! He started "playing" with them around March of this year through the Secretary's Tournament in May. I know first hand he was recruited by several other Institutions, but he decided to go to the HIGHEST bidder.Not to mention his close ties with Assistant Warden Mock! It's just awful that things like this are allowed."

Ask how a classification officer became assistant warden? His wife is Crosby's niece. please keep me anonymous because i would loose my job........

NOTE:  "It is not uncommon for Classification Supervisors to work their way into Assistant Warden of Programs (education, classification, etc). These are not usually your ex-Correctional Officers. That is what Mr Young did. He's a great guy who unfortunately is a follower. He was stuck done at Charlotte CI after the murders. You should check into Crosby's Official paid lobbyist who they made up a high paying position for due to his ties to some influential senators. He also spends most of his work time working a second fulltime job.He's on the P&P side. --no names please"

There is so, so, much more to this story and more indictments are in progress at this very moment.  

AL Solomon, Warden.... for requesting sexual favors for promotions.  Continually hounding employees for money to support their booze parties on state grounds.  More can be obtained at this website of official complaints by employees and confirmed reports are also listed here:


There are many, many links within the FSP Sports pages to cover on the illegal activity that is transpiring.

Here is another article in the Gainesville Sun today (Oct. 4, 2005) about
another Ball Player from Allen Clark's team:

An article from AP published in the Gainesville Sun Online

Article published Oct 4, 2005
FDLE warrant says man hired for softball tournament

SNEADS, Fla. A former minor league baseball player who worked for the state
Department of Corrections for enough time to help prison guards win a
softball tournament has been arrested, a Department of Law Enforcement
warrant showed.

The warrant from FDLE Inspector Travis Lawson alleges Mark Guerra, 33, was
paid $1,247 for four weeks as a library employee at the Apalachee
Correctional Institution, but was not required to show up for work.

Guerra told investigators he was hired to work at the prison library, but
later said he was hired to play softball for the Apalachee Correctional
. He said he played in the 24th annual Florida Department of
Correction Secretary's Tournament in Jacksonville, which the prison team won

Guerra, of Grand Ridge, was arrested Monday night and booked into a Jackson
County jail on a charge of grand theft. Jail records show Guerra was
released on his own recognizance. There was no telephone listing for Guerra
and no information on whether he had legal representation.

Robby Cunningham, a spokesman for the Department of Corrections, said he
could not comment on the ongoing investigation. Guerra no longer works with
the department.

"We certainly take it seriously and are working with the FDLE to get it
wrapped up," Cunningham said.

Guerra told investigators he had played minor league baseball and played for a team in Venezuela for about five years.


I meant to tell you about Crosby's nephew - he is married to Crosby's wife's niece.  He is an Asst. Warden at Mayo.  He went from Class. Off. to Asst. Warden in just a few years.  Unbelievable. 

He is the one that gave a professional baseball player, Herbert Perry , a DC id card so he could play on Mayo's softball team in the past DC tournament. 

NOTE:  FOIA for all the promotions at Mayo and the ones promoted to positions at other institutions who worked at Mayo and a copy of the paper work for Perry's ID card.  A bunch of them.  Little nephew could get his buddies promoted at his institution and others.

QUESTION:  How did Crosby's nephew got promoted to Asst. Warden at Mayo so fast and how did he falsify records to give Perry an id card to play softball.. 

FDLE, Governor Bush and Legislators need to look at the others paid to play softball and other sports. This has allegedly occurred at other institutions as well. Hell, the Warden and Asst. Warden at Mayo hired a retired professional to play. New River, FSP, SFRC,Taylor and Mayo all did the same, in all the sports.

All of their teams were the top teams. The one at Mayo was the most blatant. I guess Crosby's nephew and the Warden, at Mayo, need to explain how they hired a retired professional baseball player, who never worked.

Taylor staff need to explain all the ones they hired as well. Hell, the rest of us players, who have been working our whole careers, had to compete against "hired guns".

SFRC R.D. Jones operates under the same lines, He hires and promotes  staff based on sports, He transfers many ball players from North Florida with promises of promotions.

On the last Police olympics.  SFRC was disqualified because they had players who did not qualify, they were hired only to play sports. At SFRC all the administrative shift is ball players and other sports players, Some don't come work and most of the time are on leave.

They have a CO who began his career  approximately 18 months ago (Figueroa) as a training officer (TEA )  He worked in the arsenal assisting the arsenal Sgt.  He then graduated from the academy  and continued to work in the arsenal,

He later was recruited by AAA  baseball try outs, went on leave, sick leave was donated for him so he could go and try out. Apparently he did not make it so he came back to work, As soon as he got back to work, he made Sgt and took over the arsenal Now again he is missing in action.

SFRC has many cases of staff hired for sports reason, several in classification, several hired by Aramark as a favor to the Warden and payback for serving terrible food. 

Mr. Jeter  Assistant  Warden at Everglades CI, he ,  was a Sgt three (3) years ago, bench press champion, His wife was Mr. Drakes secretary, she is now a classification supervisor at SFRC.

Perhaps we need to take a serious look at our hiring and promotional practices. I guess this has really turned into the wild west.

Dear Kay Lee:

I am not sure you are aware however for the past several months there has been unbelievable promotions occuring at our Facility.

We had a Major Hughes, whom has less than ten years in the Department, well low and behold he is related to Crosby by marriage and his wife worked at the prison doing a job nobody had any idea of her function.  She wore civilian clothes and worked in the classification area however used to be a fingernail technician. 

Well Major hughes was promoted to Col. and two months later promoted to Asst. Warden into Region one.  Avon Park also is rigged for softball, there were shortages of cleaning supplies and items used to keep things clean for the inmates, however the softball team sported new equipment and everyone wonders where it came from.

New athletic looking correctional officers enter as TEAs and get Dayshift and weekends off or are allowed to use Annual days to attend softball tournaments. 

We also have a huge pride program and there is some shady dealings there as well.  Harassment of staff goes on at Avon Park as anywhere and if anyone tries to speak out they recieve the speech, you put it on paper you won't have a job. 

I have worked there for years however must let you know a majority of officers refuse to buy into the bad ways of DOC but North Florida boys are being shipped in trying to make it corrupt.  I certainly hope they are smart enough to see this trail and come investigate here. ~ Avon Park Officer

"Yep it's all true but it includes not only men but female softball players. One * nurse at WAS CI was hired because she could play softball. They held her job until she came off probation at another state job, and passed over more qualified applicants so she could play ball. The hiring policy at WAS CI was "If they can play ball, hell we can teach them the job."

* R. Smith warden gave $17,000.00 to the Bush (Gov) campaign so they could bring him out of retirement. They also have ballplayers on the payroll who have never stepped foot on the compound.

The new HSA her husband has the contract to provide the heavy equipment for the building of the new annex.

One nurse was transferred to another institution so her position could be filled by a less qualified individual who could play of all things volley ball.

R. Smith told his classification dept. that if they didn't get a volleyball team together they would be the only classification dept. in Region 1 to work midnight's.

The WASCI employee club is $7000.00 in the hole. They were told at one time to send $200.00 to Clark so that they (Clark and company) could rent motel rooms for a hurricane party.

Mr. Smith fired (or attempted to) his assistant warden at a softball tournament in Graceville. On Sat. they got into it over non doc ball players. Mr. Kennedy did get his job back but was transferred to another institution.

Mr. Smith is close with Clark and Crosby. He's a real piece of work himself. He intimidates by threatening to fire or transfer you if you don't "play on his team."

Mr. Smith was transferred to JAC CI (closer to his Georgia home) hope this doesn't present a problem for that Maj. whose husband was beaten at the softball tournament. She's a Maj. at JAC CI  More to come later. Keep up the good work!

"If you have any information concerning sports in the FDOC, you can contact me, kaylee and you may also want to contact Kathy (Reporter/Owner) TWIN CITY NEWS in Chattahoochee, Florida who has been covering the story and has covered the ballgames and has been keeping records of the many complaints and illegal activities done by the so-called Mafia over the past two years.  She may have more of Jeb Bush's involvement to give as well.  I believe he initially allowed these people free spending with their budgets and now has told these people to start quickly cleaning up.   TWIN CITY NEWS (850) 663-2255"




Mark Michael Guerra arrested in DOC probe