Secretary Crosby is out of control and has been. 

It is time someone took a real look into what has been going on. We can no longer stand by when we are supposed to be inspectors for the DC. We have been intimidated too long, afraid of retaliation. The inspector General, Addul Wasi and his inner staff should be ashamed. They are supposed to have some type of standards. They go along with the unfair employment practices and allow hirings and promotion of nonqualified staff.

It is an embarassment when Secretary Crosby has continued to promote his nepotism and taking care of his friends and family on the backs of state employees. Mr. Allen Clark, former Regon 1 Director and Mr. Bradley Carter Dir. of region 2 have been running amuck so long and this is the last straw.

Crosby has hired Clark's brother Rick Clark as an inspector in Reg. II. Clark's wife, Lori is at ACI and is to be promoted and to recieve a state house in Mayo. Clark's son is employed at ACI  and is to be transferred to Lancaster.

Crosby's drug using son has been employed at Region 2. Brad Carter's son and other family members were hired in Reg. 2 and allowed to run amuck. Staff afraid to say anything to them for fear of retaliation.

The IG has no integrity and fear Crosby. Investigators can't get staff to talk to them for fear of Crosby and his cronies who don't want the truth unless it is someone who they are out to get.

There are so many who know what has been going on and are willing to see a change. They need to have this exposed for what it is. Please help

"Word is out that Crosby is going to survive this and people are being warned to keep their mouths shut.  Which can be expected if you know how they operate."

I have been told that the Secretary/Director of the FDLE was a sheriff from Bay Co., prior to Jeb Bush's re-election.  He had quite a bit of influence with Bush.  He was instrumental in Crosby being selected by Bush as Secretary.  Now, I guess Crosby has paid him back and gained further favor, by hiring his son. 

The son was hired, not in the usual entry level position, but to an auditor position in Central Office.  The position he was hired in is usually filled with people with several years experience in a prison.  He walked right into the job, from outside DC.  Now he is on a team that audits the security functions of institutions - a job one can't do without knowing how a prison operates and what to look for.

Also, several members on Jeb's transition team, responsible for making a recommendation to Bush on filling the Secretary job, were hired in high positions in the Department.

For example, Mike Hanna was hired as Chief of Staff.  Now, this position is very high in the food chain and the salary was somewhere around $90,000.00 a year. He recently left the Department for a better job, gained though his political contacts. 

There is a black female who was hired in a high position after serving on the transition team.  I haven't gotten her name yet, but will keep trying.

This is supposedly the way Crosby pays back those individuals for their support.  The only problem, it would have to be done with taxpayers money.

Knowing Crosby, the way we do, he more than likely made the deals for support for the Secretary job.

Oct. 18, 2005 at 23:35:06

"We now have a new recruit that doesn't have to follow FDLE guidelines for the COBRA program. He gets to stay in the receiving area (if that is where he really is) most of us have not seen him at all. But the rest of the new recruits are completing the program sweating their "B_ _ LS" OFF on the compound, and learning the job, while Matt Whitehead enjoys a leisurely day. There is the answer - WHITEHEAD brother of Brad!!!! He will make rank quick!!!"

NOTE: I don't know if Matt is a ballplayer or just a favored son, but a 119 would tell who he is and what qualifications he has.  I can't believe they'd hire another relative who doesn't have to work while all this is happening with Clark and Crosby's sons.  Kay Lee


I just recently reviewed your web site. After hearing so much about it lately, curiosity got the best of me.

I can add some information regarding Brad Tunnell. The son of Guy Tunnell (Secretary of FDLE) who was in fact hired as a security auditor (a position that normally required at least two years as a correctional officer lieutenant or higher) and who later transferred to Region 1 office when Clark became Director.

Brad Tunnel's previous employment record was not "good" so to speak. Prior to being hired he worked for the Leon County Sheriff's office jail division. Brad was not corrections certified and had several DUI arrest in his record, one of which was outstanding (Georgia) at the time of his hiring. From what I understand, the advertisement had to be posted several times in order for Brad to apply. Apparently he was to lazing to do so the first two times. Against the wishes of the section given his lack of security abilities, his lack of correctional knowledge and that the DUI charges were 'overlooked' and he was hired. Please note that with a record like this the department generally would not hire a person as a clerk typist let alone a professional security auditor.

From what I have heard, Brad's tenure with the auditor section was somewhat non-productive. Brad was seldom on time, demonstrated little to no initiative and was often left sleeping in his hotel room by his partner auditors as they departed for the institution they were to audit.

None-the-less, he was moved to Region 1 Office when Alan Clark was made Director. Brad too was given a state residence (of which his position did not qualify).

After the Clark resignation, Brad was to be moved to the Major position at Wakulla Work Camp. Fortunately someone stopped this move given that he has no certification. Where and what he is doing now is anyone's guess. He is still on the payroll. I guess his softball skills and more importantly, daddy's connections, have temporarily ensured that.

I am confident that good will prevail and that all of the unwarranted promotions, ghost employees along with the corrupt management will be wiped out and the 'good' that is the Florida Department of Corrections will once again prevail.

Oh yea, almost forgot.... there was another employee hired as OPS in Central Office just for his softball abilities and rarely reported to work. His name - Chad French. Apparently at the time he had a connection with Crosby's daughter, who also works in CO.

If you do choose to post, please omit my email address

More Favoritism

October 1, 2005:  From what I understand, one of the captains that was close to Mr. Crosby has been in jail and arrested several times and some employees think it's shameful he never lost his job.  I agree.

The captain's name is Kevin Windham.  He is/was reportedly one of Crosby's top men and a 'big buddy'.  'Captain' Windham was reported to have been moved from Hamilton CI to Mayo CI because he had gotten into trouble for beating up his girlfriend at a bar in Columbia County.  The abuse arrest was supposedly covered up and made into to a lesser charge.  It is reported that Windham got a year's probation there.

It has also been stated that he was arrested in Georgia a few years ago.  And just this past week he was supposed to have been arrested in Georgia for a DUI.

I have been told that he is also in trouble for knocking his ex-wife's door down and has had to spend 30 days in jail for that charge.  Almost no one can understand why Windham kept his job through all that.

Kevin Windham has worked for DOC for 17 years. He has been in trouble and it's a testament to the nature of the department that he has held a high position as long as he has.

NOTE:  FOIA for Kevin Windham's arrest records from Florida and Georgia.

Including Crosby's 'Nephew', Herbert Perry

I have gotten many comments on the fact that Clark's ballplayers draw paychecks but don't really work.  Awhile back I was told about a night when a number of inmates had to be processed.  A few officers were struggling with the overload while Clark and his ballplayer's sat and visited with each other.  When the officers asked for help, Clark told them that his ballplayer's were doing exactly what they were supposed to do - In his words, "NOTHING".

Here's more information on Allen Clark's Softball Players
(Information provided by FDOC staff)

Kay Lee

Florida Department of Correction (Region I) is run by the "Raiford Mafia".  Officials appointed by Jeb Bush are under investigation and indictments are in the process.  Misuse of funds, officials selling steroids to employees and prisoners.  Inmate killed at Florida State Prison... and officials just transferred to hide information. Many, many, other things illegally done.  Officials are suddenly resigning and local newspapers are covering and following this information. (Confirmation can be found below.)

These officials have been transferred to Apalachee Correctional Institution over the past two years as cover-up.  Upon transfer...the so-called "Raiford Mafia" continued their illegal activities.  They hired professional baseball players for their traveling teams and distributed steroids to them and suddenly put them on payroll.  State employees who were employed for years were dismissed or transferred to make room for more 'Mafia' members." ~An Officer

"I wanted to give you a little info.  I was holding off, but since it was mentioned on the Fl Corr. Officer.Net site,  I will elaborate on what was said.

There were softball players hired at New River, FSP, ACI, Taylor and Mayo, who either never worked a day or played softball while they were suppose to be working.  At New River, FSP and ACI, Officers were hired or taken from other institutions, because they could play softball, were placed on admin. shifts, many given state cell phones

(NOTE: FOIA for cell phone records, especially bills/invoices for all cell phones assigned to staff at New River, FSP & Taylor, to see phones used for personal use). 

Also, at Taylor and Mayo, they may have made ID cards, which are state documents, for softball players who never worked for the Department.  At Mayo, where Crosby's nephew, (look into how fast he was promoted to Asst. Warden) a retired professional baseball player, ** Herbert Perry, was given an ID card so he could play in a couple of DC tournaments that were only for DC employees. 

They claimed he was working for the food service contractor ARAMARK.  Now, do you believe a millionaire, retired pro baseball player would work in such a job, where they hire McDonald rejects for $8 an hour?  This is a major no-no.  In fact, employees have been fired or forced to resign for making ID cards for similiar reasons. 

** There is a little boo-boo on your website. You wrote/posted that Herbert Perry is Crosby's nephew.  Perry was the retired professional softball player, who Crosby's nephew hired to play on Mayo's softball team. Crosby's nephew is the Asst. Warden at Mayo.  His name is Freddie Mock, I believe.  It may be "Mott", but I am sure it is "Mock". 

The retiring Warden at Santa Rosa tried to report such activity at his institution, just this year, and Crosby had it swept under the ole rug.  Ask for such an incident report at Santa Rosa or ask the retired Warden, Petrovsky.

At Taylor, they hired softball players to work OPS on the new construction, who had no construction skills and either paid them for work they didn't do or just gave them an ID card.  Hell, Clark flew some players down from NC to play in the last DC tournament, to ensure ACI's win.  This was so he could have control over next years tournament, the winner gets to host the next tournament and keep the profits - big money."  ~FDOC Officer


I want to tell you about Crosby's nephew - he is married to Crosby's wife's niece.  He is an Asst. Warden at Mayo.  He went from Class. Off. to Asst. Warden in just a few years.  Unbelievable.

He is the one that gave a professional baseball player, Herbert Perry , a DC id card so he could play on Mayo's softball team in the past DC tournament. 

NOTE:  FOIA for all the promotions at Mayo and the ones promoted to positions at other institutions who worked at Mayo and a copy of the paper work for Perry's ID card.  A bunch of them.  Little nephew could get his buddies promoted at his institution and others.

QUESTION:  How did Crosby's nephew got promoted to Asst. Warden at Mayo so fast and how did he falsify records to give Perry an id card to play softball.

Sent: Saturday, October 01, 2005
Subject: FDOC

DOC softball players are paid by the institution hosting the tournament out of the employees club. The amount of money paid is based on where the hosting institution places in the tounament.

QUESTION: Is the employee's club for all employees?  Do they all vote on how the money in the fund is to be spent?  What kind of money is paid say to the top team vs the bottom team?

All I know about that is Sgt.Oscar Shipley was paid 400.00 this last spring by Taylor C.I.'s employee club for being on the winning team in a tournament hosted by Taylor C.I.. I saw the check made out to Oscar Shipley with Taylor C.I's employee's club as the payee. Of course the employees have no say in any of this. Sgt. Shipley played on FSP's softball team,,,even though he was not assigned to FSP at this time. I have also heard of a rumor,,, I repeat this is second hand information that I cannot verify,,, but Sgt Shipley stated that Allen Clark authorized the FSP softball team to play in a tournament in Wisconsin, , with everything on the house,,,,, the CO's were so drunk on the return flight,, the pilot had to land at Atlanta's Hartsfield airport and the CO's were then met by Atlanta PD. And supposedly A.C. Clark had to arrange for the CO's to catch another flight to Jax.

NOTE: Get the daily security rosters for FSP, New River & Taylor and all the softball players' timesheets.  It will take the FBI & FDLE interviewing some of the softball players to get admissions that they practiced on state time.  Many of them may tell the truth now that Clark is gone. 

Kay Lee





Mark Guerra Hired to Play Ball

Clark was friend of politicians




Crosby is a Friend of Lobbyists