"People find him very genuine, and the people who work for him like him very much."  ~Sen. Nancy Argenziano, Florida Senate Governmental Oversight and Productivity Committee

Nancy is wrong!  All she has to do is read these pages and she'd see that the only reason James Crosby's employees haven't spoken more loudly about his obvious favoritism and involvement in the same kinds of activities as Allen Clark is fear of the man. Kay Lee

"I hate Crosby.  I really mean that.  He is evil and inhumane.  Everything and everybody he touches dies or gets hurt.  I really hate Gov Bush too for allowing people to be controlled by this 'thing.'  He better fire Crosby's ass now!  I mean NOW!" ~A C/O who disagrees with Nancy Argenziano

"Please protect my Identity! I have already been told the Raiford Mafia will shut people up!"

Nancy is hiding her head in the sand if she doesn't realize that Crosby is involved in Clark's shenanigans.  James Crosby and Allen Clark have been close for years.  What kind of friend/relative would Clark have been to Crosby if he created this private utopia for himself, his family and friends without his best friend knowing he could be brought down one day by Clark's behavior?  Give me a break!

So what we need from all professional officers who want to see improvements in the department is more information on Crosby, enough to open Nancy's eyes.  Surely someone, other than his 'friend' and the ballplayers who won't tell, know the man has been using his position for personal gain. 

If we are to get rid of James Crosby despite the powerful support of Nancy and Jeb, and instill some real reform in your working conditions, now is the time to speak up.  Otherwise Jimmy's going to crawl away until this all blows over and he'll make sure he comes up smelling like roses.

If you have any information that can add up to something that can be proven with FOIAs, pictures or investigation, please contact me. We now have the ear of a number of reporters.

I totally understand the fear of a man who, by hook and by crook, has grown so powerful and for that reason, I offer anonymity to those who respond. 

Kay Lee
2683 Rockcliff Road Southeast
Atlanta Georgia 30316

Bush backs state prisons chief
Corrections officials under investigation

By Bill Cotterell
The Tallahassee Democrat
Thursday, October 13, 2005

Despite widening state and federal investigations of the state prison system, the governor and the head of a Senate committee that investigates mismanagement allegations expressed confidence Wednesday in Corrections Secretary James Crosby.

And Sen. Nancy Argenziano, R-Dunnellon, said her Senate Governmental Oversight and Productivity Committee will review any findings that come out of the continuing probe to determine whether legislative inquiry is warranted.

Allen Clark, a close friend of Crosby, resigned as supervisor of Corrections' Panhandle district Aug. 30. Eight correctional officers have been charged with offenses ranging from embezzlement to illegal steroid use. Investigators are investigating reports that inmate labor was misused to perform personal chores for high-ranking prison officials.

Also, a former minor-league ballplayer who was temporarily hired as a library employee at the Apalachee Correctional Institute was charged with theft last week. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement said the man's main job was to play softball in Crosby's departmental tournament.

FDLE agents took vehicles and trailers from six current or former Department of Corrections employees, including Clark. Search warrants in the case said the FDLE inspected radiator and air-conditioner parts and trailer hitches, as well as hand-made trailers.

Bush, leaving a Tallahassee luncheon speech, said he has full confidence in Crosby. He said he had personally assured the secretary of his continued support.

"He's a good person, a good leader," Bush said. "I told him, 'Don't let the blanks get you down.'"

Department officials have declined requests to interview Crosby, 53, a career prison employee who grew up in Bradford County and worked his way up through the ranks. He has been a strong advocate of better pay and working conditions for prison employees and probation officers.

Argenziano, whose sprawling Senate district includes 10 prisons, said Crosby is highly regarded in the Legislature.

"I've been watching all of this carefully," she said. "What I know about Jimmy Crosby is, I find him to be very well-liked in the 10 institutions that I represent. People find him very genuine, and the people who work for him like him very much. He's one of them."

Argenziano's committee has grilled some department heads about contracting irregularities and botched privatization programs. She said the committee will tackle the prison scandals if the current FDLE and FBI investigations turn up systemic mismanagement, rather than personal misconduct by some employees.

"If any of these things is found to be true, if there were a lot of inappropriate things going on, then my committee would look at it," she said. "But right now, we don't have any proof of that. All we have is these allegations."

Contact political editor Bill Cotterell at (850) 671-6545 or bcotterell@tallahassee.com. The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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FDOC full of nepotism and favoritism.