"Kay, Have you received any info on Crosby's girlfriend? Supposedly she hasn't worked in 2 years but is being paid by the DOC as a full time employee."

The info is that this employee is on paid leave, and takes her annual leave, then goes back into paid leave when the annual is used up. It is upsetting that this women continues to draw a paycheck and time for retirement while everyone else has to actually work for theirs.

Yes, I know that James Crosby is married, but "Crosby's Lady" is how some FDOC personnel refer to [Name Withheld at this time]. Others call her "Crosby's paid woman".  Whether she's just a favorite or more is unimportant to me.  She's apparently been holding a position and taking state money she does not deserve.

NOTE: Ask for every ** PAR completed on [Name Withheld at this time]

** A PAR is the form that is filled out when someone is appointed to a position, promoted, demoted, transferred, resigned, etc.  A PAR will show if she has been given special treatment by being promoted into good jobs, or re-hired into good jobs, at Crosby's order. 

[Name Withheld at this time] and Crosby have had several meetings in hotels. A good investigator could probably track this down. In some circles they would call this Quid Pro Quo, which is a Latin phrase which means 'something for something', 'this for that', 'what for what' or a favour for a favour, and, if my information is correct, that is exactly what has been happening in this case. It is unfair to the other employees, to the paying public, to his family, and rather she knows it or not, even to the young lady.

She's a little young thing on the other side of 20 who jumped from the clerical level, up to, when rehired on October 10, 2003, a senior clerical supervisor's position in the FDOC - full pay along with SES (Select Exempt Service), which is not the norm. In total I'm told She has worked for the department for a total of approximately 4 years.

Despite the fact that she has been drawing full pay, she works very few hours: Since January she's put in oh, 32 or 33 hours, in August a few hours here and there...  According to trusted sources, she's been off work for most of this year, suspected of burning sick leave, despite the fact that she ** couldn't have possibly accrued the amount of time she's been off. If an employee abuses sick days, they normally get fired if they don't have friends in high places.

** 1 year - 176 hours annual, 106 sick leave plus any balance from the year before.

But her paperwork has her listed as on Paid Leave.... and she has remained in that status for quite some time. Suddenly, beginning at the time Mr. Clark and Mr. Crosby's poop hit the fan, she is now back at Code 1000 (time worked) and has been for two pay periods since 9/9 (9/9 and 9/15).

Why?  Almost certainly because Mr. Crosby is trying to clean up everything the press or FBI might get hold of.  He intends to walk away from this mess smelling like a rose.  From everything I've been told, he is just as dirty as Allen Clark, has in fact been Clark's enabler, is just as guilty of nepotism and favoritism as Clark is, has misused public moneys, and abused his position just as badly as Clark has, and does not deserve to continue to lead the FDOC.  If we are to get a chance to truly clean up this department, Crosby, as well as Clark, has got to go.

NOTE:  File FOIA for [Name Withheld at this time] ' time worked in 2004-5 (work hours Code 1000) and on the Job pay (sick time Code 52).

This lady should file sexual harassment charges on Crosby.  He obviously took advantage of her in many ways.  I've been told she is a really nice person, but her husband left her with 2 children and that's a bad place to be financially.  It's easy to understand why his offers would have been hard to refuse.  I would hope she'd be inclined to file sexual harassment on him. 

From what I've heard, Crosby is on a rampage to cover up for himself. Don't let it happen. If Crosby and Clark aren't removed after all this hubbub, it will be because we didn't give officials enough to go on, and we'll never get the improvements all professional employees deserve.

If any readers have any inside information/evidence on Crosby's dirty deeds, other acts of favoritism, nepotism, or any other illegal activities within the department, now is the time to bring it out.

Please, contact me, Kay Lee, at

"Now about the part about "Crosby's Other Woman".  That is the wrong woman.  He simply helped her, [Name Withheld at this time], out.  She was in a pretty bad position.  He may of had motives, but he was messing with the wrong one.  [Name Withheld at this time] had a baby, she is married, and has missed time over the past year, due to her and the baby having problems.  She received donated sick leave, which is legal, while she was out.  There is a few women who do not like her and I am sure they are the ones who wrote in.  [Name Withheld at this time] apparently flaunted her connection with Crosby, but there wasn't anything like has been stated. 

I checked all of this out, through legitimate sources and what I am saying is the facts.  He has had several other women and when I get the details, I will let you know.  That kind of stuff is serious, because some of these people have families and I wouldn't want to say something wrong. "


Seems the FDOC is full of nepotism and favoritism.