The House the People Paid For, where Allen Clark lived and partied courtesy of James Crosby, actually has a dignified history.  The stately mansion was built in the fifties, a family home where the Apalachee warden hosted out-of-state judicial types.  The children who lived there played in the neighborhood.  Sports was a fun activity back then and included children using wheelbarrows to play basketball. 

But over the years, sports has become quite a profitable business for some FDOC people, particularly Allen Clark.  And he and his friends have helped turn that beautiful home into a party den, where Clark and his buddies drink, do drugs, have illicit 'flings' and harass the wildlife.

Mind you, this home has 19 rooms built on a split level.  There are 4 bedrooms and 3 1/2 baths upstairs, and down a stairway of 16 steps lies two more bedrooms and another bath.  There is a spacious living room with a screened in balcony.  

There is a trail down to the lake and a pear orchard grows on the other side.  A Guard tower on the road behind the prison (built to monitor the fence line) located by the chicken houses  now serves as both lookout tower and a place from which to illegally "shine" deer.

The drunken parties have been constant and ongoing, making the roads around the area unsafe and denigrating the ambience of the old country home.  You can't turn a pig into a silk purse by stitching it with silver thread. Allen Clark didn't deserve a home like this, didn't earn a home like this: Even at his top rank as regional director, Clark was an uncouth, pugilistic criminal and James Crosby should be run out of town for using Florida money to support his activities all these years.

Bottom Floor

Top Floor

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