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An ex-inmate was reportedly Allen Clark's artist and money making man at New River CI while the man was an inmate.  A couple of years ago, Clark set up a "Paint Room" near the Lieutenant's office at the New River "O" unit where Clark reportedly sold Mr. Keezer's artwork to employees. This was as early as at least August 2003, when it was going strong.

The room  was moved to New River East along with Inmate Keezer around March of 2004 and we aren't sure when the Paint Room was shut down, but the current status of course is moot because the artist no longer is an inmate.  But we do know the room was well used during the months of August 2003 thru March 2004. I do not know if Mr. Keezer received any monetary payment for his creations, but they did bring in quite a bit of money.

According to sources, Inmate Keezer was favored by 'AC' Clark for his artwork.  He made plaques and pictures and even T-Shirt designs sold at FDOC ballgames.  One design was a "Blue Wave" Tshirt ("Blue Wave" is supposedly a name given to Mr. Clark's old house where many parties have been held).  If any reader bought one of these shirts or other creations, I'd love to have even a picture of any of Mr. Keezer's artwork.

Mr. Keezer painted everything: Parking lot markers for special parking spaces, plaques, the orange and blue maintenance men's golf cart. He also painted all the decorations for Mr. Clark's parties. Headstones at Halloween, Santa and Reindeer and the nativity scene for Christmas, etc, all made from plywood. Which answers the question, where'd all the plywood go?

Anyway Staff was paying, supposedly the money going into the Employee Canteen, for Mr. Keezer's creations.  Clark reportedly had many of Keezer's pieces of art in his own home.  I believe there is a rule that staff can get fired for paying over a certain amount, so perhaps that's why prices were reportedly low.  One officer gave a can of snuff directly to the artistic inmate and Clark suspended him for 10 days.

From what I've been told, Inmate Keezer was even transported to Clark's personal home a number of times to paint in comfort under the carport.

How did Mr. Clark reward Mr. Keezer for his talents?  According to the FDOC webpage (below) Mr. Keezer had a 5 1/2 year sentence.  According to my sources, Mr. Keezer got an early release at 2 years and 2 months.  He now reportedly owns a tattoo shop near Daytona Beach. One attorney suggests that if Mr. Keezer is asked about his FDOC enterprises, he becomes very defensive. Hopefully for his neighbors he learned his five year lesson in two years.

Kay Lee

Sent: Monday, October 03, 2005
Regarding: AC's artist

Dear Kay

I was just reading the article on AC Clark's artist.

I can tell you there was a big investigation held by Crosby and AC. To keep them from getting in trouble, they had to put the blame on some officers. mainly because one female officer got upset when her painting was not what she liked and she ran her mouth to a lieutenant  one night about how she had put her money in the canteen for her stuff and was not satisfied.  This is totally against the rules:  No Bartering with an inmate!

This woman was nothing but trouble from day one.  She was not liked by many of the other officers; mainly because of her attitude. When this lieutenant questioned her about "What did you day?" and "What do you mean, you got an inmate to paint you a picture?"  And "What are you doing bartering with an inmate?" Boy the stink hit the fan. She was reprimanded and eventually fired. But before she left, she went out calling names; over 200 officers/staff were listed.

There was probably not 20 people left in that whole institution that had not got this guy to do pictures for them. Almost everybody was doing it.  You should see the family portraits that hung in Crosby's home. The inmate painted a corvette for AC that looked like Orange County Choppers stuff.  I guess the little guys thought if AC and Crosby can get it done, why can't we? And it probably would have worked if this one woman had not got fired.

The officer who gave the can of snuff to the inmate was not given 10 days off; he was given 30 days off with no pay.  He was the only one reprimanded out of the 200. Why? Because he would not lie. Everybody kept telling him, "Man, just lie, tell them you know nothing."  But he just could not do that. Yes he got something painted, but unlike the rest of his fellow officers, he could not lie. His relationship with the Almighty would not allow him to lie, He admitted his guilt, took his punishment and took his 30 days off with out pay. 

The best part of this story is how the Almighty took care of him and his family, they never missed a meal, all their bills got paid, they were able to keep their Insurance benefits up to date and came out on top; and all with a guilt free conscience.  And all those fellow officers who told him, " we will help you out, we will take up an offering to see you through", never gave a dime. No one from the prison helped this man and his family.  There was one man who gave him $50.00.  But that is okay, you want to know why? Cause you can be sure, your sins will find you out, every dog has his day and there is a payday coming to every one. You may not reap it here on earth but you will reap it in the here after.

Just wanted to set the story straight about the officer with the snuff. 

p.s. please keep my name and email out of the sight of others,
Thank you

"Lt. Christopher Eric Eddings had Clark's artist do a picture of Edding's baby holding a gator under one arm.  It was a Valentine's Day present for his wife. "

Lt. Eddings is the man who began a fight at the party.  An off duty officer had to tazer him to calm him down. 

According to sources, he was previously on a four year probation for battery assault.  The question was brought up, ""How does it feel, Eddings, to be on the chopping block where you've put so many people before?"

I have a t-shirt that was painted by i/m Keezer in Sept. 2003.  If you want it I will send it to you. It was for Employee Appreciation Day at New River, held in front of Clark's state house of course.  There were bunches of volleyball teams.  Everyone was forced to play and pay!  Our team paid for our shirts, then someone at the prison had Keezer paint them.  He did almost all of the shirts.  Every team had to make a shirt for Clark too. Then they presented them to him on stage.

Ironic end note:   When Clark moved to Tallahassee in 2004, a box of moldy clothes was found behind the house, in the garage I believe.  Inside were all of those t-shirts that were given to him, from the sweat off of employee's backs!  That's how he feels about us.  Step all over us, the jerk!

Please, please don't use my name.  I still have good friends (who are good officers and good people) working at FSP, UCI & New River.  They are still suffering under the regime.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Oh, by the way, Keezer, Clark's Artist, has vanished, FBI can't find him any where!!!

(This information was current as of 8/15/04)

Offender Photo
DC Number:  E05418
Race:  WHITE
Sex:  MALE
Hair Color:  RED OR AUBURN
Eye Color:  BLUE
Height:  5'08''
Weight:  187 lbs.
Birth Date:  10/27/1976
Release Facility:  NEW RIVER-EAST UNIT
Release Date:  08/15/2004
Stated Residence Upon Release:
PORT ORANGE, FL 32127 32127
Scars, Marks, and Tattoos:
Type Location Description
Current Prison Sentence History:
Offense Date Offense Sentence Date County Case No. Prison Sentence Length
11/17/1997 ROBB. NO GUN/DDLY.WPN 06/03/2002 SEMINOLE 9704340 5Y 6M 0D
11/17/1997 FALS.RPRT BOMB/WMD-OTHER 06/03/2002 SEMINOLE 9704340 5Y 6M 0D
Detainers: (Further information may be obtained by contacting the detaining agency)
Detainer Date Agency Type Date Canceled
05/19/1998 SEM P&P 30 MO. PROB NTFY/P&P 06/25/2000
Incarceration History:
Date In-Custody Date Out-of-Custody
05/07/1998 06/25/2000
06/12/2002 08/15/2004
Prior Prison History: (Note: Data reflected covers periods of incarceration with the Florida Dept.of Corrections since January of 1983)
Offense Date Offense Sentence Date County Case No. Prison Sentence Length
11/28/1997 ROBB. NO GUN/DDLY.WPN 04/30/1998 SEMINOLE 9704209 3Y 0M 0D
11/17/1997 ROBB. NO GUN/DDLY.WPN 04/30/1998 SEMINOLE 9704340 3Y 0M 0D
11/17/1997 FALSE REPORTS OF DEADLY EXPLOS 04/30/1998 SEMINOLE 9704340 3Y 0M 0D