From a Region 1 Employee of the Florida Department of 'Corrections'

Florida Democratic Party
P.O. Box 1728
Tallahassee, FL  32302

To whom this may concern:

First of all, let me inform you that I voted for Gov. Jeb Bush in all three of his past elections.  Due to term limits, Bush obviously cannot be re-elected.  A recent personal life-threatening experience, along with what is happening on a daily basis to dear friends and co-workers, has made me realize that I must do something in an attempt to help make sure no one who was ever appointed to a position of high authority by Jeb Bush is allowed to fill the office he has held since 1998.

Since he appointed him DOC Secretary in 2003, Jeb Bush has given James Crosby carte blanc to be a tyrannical dictator over those trying to make a living working for the Florida Department of Corrections.  James Crosby has allowed A.C. Clark (Allen Clark, prefers to be called "A.C."), present DOC Region 1 Director, to do the same (not to mention the documented inmate deaths and abuse and citizen deaths that have occurred on Crosby's watch, which are another story entirely).

I must apologize for submitting this letter and information anonymously, but I am not even close to being free from Crosby and Clark's "reign of terror" and cannot jeopardize my employment -- nor my LIFE.  The Whistle Blower Act means no more to them than Chapter 33, Chapter 60, any other laws of this state, or the US Constitution, which means NOTHING to them!

Enclosed you will find pages of excerpted text copied directly from a website.  One's first inclination might be to discount this information because of its source.  Upon reading it, you also might think "this is history, why bother me with this information now?"  You possibly are already aware of these allegations, but trust me, they are still happening TODAY, just in a different venue. 

I might doubt some of this content myself, had I not recently experienced similar civil rights violations and witnessed almost the exact scenarios taking place within Region 1 since July 2004 as this website chronicles having taken place in Region 2 under Clark and Crosby.  The victims and "hit men" involved, as well as the dates, have changed; however: Clark has become far more bold and extreme in achieving his agenda (whatever that is??).

Specifics are too lengthy to detail here, but using the analogy of a DANGEROUS, destructive tornado, Clark has been a category F-7 or F-8 since coming to Region 1 mid-summer of 2004; compared to about an F-4 or F-5 when he "ripped through" Region 2 in various positions of authority from about 1998 to the present.  In "mob boss" fashion, Clark, with the backing of Crosby, is destroying lives and careers, families, institutional morale, and "raping and pillaging" the taxpayer supported coffers of the State of Florida. 

He [Allen Clark]  is also EXTORTING money from employees through MANDATED contributions to the Employee Clubs of the various institutions.  Employees are REQUIRED to sell and purchase tickets to various fundraisers, including elaborate parties*, at which employee attendance is mandatory.  My guess is that funds collected are for employee sports (see enclosures) and Clark's personal "toys", like speed boat, limousine, Jacuzzi, etc.  Or... perhaps he is building up his 2006 campaign contribution fund on the backs of the employees. 

*One such "mandatory" party recently resulted in a DUI auto accident involving employees leaving the party and the hospitalization of another employee with a gunshot wound acquired AT the party, held on STATE property at Clark's taxpayer supported residence.  How nice for the community and public safety!!!

Under Jeb Bush, NOTHING has been done, although one enclosure points out that Comptroller Robert F. Milligan has been made aware of the situation, as has FDLE and the IRS.  Gov. Bush HAS to know about it, and obviously CONDONES it.  His successor will, too, should another Republican get elected to his office. 

Your party MUST act!  Please do some research and use this information against them in campaigning for the 2006 election.  It is strongly rumored that Crosby will be a Republican candidate for either Lt. Gov. or the Governor's Office itself.  Please do not allow this tyrant or his ilk to achieve that much control over the unsuspecting citizens of Florida!!!


cc:     Bill Cotterell, Tallahassee Democrat
  Lucy Morgan, St. Petersburg Times
  Mark Russell, Orlando Sentinel
  Bob Bryan, Pensacola News Journal
  Senator Al Lawson
  Senator Charlie Clary
  Senator Durell Peaden, Jr.
  Rep. Curtis Richardson
  Rep. Bev Kilmer
  Rep. Donald Brown
  Rep. Allan Bense
  Rep. Anna Benson
  Rep. Loranne Ausley
  Rep. Will Kendrick
  Rep. Ray Sansom
  Gov. Jeb Bush
  Congressman Allen Boyd
  Congressman Jeff Miller
  Congressman Alcee Hastings
  Congresswoman Corrine Brown
  Congresswoman Kendrick B. Meek
  Susan Watson, NW FL ACLU of FL
  ACLU of Florida
  Florida Commission on Human Relations
  Kay Lee, Making The Walls Transparent




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