Captain Baxter, Colonel Frye, Colonel Terry Dudley

Apalachee CI - Washington CI
River Junction is directly under Apalachee CI

AC reportedly shares sexual favors of girlfriend - Captain Falicial(sp) Nobles who was promoted to Major expected within this year to be colonel. Very vindictive if not in clic.  Altia Fransway, toss around 'groupie whore'. Hangs with the ballplayers.

AC and his henchmen create hostile work environment - Extortion - forces sales of t-shirts - Physically threatens employees.

Inmate abuse and abuse of officers not in click.  Puts officers in situations where they can get in trouble ie. Darla's husband (boyfriend)

Main leader, Col. Frye
Plays softball and football - on administrative shift.

Heat - Inmate abuse

Plays Softball

Creates hostile work environment

Apalachee CI

Capt Michael Baxter

Captain Baxter rules by intimidation.  Suspended an employee in early 2005  - Baxter had been riding him, staying on his back.  After suspension, the employee came back with a gun and was arrested.

Baxter was arrested on hunting violations - He hunted from a baited field - Case not settled - posponed. - Out on Admin Sig (?) paid with/leave - 1 week investigation covered up.

Sgt and COI participated for years

There was a fight at Employees Christmas party.  If not in his clic he assigns you to unglamerous job - ie Tower duty - Major problem.

Col. Terry Dudley - buddies
Plays state softball and the FDOC law enforcement team plays through

Washington CI - Russel Smith warden w/assistant Reg. I Dir before retired. Worked in Tallahassee, Retired once, returned, 40 years

Personal vendeta - Reg I Sgt almost of retirement age was demoted to C/OI

Power of Crosby and Clark - Original good old boys.

On State Grounds at Apalachee CI

Money is reportedly allocated yearly for land - generalized area where inmates are supposed to grow food to go to Aramark to feed employees. Different institution grow different crops. This money is supposedly annually paid.  Believed supposed to go to institution business office to be used to grow crops.

AC Clark, instead of farm project, turned state paid for field into mud bog pit - AC has a  jeep with a gatorhead emblem on it - Mud bogs while consuming alcohol.  What happens to $ for crops?

Dirty customers - Bushes privatizing - prison doesn't have choice.